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President Message


Assalamu Alaikum wr wb!

The last 2 years will go down in the history of the World as one of worst in the past many decades. Similarly, for us at Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) it was the most challenging period since our inception in 2007.

However, AMP team rose to the Challenge and not only increased its activities by innovative ways but also launched some path breaking initiatives using Digital platforms which had a huge impact on thousands of youth across the Country and the Globe. AMP thus proved the saying true “When the going gets tough, the tough (AMPian) gets going, Alhamdulillah!”

Last 2 years have been remarkable in terms of launching and implementing some path breaking initiatives which are impacting lives of thousands of people every year all across India. In fact, by Allah’s grace, we achieved more milestones in these 2 years through many new projects including

  • IndiaZakat.com
  • TheIndiaMentors.com
  • AMPowerJobs.com
  • NGO Connect and Social Excellence Awards
  • National Talent Search Examination and
  • chAMPian - An AMP Mobile App


Today we are one of the largest NGOs in India by means of reach and the number of professionals connected across India. This gigantic movement called AMP, which is going on throughout India has been successful only with the help of our Volunteers/AMPians, and that is why we are achieving success in all our endeavours.

I wish we can do much more in 2022 and coming years than what we did in last 14 Years… And I am very sure, hopeful and positive about this, about success of AMP and about our growth, because we always have and always will rely on the efforts of every AMPian.

Afraad ke Hathon mein hai Aqwam ki Taqdeer,
Har Fard hai Millat ke Muqaddar ka Sitara!
Fortunes of the Community is tied up to the Individual's actions,
Each one of us is a Star of destiny for the Community

MashaAllah! This sher was written around 100 years ago by Allama Iqbal. In this couplet he tries to explain that every single individual is important for the Community and its Development. Every single person is responsible for the Welfare of the Community and we must become the part of collective efforts for the Upliftment.

We at AMP also have a strong family of several thousand AMPians and all of them are connected to each other via our Jazba for the Community.

You may remember the story of a small Bird who was putting water in the Fire put by Namrood in which Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S.) was thrown in. When asked what will happen with a drop of water, the bird replied that "I want to enter my name in the list of people who were trying to put off the fire". SubhanAllah!

Let that be our guiding light and let us all in sha Allah enter our name in that list which does good work and gives their resources for the welfare of the beloved Ummah of Mohammed Rasulullah (SAW).

The future of AMP and its progress will depend on the great work put in by every individual associated with AMP who wants to do good for the society. If we all work towards a set goal with greater effort, energy and enthusiasm, Future is Ours. In sha Allah.

AMP stands with you – We Are Family and we will Win Together!


JazakAllah & Thanks

Aamir Edresy

Your Brother
President - Association of Muslim Professionals



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