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AMP Leadership Teams

AMP Leadership Teams 2024 -2025
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a LEADER


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) has Alhamdulillah completed 16 years of service to the Community and the Nation. In these 16 years AMP has not just served the needy and the underprivileged but in the process has created Leaders Visionaries all over the country and abroad. We can say with a certain humility that we are on the way to being a truly Global organisation. This brings a lot of responsibility on the Central Leadership to create the second level of leadership around the Country and Globe who can, not just effectively implement AMP Projects and translate its Vision into reality, but also work on taking its Mission globally.


In the 17th year of our foundation, we are thus embarking on another journey of Inspiration and Empowerment. We are pleased to announce our AMP Leadership Teams, comprising of the following 4 pillars.


Click below to view the Leadership Team details. You can save their contact details so they can be reached out for any queries related to AMP in your respective geographies.

  1. National Coordination Team (NCT)
  2. State Executive Teams (SET)
  3. Project Teams
  4. Chapter Executive Teams 
  5. International Coordination Team (ICT) 
  6. Country Executive Team (CET)

These teams would be responsible to Inspire, Motivate, Coordinate and get the AMP projects executed in various parts of the country. They will also be responsible for AMP expansion by reaching out to aspiring social leaders in various Cities and ensure smooth functioning of Chapters as per AMP Governing Council guidelines and policies.


Let's join hands and welcome all the Leaders on board the AMP



  • NCT & ICT will be directly reporting to the AMP Governing Council which is the highest body of decision making at AMP. 
  • SET will be directly reporting to AMP National Coordination Team for any kind of coordination relating to their respective State
  • CET will be directly reporting to AMP International Coordination Team for any kind of coordination relating to their respective country
  • These Teams will be valid for one year from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025



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