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Career Counselling Cell

AMP endeavours to be a tower of Strength to help and guide people from the dimness of ignorance towards the brightness of knowledge, for it is awareness which enlightens lives.

As exams have just ended, AMP has re-initiated its Online Career Counselling Cell to help students resolve their queries related to career options. We have built a sizeable database of professionals from various streams who act as counsellors / career guides, can attend queries, as and when they come up, regarding career guidance. 

AMP invites people from various fields to come together and guide the students as a counsellor/guide, to address their doubts and help them to take their first steps towards the right career. We aim to make this an online system wherein students would be calling you during the timings specified by you to gain information and guidance. 

This may be in terms of general counselling regarding career where we seek support from professional counsellors or with respect to guidance in specific career fields like engineering, medical etc. and its various branches. One may not necessarily hold a qualified degree in professional counselling but if you have the requisite correct knowledge and the zest to help others you are welcome to join hands with us.

We look forward reaching out to the students from all over the country. To achieve this, AMP looks forward to Samaritans such as your good self to support us and make this endeavour a great success.

You can still join this league of Experts to guide the students

Register here: www.ampindia.org/Join_AMP_CCC


The List is saved in order of Career Options.


Sr. No. Current City Specialization/Area of Expertise Expert Name Contact Number Email Id Preferred Time
1 Delhi Analytics/Science, General Counseling Farrukh Aziz 8527863222 farrukhaziz1@gmail.com Communicate by Email only
2 Delhi Arts Md Jahangeer Alam 9582789886 mdjahangeer79@gmail.com 1pm
3 Delhi Arts Shad 8285405695 shadahmed318@gmail.com 10am
4 Delhi Arts Ilma Saggan 9540210801 ilmasaggan@gmail.com Anytime
5 Kolkata Arts Hasib Khan 8232901770 khan_hasib@yahoo.co.in Anytime
6 Kolkata Arts Md Nazmus Sakeb Mallick 9641855705 sakebmallick@gmail.com 10pm
7 Punjab Arts, Civil Service Mohammad Aarif 9041912720 mohdaarif573@gmail.com Anytime
8 Mumbai Arts, Engineering Md Ashraf Khan 9699247907 khanmdashraf1@gmail.com Anytime
9 Akola Arts, General Counseling Mohd Mohsin Ahmed 9890374080 mohsin2slim @gmail.com 7pm to 8pm
10 Mumbai Arts, General Counseling (Beauty & Salon Industry) Humera Rindani 9930114281 rindani.humera@gmail.com 12pm to 1:30pm
11 Ajmer Arts, Government Services Shakil Nazim 9460526786 shakilnazim@gmail.com 6am to 7am
12 Delhi Arts, Government Services, General Counseling Md Aslam 9999976751 aslam77@gmail.com 10am to 12am on Saturday and Sunday
13 Pune Automobile Engineering Maajid Shaikh 9764176723 maajidmechster@gmail.com 12pm to 7pm
14 Delhi Aviation Zainul Khatani 9752234566 captainz1990@gmail.com Anytime
15 Chhattisgarh Banking & Finance/Commerce Ishan Raza 8878680311 razza09@gmail.com Anytime
16 Mumbai Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Life Sciences/Science Dr Ahmad Ali 9870941656 ahmadali95@gmail.com 1pm to 2pm
