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President Message

Dear Members and Friends of AMP,

I sincerely congratulate you all on the completion of 10 years of AMP. Today, we can state with satisfaction that the efforts we have made over the past few years have yielded positive results.

We have come a long way from a group of few unknown people to one of the finest National Organizations of Educated Muslim Youth in India. It is because of you all and your Duas that AMP has completed a decade of existence. Our members, volunteers and well wishers are the most integral part of AMP.

Mode??rn day India is facing numerous issues that act as a hurdle towards quick progress. The nation is fighting against economic recession, political intolerance, illiteracy and rampant unemployment. Therefore, as a responsible citizen and a responsible president of an organization that aims to promote Education, Employment and Empowerment in the society, it should be our prime responsibility to take measures to transform the state of the Ummah as well as our Non Muslim brethren.

Our core strength is the hundreds and thousands of members and volunteers that are associated with us. We wish to harness this strength, we ask you for ideas to streamline our current initiatives and projects; we ask you to share ideas and info that will help us all diversify our projects and reach out to more people, explore new ways, better ways to make a difference, to light up the lives of others.

We must pioneer new approaches to work on promoting Education and Employment in society. Let us address unmet needs, let us explore game changing solutions to all the problems faced by Indian Muslims, let us try to maximise the impact, let us focus on professionalism, let us focus on setting up new processes, systems and effective use of technology and let us focus on partnership and collaboration to widen our reach and impact.

At AMP, we welcome different people from diverse backgrounds to come together, and learn, give, volunteer, grow and lead passionately. Whether you are a student, a working professional, retired, or a Muslim who just wants to contribute to the society, you will find a myriad of initiatives here that will interest you. Let’s come forward and join this revolution; Together we can prepare our Ummah as well as our Non Muslim brethren for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Dedicated to promoting Education and Employment in society, we at AMP must concentrate on making the most powerful and positive difference in the world.  As President, I intend to build on the successes of recent years by working with renewed motivation and will try to do even better in the coming years.

Not to rest on our laurels, we will set our sights even higher. As we aim to educate and empower the leaders of tomorrow, I would like to state that all this will only be possible with your continued loyalty, support and enthusiasm.

Let’s continue to empower lives for generations to come.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Aamir Edresy
President, Association of Muslim Professionals

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