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Membership Benefits

By joining AMP you can take advantages of the many membership benefits, including:

Platform to Contribute: You always wanted to give back something to the society, but never knew from where to start. AMP is the perfect place to achieve your noble thought.

Professional Environment: Since AMP is formed by Professionals from various fields, you would be ensured that you have  a professional atmosphere . Each of our projects are planned, executed and reviewed in a professional way, to ensure that we get the maximum benefit of each project.

Online Resource: Get access to various tools/content on the Members Zone on our website.

Networking: We encourage the exchange of information between our members either by sharing projects or by putting you in touch with other members when we know they are working on the same issue. With this, you will get opportunity to interact with many other likeminded professionals which will help you in your social projects and also for personal & professional growth.

Research: Get the latest updates on Social activities. You would also get a change to write for the monthly newsletter

Projects: With AMP, you will be assured that you can work on varied Projects as per your capacity and convenience.

Database: Access to database of other AMP members for any queries on personal or professional fronts.

Events: Free invitation to all the events and activities conducted by AMP and partner organizations. Priority would be given to AMP members on other conferences

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My name is Rahil. Though belonging to a very humble household where we could barely make ends meet I always had big aspirations. I am pursuing my B.E. in Mechanical Engg. from AIKTC School of Engineering and Technology, New Panvel. However like all good things, Education also comes with an ... Read more

Khan Rahil – Mumbai

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