17 Aligarh Biochemistry/Science, Medicine, General Counseling Mohammed Shoaib 7217485547 mhdshoaib949@gmail.com 2pm to 3pm
18 North Chicago Biotechnogy/Science Mairaj Ahmed Ansari 18479227431 mairaj01@gmail.com 6am to 8am and After 7pm
19 Mumbra/Thane BPO Samina Kazi 8879649685 saminakazi549@gmail.com After 12pm
20 Hyderabad BPO/General Counseling Syed Ahmer 9811850914 ajmer.junior@gmail.com 2pm to 5pm
21 Kuwait Business Information & Credit Reports/Research Labib Fakih +96596913355 labibfakih@gmail.com Anytime
22 Delhi Business Valuation/Finance Shaukat Ali 9899230857 shaukatali98@gmail.com Saturday Evening or Sundays
23 Delhi Chartered Accountancy/Commerce Aftab Alam 9953994346 aaftab.alam2009@gmail.com 7pm to 11pm
24 Mumbai Chartered Accountancy/Commerce Aaftab Ahmed Ansari 9969425609 asansariandassociates@gmail.com 4pm to 5pm
25 Thane Chartered Accountancy/Commerce Shaibaz Rumani 8451927724 shaibazrumani@ymail.com 1pm to 5pm
26 Mumbai Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, General Counseling Mohammad Imran 9085831008 mohammadimran.amu@gmail.com 9am to 12pm
27 Oman Chemical Engineering/Engineering, Polymer/Material/Chemistry/Science, General Counseling Mohammad Luqman +96896025802 ionomers@gmail.com 9:30am to 11:30pm
28 Karnataka Chemistry/Science Wasim Imran 8722873592 wasimimrankhan7@gmail.com Anytime
29 Jhunjhunu Chemistry/Science, General Counseling Wasim Ahmed Saiyed 9887921992 saiyedwasim1436@gmail.com 5pm to 9pm
30 Hyderabad Civil Engineering Mohammed Safiuddin 8978942591 msafiuddin@yahoo.com 7pm
31 Mumbai Civil Engineering Momin Arib Ahmed Yaqoob Ali 9762357757 mominarib10@gmail.com 5pm to 11:30pm
32 Karanataka Civil Engineering Mohammad Jalees 9936921734 er.jaleeskhan@gmail.com 8pm
33 Mumbai Civil Engineering, Architecture Jaweed Darbar 9619647059 jddarbar@yahoo.co.in 9:30pm
34 Surat Civil Engineering, General Counseling Jabir Choksi 9824151839 jabirchoksi@gmail.com Anytime
35 Mumbai Civil Engineering/Engineering Shihab Khan 7828661119 shihabkhan1@gmail.com 10am to 1pm
36 Bhiwandi/Kalyan Civil Services, General Counseling Momin Fayyaz Ahmad Gulam Mustafa 9890476581 fayyaz18670@gmail.com 5pm to 10pm
37 Bidar Civil Services, General Counseling Syed Shahed Hashmi 9591246789 shahed.hashmi1@gmail.com After 9pm
38 Indore Civil Services, Government Services Mohammad Yusuf Khan 7583015739 ysfonline@gmail.com After 6pm
39 Pune Civil Services, Government Services, General Counseling Akramul Jabbar Khan 9423016100 Whatshisname36@hotmail.com 7pm -10pm
40 Delhi Commerce Ziyaul Haque 7549420713 haqueziyaul055@gmail.com 12pm
41 Delhi Commerce Layba Saggan 9540210982 laybasaggan@gmail.com Anytime
42 Delhi Commerce Sonu 9540364041 sonusingh27181755@gmail.com 7pm
43 Mumbai Commerce Thosib Shaikh 9594367714 shaikh.thosib@gmail.com Anytime
44 Mumbai Commerce Farhat Naik 9768035011/9819287164 nikhat.naik.2013@gmail.com 10am to 6pm
45 Mumbai Commerce Ansari Zaki Rizwan 7738300581 mrs.mehmooda1977@gmail.com 11am
46 Mumbai Commerce Abdul Rashid Shaikh 9802056464 shaikhabdulrashid54@gmail.com Anytime
47 Mumbai Commerce Mahroof Memon 9323588702 memonayesha98@gmail.com 3pm
48 Oman Commerce Iqbal Shaikh 96899487270 iqbal_110@yahoo.com Anytime
49 Thane Commerce Siddiqui Amaan 8828391817 amaansid123786@gmail.com 3pm
