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President Message


Assalamu Alaikum wr wb!

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else”


The above lines concisely explain AMP’s philosophy. In the process of uplifting the underprivileged of the Ummah, Alhamdulillah, we have been able to lift ourselves up from self-pity and indifference to involvement and deliverance.

The journey of the last 15 years has been one of Dedication and Inspiration. We dedicated ourselves unwaveringly to our twin objectives of Education & Empowerment and in the process inspired Thousands of Individuals & Families Alhumdulillah.

The new year herald’s new challenges and new beginnings and we as a team have to lift ourselves up & RISE, in sha Allah. AMP’s Projects, whether its Employment Assistance Cell (EAC), National Talent Search (NTS), School Development Programs (SDPs), AMP Centres of Excellence (ACE) or IndiaZakat.com as well as others, are each designed to lift the Ummah from poverty and ignorance to a higher level where they can play an important part in Nation Building. We need to increase our tempo and extend our reach further in 2023 so that more and more people are lifted in sha Allah! The current year must be better than the previous ones…

We must bring more and more Professionals like US in the organisation to increase our Reach. More importantly, keep them involved in all our major Projects and Activities so they get the Value for their Money & Time. This year, let us also think of ways and means to aid our Members by helping them in their professional Growth & Development. A stronger professional is a stronger ASSET to AMP and the Ummah inshaAllah!

Our further target this year and in the years to come is to increase our penetration in the 200+ Community dominated districts, whereby the neglected and the underprivileged are raised on par with the other Districts. We must strengthen our Chapter Teams in these districts, which are the backbone of AMP Network in the Country. We must increase and strengthen our Partnerships with Organisations & Institutions, whether Corporates, Govt. Departments or NGOs or whether they are Schools, Colleges & Madrasas, each will be a point of delivery as well as the CHANGE that we are looking for in sha Allah!

“We are the Change” was quoted famously by President Barack Obama. Change does not happen when we wait for someone else or some other time.


It's NOW and It’s US...


Let each of us be that small Bird who was helping in her own small way to extinguish the Fire lighted by Namrood to burn Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.). Let each of us like the bird, also put up to Allah SWT on the Day of Judgement that "I wanted to enter my name in the list of people who were doing good work & gave their resources for the welfare of the Ummah of our beloved Nabi, Mohammed Rasulullah (SAW)". InshaAllah!

The future of our Ummah and its progress will depend on the work, however small or big, put in by every individual associated with AMP. If we all work towards our set GOALS with greater effort, energy and enthusiasm, the future will belong to the Ummah, In sha Allah!


May Allah bless each one of you with Jazaye Khair in this World as well as Aakhirah!


Best Regards.


Your Brother,

Aamir Edresy

President - Association of Muslim Professionals


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