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Career Guidance Seminars

Career Guidance Seminars

- Sitaron Ke Aage Jahaan Aur Bhi Hain


AMP has been working continuously to serve as a helping hand in the Education field to make a change in the society. We endeavour to be the torchbearers to help and guide people from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge, for it is knowledge, which enlightens lives.

Choosing a suitable career option influences a student’s course of life. Taking informed decisions at the right time could bring in wonderful opportunities as opposed to wrong ones, which could ruin a student’s future, as these decisions are often irreversible. Hence, AMP has undertaken the initiative for Career Guidance Seminars (CGS) across the country. We plan to conduct Career Guidance Lectures in 25+ Cities across the country. These lectures are for the benefit of 10th Grade and above students aspiring for promising careers but do not have a sense of clear direction. These lectures can be conducted any date between 15th March to 15th May 2018.

Career Guidance helps in determining a student’s true potential. Students are often confused about their career preferences. This would indeed help a student in following the right course of study for accomplishing his career goal. Career guidance is a step in the right direction to save you from all the financial woes.


A Walk through the Workshop:

AMP plans to have the following sessions to help students move a step ahead in their career making decision:

  1. How to Plan your Career
  2. Career in Arts
  3. Career in Commerce
  4. Career in Science
  5. Unconventional Careers (Writing, Psychology, Jewellery Designing, etc.)
  6. Motivational Speech by some Role Models
  7. One to One Personal Counselling

The importance of the Career Guidance for students is the key because it can open many doors and make discovering new way for young students; it can push forward many possibilities for students who believed they were lost and completely without any direction.

Incase of any queries please contact Miss. Sobiya Pawaskar on 8291101317.



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