50 Kuwait Commerce & Finance, General Counseling Salim Desai +96599727710 salimdesai2013@gmail.com 4:30pm
51 Bhopal Commerce, Engineering Parvez Ahmed Ansari 8109192311 parvezahmed.ansari45@gmail.com 4pm to 10pm
52 Bangalore Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, General Counseling Shariq 7666597555 shariq@embibe.com Anytime
53 Mumbai Commerce, General Counseling Muzna Memon 9769313409 muz1234@gmail.com 9pm to 11pm
54 Mumbai Commerce, General Counseling Heena Ali Mohd Mansuri 8767107770 mansuriheena32@gmail.com 9pm to 11pm
55 Mumbai Commerce, General Counseling Mansuri Umaira Ali 7208498595 umairamansuri1997@gmail.com 9pm to 11pm
56 Mumbai Commerce, General Counseling Krehl Jude D'souza 9833481308 saritadsouza@gmail.com 1pm
57 Yavatmal Commerce, General Counseling Sheikh Nizamuddin 9422946333 sknizam07@rediffmail.com Anytime
58 Porbandar Commerce, Government Services Faruq Suria 9426963752 faruq_suria@yahoo.com 12pm to 12am
59 Lucknow Commerce, Media & Journalism Saud Ul Hasan 9044449075 saudulhasan1994@gmail.com 9am to 11am & 9pm to 11pm
60 Bhiwandi/Kalyan Commerce/Civil Services Fahim Ahmad Momin 9970809093 mominfahim@rediffmail.com 7pm to 9pm
61 Chhattisgarh Computer Altamash 8103337688 amanrajvi007@gmail.com 11am
62 Bangalore Computer Engineering Mohd Shariq 9717445572 shariqjoy85@gmail.com Anytime
63 Hyderabad Computer Science Md Mushtaq Ali 9036342492 mdmushtaqali.info@gmail.com 6pm
64 Mumbai Computer Science Ansari Mohammed Mujeeb 9969317684 mohdmujeeb333@outlook.com 10am to 5pm
65 Nagpur Computer Science Misbah Khan 8956005361 misbah9298@gmail.com 10am to 10pm
66 Belgaum Computer Science & Engineering Mohammad Ayyaz Mulla 9945950646 md.ayyaz@gmail.com 9am
67 Glasgow Computer Science & Engineering Tanvir Shaikh 7405363551 tanvir.sheikh@gmail.com Communicate only by Email
68 Imphal Computer Science & Engineering Md Najir Khan 9856709536 iasnajir1@gmail.com 3pm to 4pm
69 Mumbai Computer Science & Engineering Shafiullah Khan 9404849584 shafiullahkhan.cse06@gmail.com 8pm
70 Nasik Computer Science & Engineering Shaikh Danish 8087133253 danishshaikh42@gmail.com 5pm to 10pm
71 Pune Computer Science & Engineering Samir Chaudhari 8793345615 sameer.choudhari123@gmail.com Mon to Fri after 7:30pm, Anytime on holiday
72 Chennai Computer Science & Engineering, General Counseling Mohamed Abubakker Gazali 9003082757 gazalimba@gmail.com 6am to 9am & 8pm to 11pm
73 Pune Computer Science & Engineering, General Counseling Abed Hashmi 8551979900 abed.hashmi@gmail.com 9pm
74 Nagpur Computer Science & Engineering, Soft Skills Hamid Faisal 9823651628 hamid.faisal4@gmail.com 1:30pm to10pm
75 Silvassa Computer Science, Commerce, General Counseling Imtiyaz Padarshi 9376543818 imtiyaz219@gmail.com After 2pm
76 Mumbai Computer Science/IT Fahad Pathan 9022535381 fahadpathan@gmail.com 8pm to 10pm
77 Belgaum Criminal Law/Law & Judiciary Waqar 7506888050 waqar.adv.ahmed@gmail.com Anytime
78 Mumbai Data Warehousing/Database, Engineering Syed Mahamood Basha 9892199531 syedmahamood09@gmail.com After 9pm
79 Jodhpur Dentistry and Cosmetics/Medicine Dr. Fariduddin Shaikh 9460157677 jodhpurtiles@gmail.com 1.30pm to 2pm
80 Mumbai Diet & Nutrition Farzana Chauhan 9773870930 dietitiandesk@gmail.com After 12:30pm
81 Abu Dhabi Electrical Engineering Fahad Shaikh +971-52-6959585 shaikhfahad84@gmail.com Anytime
