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Webinar on 3 years journey of IndiaZakat

IndiaZakat.com completes 3 years of Amazing Journey!

Achievements of IndiaZakat.com’s 3 year journey shared in a Webinar by eminent Speakers!
IndiaZakat.com, an initiative of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is India’s 1st Zakat-based crowd-funding platform, launched in April 2020 on the eve of Ramzan. Within 3 years, it has already collected and disbursed almost ?14 Crores for 5000+ causes in Education, Medical Assistance, Livelihood, Orphan & Poor Children's Education, Disaster Relief etc., thus impacting thousands of lives so far.

IndiaZakat.com organised a Webinar on Friday, 17th March 2023 for the benefit of its Donors, Members, Volunteers and the members of the general public to showcase the 3 years of its Existence as well its Achievements. A couple of eminent speakers were invited on the occasion, who spoke on the subject of Zakat and how IndiaZakat has helped Zakat Givers in this increasingly Digital World.

The Webinar began with Qirat or Tilawate Qur’an. 

Abdul Razak Shaikh, Sr. Banking Professional & Core Member – AMP was the 1st Speaker of the day. He went on to elaborate on how AMP started its Zakat Fund exactly 10 years ago with a paltry sum of Rs. 2 lakhs collected mainly by its own Members and utilised towards Education & Livelihood Assistance. Although AMP was working on the idea of a Digital platform for Zakat, the Covid pandemic accelerated the process. Launched within one month of the Lockdown, IndiaZakat.com went on to impact more tha 24,000 families & individuals including more than 5000 families who were helped with Rations, Oxygen Cylinders, Medicines, Medical Relief etc.

He further said that AMP Chapter & Volunteer teams ensure that all causes raised on IndiaZakat are thoroughly verified at 3 levels to ensure genuine needy people are helped. Also, the funds collected are directly transferred in the bank account of the final beneficiary like the Educational Institution or the Hospital or Vendor as the case maybe and not the Cause raiser. Lastly, unlike other Crowd-funding platforms, IndiaZakat.com does not charge any fees for its Operations except for the banking transaction and is thus completely free for Zakat Seekers as well as Givers.

H. Abdur Raqeeb, a Senior Professional & General Secretary - Indian Centre for Islamic Finance, said “Just as every mohalla has a Masjid for Salah, it should also have a Bait-ul-Maal or Zakat Centre since Allah Almighty has mentioned Salah & Zakat together many times in Holy Qur’an. And just as it is preferred by Allah to pray Salah collectively, hence Zakat is also recommended to be collected and utilised in a centralised manner as practiced by Prophet Muhammed PBUH and his companions.”

Finally, Prof. (Dr.) Mohammed Aslam Parvaiz, Director - Islamic Foundation for Science & Environment & Ex Vice Chancellor, Maulana Azad National Urdu University went on to explain Quranic concepts regarding Zakat and equitable distribution of Wealth in the Society. He further went on to say that while platforms like IndiaZakat.com were providing an alternative for Zakat distribution, we must not forget that as per the teachings of Prophet Muhammed PBUH, we have to start giving it to the needy & deserving, 1st within our circle of family and relatives and then gradually outside the circle.

The Webinar was very capably hosted by Mrs. Aysha Mahmood, Project Co-ordinator, IndiaZakat.com and organised by the IndiaZakat Team.

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