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If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in starting a new chapter of AMP in your area. We appreciate and welcome your interest in AMP and would like to make it easy for you to be able to start a new chapter. Before this, request you to kindly refer to the all the pages in About Us section of our site. This will give you a complete understanding of AMP and our activities. Also, please make sure you are in contact with one of the core members of AMP so that you can get more clarity on our projects. Details are mentioned in the AMP Team section here.

There are certain minimum requirements that a new chapter needs to satisfy before it can be designated as an AMP chapter:

Be sure to identify the goals of the group and then think about activities that will help achieve those goals. One of the main activities of AMP has been a Skill Development Lectures (SDL). We have been doing this from the beginning to help mostly underprivileged children in schools and colleges in various parts of India. 

What is AMP?

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is a Platform for all Muslim professionals, and willing volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of Muslim Community and further empowering Muslims in the educational, social, political and economical front of life. AMP inspires Indian Muslims and their well-wishers to ignite the young brilliance and intellect among us to cater to the need of our Muslim Community.

AMP Chapters:

AMP Chapters advance the mission and objectives by promoting volunteerism and welfare work at local level. Participating in welfare programs is a key benefit of your membership and is supported at the chapter level through activities,meetings, and events. We encourage our members to initiate chapters in their areas to enable networking with fellow members from different walks of life, in a local, face-to-face setting. AMP members are the key drivers of our success –and our chapters are the key vehicle for supporting and engaging our members.


Any ten or more Members of the Association residing in a distinct geographic area may request permission from the AMP Governing Council to associate themselves into a Local Chapter of AMP. 
The purpose of the chapter shall be to identify and implement strategies to make Indian Muslims educationally, socially, politically and economically empowered. The chapter shall adopt and implement the stated mission of AMP.
It is mandatory that all members of local chapters become members of AMP. The Chapter shall have an executive body comprising of at least a Chapter Head and a Secretary.
The chapters shall recommend amongst themselves a Head of the chapter to AMP Governing Council. 
The Chapters shall make all efforts to facilitate the achievements of the purposes and goals of the Association, particularly the recruitment of new members of AMP.
The Chapters shall not carry out or knowingly support any activity that may be, or is likely to be, detrimental to the interests of AMP, or contrary to generally recognized and established Islamic discipline, traditions and mannerism.
All membership dues are to be paid to AMP Headquarter directly. 
Any donation of chapter members should be deposited with the AMP master account and disbursed by AMP.
The Chapter shall report its financial statements and activities to AMP Headquarters on a quarterly basis.
The name of the chapter shall be ‘AMP xxx Chapter’, where xxx represents the name of the place where the chapter is located.
The chapter may lose its status as AMP chapter at the discretion of the AMP Governing Council. However, the reason for such an action shall be clearly stated and justified.
Membership to the chapter shall be open to every Indian Muslim, without discrimination, subject to the guidelines of the AMP Governing Council.
The name of the chapter shall be ‘AMP xxx Chapter’, where xxx represents the name of the place where the chapter is located.
An annual status report containing the activities and financial status of the chapter shall be prepared by all chapters, including the main chapter, and made available to all other chapters. The recommended deadline for this report is May 1 of each year. 


Establish a chapter in your city today

If you are based out of any of the cities apart from the already existing AMP Chapters and want to contribute to AMP’s objective then you can start a Local Chapter. Let us form local chapters in every District of our country and spread this noble cause and make our society a better place to live. Our local chapters will replicate all initiatives which are implemented in Mumbai and other AMP Chapters. For more information on how to set up an AMP Chapter contact us on given numbers.

You can download the chapter petition from the link below and send the filled and signed form for approval at info@ampindia.org.


Miss. Misbah Khan | +91 7303116060 | info@ampindia.org

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