82 Bhopal Electronic & Communication Engineering Asad Khan 9926281124 gsm.asad@gmail.com 9am to 4pm
83 Mumbai Electronic & Communication Engineering Herman Al Ayubi 9819374368 herman7sda@gmail.com 5pm to 7pm
84 Sasaram Electronic & Communication Engineering Faisal Khan 9718124230 fkhan2203@gmail.com 7pm to 10pm
85 Delhi Electronic Engineering Nasser Arif 9654011681 nasser_arif@yahoo.com Any time, pls drop me message before making call
86 Satara Electronic Engineering Jakir Husen Shikalgar 7350645045 9970916297 jakirhusen.shikalgar@yahoo.com 5pm to 8pm
87 Hyderabad Electronic Engineering & Computer Science, General Counseling Ashif Zafar 7416243402 ashif.mohemmad@gmail.com 4pm to 5pm
88 Bhopal Engineering Syed Munawwar Ali 9826071252 munawwarali25@ yahoo.com Anytime
89 Mumbai Engineering Mohammed Masood Ansari 8108005195 cool.masood786@rediffmail.com After 2pm
90 Mumbai Engineering Awab Fakih 8976104646 awaabfakih0@gmail.com 9am to 9pm
91 Shimultapu Engineering (Wireless Communication), General Counseling Tasher Ali Sheikh 9508096056 tasher372@gmail.com 6pm
92 Pune Engineering, Project Management Asif Gokak 9665523335 asifgokak@gmail.com 12pm to 4pm & 7:30pm to 10pm
93 Bhopal Engineering, Civil Services Moad. Farooq 9827817165 architectfarooq@yahoo.in Anytime
94 Aligarh Engineering, General Counseling Sadaf Fatima 9917479520 mba.sadaf@gmail.com 10am to 2pm except Sunday
95 Amravati Engineering, General Counseling Shaikh Pasha Hamid 8446706525 shaikhpasha1994@gmail.com 8pm to 11pm
96 Chikhli, Maharashtra Engineering, General Counseling Rizwan Shaikh 8806588466 rizwansk59@gmail.com Anytime
97 Hyderabad Engineering, General Counseling Mahmood Ali 8374603369 mirmahmoodali@hotmail.com 4pm to 7pm
98 Hyderabad Engineering, General Counseling Uzma Sameen 8688185685 uz.sameen@gmail.com 4pm to 7pm
99 Qatar Engineering, General Counseling Vamique Fozail +97477843119 vamiquefozail@gmail.com Anytime
100 Sangli Engineering, General Counseling Touheed Mujawar 8975444555 touheed787@gmail.com 5pm to 9pm
101 Tamil Nadu Engineering, General Counseling M.A.Maluk Mohamed 9994443565 malukmd@mamcet.com 7am to 9am and 7pm to 9pm
102 Mangrol Engineering, Government Services Huzaifa Mahida 9624804535 mahidahuzaifa99@gmail.com 10am - 12pm
103 Hyderabad Engineering, IT Syed Anwaarullah 9908342070 captanwaar@gmail.com Communicate only by Email
104 Harrisburg, USA Engineering, Management Asif Ahmed +1 617-949-1399 asifahmed38@gmail.com Anytime
105 Malkapur, Buldana English Grammar Sk Imran Sk Usman 9766567999 imran.sami2010@gmail.com Anytime
106 Akola English Literature/Arts Quazi Rizwan Ahmad 8087863321 rizquazi@gmail.com 11am to 4pm
107 Bhopal English Literature/Arts, General Counseling Tabassum Khan 9754255661 tabassumk25@gmail.com 9 to 11
108 Bareilly Entrepreneurship Development, General Counseling Mohammad Zubair Ahmad 9759921991 ahmadzubair1978@gmail.com 7am to 9am
109 Delhi Environmental Study, Botany/Science, Media & Journalism, Civil Services, General Counseling Dr. M. A. Haque 9313707275 asrarulhaque@hotmail.com 11am to 10pm
110 Mumbai Film Making/Media & Journalism Amjad Khan 9029606843 amjad.cms@gmail.com 10am to 1pm
111 Kuwait Finance and Accounting Farhan Kardame + 965 99392976 fpnaprof@yahoo.com 7.30pm to 8.30pm
