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In this era of knowledge and growth, Muslims are the fastest growing segment of populace around the world, cannot afford to lack behind. Sadly, though this is true, we are all witness to the fact that in India being Muslim most of the times invites to be looked upon as uneducated, economically backward, shy, mute to discrimination and problems and politically irresponsive.

Association of Muslim Professionals seeks to overcome these and many more challenges within the Muslim Community. It provides a single platform for Muslims all over the country/world to come together to converse, debate and draw plans based on their experience, intellect and knowledge with the aim to facilitate Muslim Empowerment in all possible fields.

AMP strongly believes that the commitment of their members and supporters are the most critical in achieving the Vision and Mission of the organization.

Anyone who is willing to join AMP as Volunteer should
Be interested in serving the community and the society at large
Be secular and without any prejudice to any community or belief
Be ready to invest few hours every week on field / online depending upon the project
Be willing to serve others without any expectations, monetary or otherwise
Abide by all the Rules & Regulations and the Code of Conduct laid by AMP

We are a Section 8 Company (Non-Profit) registered under Companies Act 2013, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Be a part of this revolution and help take people to new horizon.

All you have to do is just fill this AMP Volunteer Registration Form for participating in different AMP projects like Skill Development Lectures, Job Fairs and Career Fairs. Further AMP will guide you.


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