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AMP - Support a Cause

AMP has been working strenuously in the fields of Education and Employment for the past 12 years. By the grace of Almighty AMP activities are increasing from strength to strength across the country. We are facing a problem in meeting the ever increasing demand because of a big shortfall in terms of resources, finance, etc due to which we are unable to touch lives and help the needy people. We are looking at your assistance and help to bridge this gap so that we can work in a more structured manner to benefit the Community and Society.

You may either want to contribute for any of the below mentioned projects yourself or you help us with references who maybe individuals or business houses interested to donate towards this noble cause.

1. AMP Employee Sponsorship: We plan to expand and achieve targets for our current projects, we require your continuous help and support to hire additional resources. If you are interested we can meet you in person to discuss possible options for Employee Sponsorship.

2. AMP Job Fairs: We have conducted 40+Job Fairs, 250+ Job Drives helping 25000+ unemployed youth in different parts of the country. You may Sponsor a Job Fair or a Job Drive in any part of the Country by partnering with us.

3. AMP Elite–50: We plan to establish AMP Centre of Excellence (ACE), a residential coaching centre for preparing brightest mind to get admissions in the premier institutes of our country. The focus will be on the below 6 premium career opportunity which includes NEET, IIT, UPSC, CLAT (LAW), NDA (DEFENSE) and CMAT (Chartered Accountant) respectively.

4. AMP Career Chart Donation: AMP Career Chart updates students all the career fields available to students after 10th & 12th Grades. The cost of printing a 10 ft x 10 ft is Rs. 2000/- which can be put up at any prominent place in the School where students can get complete information.

5. Career Guidance Seminars: Choosing a suitable career option influences a student’s course of life. AMP has undertaken the initiative for organizing Mega Career Guidance Seminars (CGS) in December 2019 in 100+ Cities across the country. You can sponsor one or more Seminars and support this cause.

6. Employability Training Program: ETP assists Job seekers find the ‘Right job’ at the ‘Right place’ at the ‘Right time’ and to become the ‘Right Fit’ in a present day modern organization. It aims to create awareness and groom young graduates who are aspiring to be professionals. These trainings are conducted by well Experienced Corporate Trainers. We will be conducting an ETP Campaign in January 2020 in 100+ Cities across the Country. You can sponsor one or more Workshops and support this cause.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact Mr. Mohammed Feroz Shaikh - Sr Manager on the details given below:
Email id: connect@ampindia.org
Mobile Number: 8291101312


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