112 Bhopal Finance, HR, General Counseling Syed Mohammad Ali 9425608508 kazmi9422@gmail.com 1pm to 3pm
113 Bharuch Finance/MBA, General Counseling Sheth Nilofar Yusuf 9054225732 careerguidance92@gmail.com 9am to 11am
114 Mumbai Fire and Safety Mohammad Yusuf 9594868517/ 7021723419 shkmohdyousuf@yahoo.com 10am to 10pm
115 Srinagar Food Technology/Science, Engineering Afshan Tabassum 9697027884 afshantabassum93@gmail.com 11am to 4pm
116 Akola General Counseling Sabir Mirza 8180888683 snmirza.sn@gmail.com 2:30pm to 5pm
117 Bangalore General Counseling Dr. Mohammad Sayeed 9844533460 servicetohumanity@gmail.com 8am to 10am and 5pm to 8pm
118 Jaipur General Counseling Adnan Buland 7014871199 adnaan.zte@gmail.com Communicate only by Email
119 Karnataka General Counseling Rizwan Jamadar 9845489006 rizwanbinhasan@gmail.com Anytime
120 Kolkata General Counseling Shagufta Parveen 8334073229 shaguftaadnan007@gmail.com 4pm to 8pm
121 Kuwait General Counseling Mohammad Parwez 965993046 mpalam76@gmail.com 6pm
122 Lucknow General Counseling Shaheen Ansari 9415108134 shaheenislam86@hotmail.com 10am to 12pm
123 Mumbai General Counseling Kauser Afzal Kazi 9224125179 kauserakazi@gmail.com 2pm to 4pm
124 Mumbai General Counseling Farhan Shaikh 9172029866 farhan_fy@rediffmail.com Anytime
125 Nagpur General Counseling Irahad Khan 9370059541 write.irshad@gmail.com 5pm to 8pm
126 Vellore General Counseling Mohammed Zaid 8220169229 mohammedzaid612@gmail.com 9:50am to 12:45pm & 9:30pm to 11pm
127 Balrampur Government Services Dr. Shamsur Rahman 9956038615 riyaz.shams79@gmail.com 10am
128 Bihar Government Services, General Counseling Naushad Ansari 8804832789 peacefoundationbihar@gmail.com 11am to 1pm
129 Coimbatore Government Services, General Counseling Abdul Malik B.A 9865396174 uscudt@gmail.com 10am to 7pm
130 Tamil Nadu Government Services, General Counseling Dr Syed Umarhathab 9444203351 drsuvom@gmail.com 10am to 6pm
131 Hubli Hardware Networking/IT Yaseen Peer M 9740540299 yaseen.peer.m@gmail.com Anytime
132 Aurangabad Healthcare Pharmacy, General Counseling Nadeem Sheikh 9325016146 nadim@fizara.in Anytime
133 Gulbarga Homeopathy/Medicine, Psychology, General Counseling Dr. M Rizwan Ali 9886900246 drmrizwanali@gmail.com 11am to 10pm
134 Mumbai Hospitality Management, General Counseling Mohammed Alamgir Khan 9324317368 mohammedalamgir@gmail.com 12pm to 4pm
135 Bihar Human Resource Management, General Counseling Dr. M Kashif Raza Khan 8873463842 humancapacitybuilding@gmail.com 7pm
136 Visakhapatnam Industrial Safety Engineering Shaik Mohiddeen 8328684943 mohiddeen12@gmail.com 8pm to 10pm
137 Belgaum Information Security/IT Zameer Ahmed Nasipudi 9980400628 nasipudi@gmail.com 2pm
138 Mumbai Instrumentation & Electrical Engineering, Science Firdous Akhtar Ansari 9819751287 fakhtaransari@gmail.com 8pm to 10pm on week days 10am to 2pm Sat & Sun
139 Amravati Instrumentation Engineering Firoz Yunus Khan 9623482854 fk9119464@gmail.com Anytime
140 Abu Dhabi IT & Computer Science Naveed Momin +971 52671 4231 naddy19@gmail.com 8pm to 10pm
141 Mumbai IT/Computers, Railways, General Counseling Navid A Shaikh 9987096398 shaikh.navid@gmail.com 11am to 5pm(Weekdays)
142 Chennai JAVA/IT, Engineering Mohamed Noorulla 9943744892 mohamed.noorulla@gmail.com Anytime
