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AMP Central Office Team Mumbai

AMP Central Office Team - Mumbai

Name: Mr. Mohammed Feroz Shaikh
Designation: Senior Manager-Projects
Mobile No: 8291101312
Email Id: connect@ampindia.org
Job Role: Co-ordination of EDP project, Partnership & Collaborations, Taxation & Audit, Legal & Compliance Matters Etc.

Name: Miss. Muzammil Banatwalla
Designation: Operations Manager
Mobile No: 8291101313
Email Id: operations@ampindia.org
Job Role: Manage Day to Day Ops, Supervising Projects & Activities, Co-ordination with Chapters & State Heads

Name: Mr. Ahsanul Ulhaq Chisty
Designation: Sr. Proj. Co-ordinator - Employment Assistance Cell (EAC)
Mobile No: 8291101311
Email Id: corporateconnect@ampindia.org
Job Role: Co-ordination with Corporates/Sponsors/Chapter Leaders for Job Fairs (JF) & Job Drives (JD), Announcement of Resp. EAC Events & Reports, Assisting Job Seeking Candidates. Etc.

Name: Mr. Nawaz Shaikh
Designation: Project Co-ordinator - Employment Assistance Cell (EAC)
Mobile No: 9082283488/704517187
Email Id: employmentcell@ampindia.org
Job Role: Co-ordination with Skill Training Partners/Chapters/Candidates, Co- ordonation with Colleges & Trainers for Employability Training Progs. (ETP), Announcement of Resp. EAC Events & Reports, Artwork Design Support.

Name: Miss. Sobiya Pawaskar
Designation: Project Co-ordinator-Skill Development Lectures (SDL)
Mobile No: 8291101317
Email Id: sdl@ampindia.org
Job Role: Co-ordination for Skill Devpt. Lectures (SDLs), Career Counselling Cell (CCC), Career Guidance Seminars (C.G.S), with Chapters/Trainers/Volunteers/School Mgmt./Teachers Etc., Maintaining Database, Announcement of Events & Reports

Name: Miss. Misbah Khan
Designation: Accounts /HR/ Admin Executive
Mobile No: 7303116060
Email Id: office@ampindia.org
Job Role: Handling Accts, HR & Admin, Gen. Communication on info. Id, Gen Announcement on Social Media, Co-ordination of AMP Zakat Fund, Maintaining Membership database Etc.

Name: Mr. Waqas Idrisi
Designation: Project Co-ordinator for Job Drives
Mobile No: 8291101310
Email Id: ampoffice.mumbai3@gmail.com
Job Role: Co-ordination with Chapters for JD, Mantaining JF Merchandise Stocks, Accounts & Admin Support, Design Artwork Support, Announcement of Resp. JDs & Reports.


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