143 Lucknow Law & Judiciary, Civil Services, Government Services, General Counseling Wajih Ahmed 9532125632 wajih888@gmail.com 11am
144 Rajkot Management Vasim Makda 98245 86561 vasim.makda@gmail.com 7pm to 9pm except Sunday & Public Holiday
145 Mumbai Management in HR, General Counseling Bushra Ansari 9833019548 ansaribushra88@gmail.com 2pm to 8pm
146 Mumbai Marketing & Sales, Engineering, General Counseling Aaves Qureshi 9930813410 aaves.qureshi@gmail.com 7pm to 10pm
147 Lucknow Marketing, General Counseling Mohd Mohsin Dabeer Siddiqui 9711319010 mohsin.dab@gmail.com 2pm to 6pm
148 Mumbai Marketing, General Counseling Anwer Jamal Khan 9702278673 anwerjkhan@gmail.com After 8pm
149 Mumbai Marketing/General Counseling Naveed 9323391516 seeknaveed@gmail.com 4pm to 5pm
150 Mumbai Marketing/Media & Journalism Faran Siddique 9664334221 faran_siddique@yahoo.com After 7pm
151 Lucknow Mass Communication, Commerce Lubna Kidwai 8052241076 lubnakidwai@gmail.com 5:30pm
152 Lucknow Material Management/Supply Chain Management, Commerce, General Counseling Haider Ali 8896274655 alihaider19918763 @gmail.com 8pm
153 Kanpur Mathematics/Science, General Counseling Shahid 9450573672, 7007995502 shahid1232000@gmail.com After 2pm
154 Bangalore Mechanical & Automobile Engineering Ahsan Misbah 9739097106 ahsanahsan22@gmail.com 7:30pm to 10pm
155 Delhi Mechanical Engineering Mohd Amir Siddiqui 7053590946 mamasiddiqui3@gmail.com 5pm to 7pm
156 Delhi Mechanical Engineering Mohammed Farooq 9811167137 farooq.eng1057@gmail.com 11am to 5pm
157 Assam Mechanical Engineering, Government Services, General Counseling Er. Asif 9615729545 asifmechanical2010@gmail.com 3pm to 6pm
158 Delhi Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics Azeem Khan 8802197649 azeem.07860@gmail.com 5pm to 10am
159 Bangalore Mechanical Engineering, Science Syed Nashit 7022603505 snashit@gmail.com After 7pm
160 Pune Mechanical Engineering, Science Soheb Ahmed 7276098433 sohebmail@yahoo.com After 7pm
161 Surat Mechanical Engineering, Tourism & Travels Mahmed Zaid 9879800755 zaid.motala15@gmail.com 5pm to 10pm
162 Mumbai Mechnical Engineering, General Counseling Mohfiz Parmar 9819996944 mohfizp@gmail.com 5pm to 7pm
163 Bihar Media & Journalism Gufran Shaikh 9472243497 gfrn143@gmail.com 1pm to 5pm
164 Nanded Media & Journalism Mohammed Saber Abdul Quader 9371154579 mdsaber.raj@gmail.com 8.30pm to 10pm
165 Thane Media & Journalism Prof. Hasan Mulani 9833786375 hasan.mulani@gmail.com Anytime
166 Lucknow Media & Journalism, General Counseling Iram Afreen 9151105518 iramk1683@gmail.com 10am to 1pm 3pm to 5pm
167 Mumbra/Thane Media & Journalism, General Counseling Prof. Hasan Mulani 9833786375 hasan.mulani@gmail.com Anytime
168 Ramban, J&K Media & Journalism, General Counseling, Tourism Tahir Mushtaq 9419650188 tmushtaq86@gmail.com 7pm to 8pm
169 Mumbai Media & Journalism, Makeup Ayman Shamsi 9619462492 shamsiaymi@gmail.com 5pm
170 Aligarh Medical Biochemistry/Medicine, Science Mohammed Talha 9997616628 mohd.talha16@gmail.com 3pm to 4pm
171 Delhi Medical Microbiology/Medical Science, Government Services, General Counseling Prof.( Dr.) S. Husain 8837669908 professorshusain@gmail.com/sajidhiv@gmail.com Communicate by Email
172 Akola Medicine Dr Saroshur Rahman Khan 8275220603 adeensrk@gmail.com 5 to 6pm
173 Telangana Medicine Zakeer 8500950489 zakeer86@gmail.com Anytime
174 Kuwait Mentoring & Coach/Training & Development Abdulla Thakur 96555232323 thakurabdulla@gmail.com 2pm to 3pm and 8pm to 9pm Kuwait Time
175 Latur Microbiology/Science Azeem Mohammed 7745861232 mohammadazeem221@gmail.com 5pm to 7pm
176 Bangalore Network Engineering Abdul Sattar 7847881914 abdul.str786@gmail.com 11am
177 Hyderabad NGOs Mirza Feroz Baig 9246101800 ferozbaig@gmail.com 10am
178 Mumbai Optometry/Science Shaikh Alfiya 7738570418 shaikhalfiya95@gmail.com 10:30am to 5:30pm
179 Mumbai Oracle RDMS/IT Shafi Ahmed 9322339028 shafi.ahmed@relianceada.com 8am to 8.30am
180 Ankleshwar Orthodentist and Implant Surgeon/Medicine Dr. Rizwan Shaikh 9428442074 fallingstar.sam@gmail.com Anytime
181 Lucknow Orthopaedic/Medicine Mohammad Afsar Khan 9793264363 drAfsarkhan22@gmail.com 6pm to 7pm
182 Muscat Pharmacy/Medicine Ziaul Khan 96897051884 ziaul.khan@gmail.com 4pm to 6pm
183 Vadodara Pharmacy/Medicine Yusuf Bhagiya 9016205404 yusufbhagya@gmail.com After 5pm
184 Mumbai Pharmacy/Science Dr. Imran Khan 8097001255 drimrankhan32@gmail.com Anytime
185 Vadodara Physics/Science Atik Sirajwala 9898993737 atik.siraj@gmail.com Anytime
186 Bangalore Physiologist/Medicine, Engineering, General Counseling Noor Mohammed Sadatulla 9945600786 acutouchcure@gmail.com 9am to 12pm
187 Noida Program/Project Mangement/IT, Civil Services Mohammad Ibraheem 9313848820 ibraheem.mohammad@gmal.com 1pm to 3pm
188 Bangalore Project Management & Cloud Technology/Engineering Anwar Areekkal 9538319189 anwar.areekkal@gmail.com Saturday and Sunday
189 Mumbai Psychology Sabina Lassanwala 020-38003139(extn: 675) sabina.lassanwala@yahoo.com 8pm
190 Mumbai Psychology/General Counseling Fatima Rashid 9821381946 fatimarashid6@gmail.com 6pm to 8pm
191 Guwahati Public Health/Medicine Mohd Anas Quraishi 9721546358 anasbpt@gmail.com Saturday and Sunday
192 Mumbai Real Estate Junead Halai 9820068911 juneadhalai@gmail.com After 9am
193 Mumbai Retail and Jewellery Designer/General Counseling Sufiyan Khan 9870941685 ksufiyan@gmail.com Anytime
194 Haryana Rural Development, Media & Journalism, Civil Services Mohd Arif 9813589303 media.arif1984@gmail.com 4pm
195 Imphal Science Mohd Farooqur 9436096168 farooque6168@gmail.com 7:30am
196 Mumbai Science Mazin Iqbal 9833543263 maziniqbal12@gmail.com After 4pm
197 Mumbai Science Ehsanullah 9768234144 ahsannizami12@gmail.Com Any time
198 Mumbai Science Rabiya 7045050056 no email id 6pm to 7pm
199 Osmanabad Science Jawwad 8390758781 shaikhjawwad55@gmail.com 7am
200 Telangana Science Juveria 8500950489 afreen.juveria@gmail.com Anytime
201 UP Science Salman Khan 8574889004 md355916@gmail.com 10am
202 Thoubal Science, Arts, Engineering, Civil Services Md Sarukh Khan Singamayum 9615964190 azizsinga12@gmail.com 10am
203 Delhi Science, Civil Services, Government Services, General Counseling B Ahmmad 9811409161 b_ahmmad@yahoo.co.uk Anytime
204 Hubli Science, Civil Services, Government Services, General Counseling Asif Kaladagi 9880375799 asifkaladagi@gmail.com After 5pm
205 Mumbra/Thane Science, Commerce Rehman Khan 9224363085 edsolindia@gmail.com 10am to 11am
206 Hyderabad Science, Commerce, Medicine, Software Mohammad Khalid Munir 9603018957 khalidsap@gmail.com Mon to Fri at 1:30pm
207 Pune Science, Computer Science & Software Development Assif Riyazuddin 9021334556 assif@bizzcode.com After 9pm on Mon-Sat 9am to 9pm on Sunday
208 UP Science, Engineering Nawab Alam 8630697050 alamnawab.114@gmail.com 10am to 1pm
209 Delhi Science, Engineering, General Counseling Mohammad Firoz Khan 9818440746 firoztonk@rediffmail.com 2pm to 6pm
210 Itanagar Science, Engineering, General Counseling Tasher Ali Sheikh 9508096056 tasher372@gmail.com 6pm to 11pm
211 Mumbai Science, Engineering, General Counseling Faizan Sarwar 9004832609 faizan.com@gmail.com 7.30pm to 10pm
212 Pune Science, Engineering, General Counseling Mohammad Jafar 9985756303 mohammad.jafar@avasara.in 6.30pm to 8pm
213 Australia Science, Engineering, General Counseling, Aboard Studies Inquiry Minaamali Sunasara +61435392110 minaamali46@gmail.com 3pm to 10pm
214 Rajasthan Science, Engineering, Government Services, General Counseling Waseem Ahamad 7597131976 sheraniwaseem@gmail.com 2pm to 6pm
215 Kolhapur Science, Engineering, Medicine, Civil Services Makhdoom Allabaksh Jamadar 9096148546 qadirajamadar@yahoo.com 8pm to 10pm
216 Raipur Science, Engineering, Medicine, Government Services, General Counseling Dr. M. Jawed Quereishi 7869256646 drjaved4ph@gmail.com After 6pm
217 Bhopal Science, General Counseling Sakina Saifee 9826765895 remen_saifee@yahoo.com 4pm to 6pm
218 Srinagar Science, General Counseling Suhail Mushtaq 8716824790 nushtaqsuhail42@gmail.com 11am to 2pm
219 Tamil Nadu Science, General Counseling Abdul Razak 9443110965 abdul1964@yahoo.com Anytime
220 Delhi Science, Medicine Afsar Ahmad 9313041102 afsarahmad115@gmail.com 10am to 1pm
221 Hyderabad Science, Medicine Dr. Quadri 7569856719 Jalalsyed91@gmail.com Anytime
222 Shirpur Science, Medicine Taufik Memon 8007498836 phr.tfm@gmail.com Before 10:30am in morning and After 9:30pm in evening till 12
223 Dammam, KSA Science, Medicine, General Counseling Dr. Mohammad Tariq Salman +966506680971 mtariqsalman@gmail.com After Fajr
224 Bijapur Software Development/Computer Applications Imtiyaz Ahmed 8050820360 imtisoft123@gmail.com 9am to 1pm
225 Ahmedabad Software Development/Engineering Saiyad Asif 7600213934 akssaiyaad@gmail.com After 9pm
226 Bhiwandi/Kalyan Software Development/IT Mohammad Mujtaba 9028005252 mdmujtaba786@gmail.com 8:30pm to 10:30pm on Saturday and Sunday
227 Bangalore Software Development/IT & Engineering, General Counseling Ravi 9148689888 ravi.indian@hotmail.com 7pm
228 Ahmedabad Software Engineering & Commerce Mudassir Dholiya 9724244476 mudassirdholiya@gmail.com 8pm to 10pm
229 Mumbai Software Testing Mohammed Abdul Sattar Vaid 9819067886 vaidmohammed@gmail.com Anytime
230 Mumbai Telecommunications Engineering Abdul Hameed Khan 9619327703 mail2abdulhameedkhan@yahoo.com After 7pm
231 Mumbai Training and Development/General Counseling G.M.Azad 9757083511 gazalaazad@gmail.com 9am to11am
232 Mumbai UI, UX and Digital Product Design/Design Principle Sadiq Dhamankar 9820019111 sadiqd@gmail.com Anytime
233 Sangli Zoology/Biology, Government Services, General Counseling Aman B.Naikwadi 7414971386 amanbn420@gmail.com 5pm to 8pm


In case of any doubts feel free to Call/WhatsApp Miss. Shahana Khan on 8291101317  or drop an email to ampoffice.sdl1@gmail.com

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