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SDP Star of the Month for Dec 2020

AMP Stars of the Month for December 2020


1:- Mohammed Abdul Waheed - AMP Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for his dedication and commitment towards AMP. He helped KSA Head in putting the KSA organization structure in Place, Establishing Complete KSA Western Region Chapter team & Took Initiatives to support AMP reach within KSA.

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed is a Mechanical Engineer by Profession and working as a Project Manager in MOTEB HAMDAN AL HARBI CONTRACTING Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed says that in AMP Everybody is working for the betterment of Muslim Ummah without any self-interest, I want to see AMP shinning like a Sun.


2:- Syed Amir Hussain Qalandar – AMP Jammu & Kashmir

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Syed Amir Hussain Qalandar from Jammu & Kashmir for his dedication and commitment towards AMP. He played a very key role in the AMP National Talent Search 2020, utilized social media marketing for Networking with 74+ professors/faculty members serving at institutions across India. Invitations to several NGO's out of which 10 NGO's/Volunteers joined the association under "NGO Connect" Project, Extensive Coverage of Recruitment of Campus Ambassadors Across Several Forums,  Use of 30+ Lists and 26+ Keywords on Facebook that covered the complete Jammu & Kashmir UT geographically, Media Coverage in Shaharbeen Group (Online News portal) that has a whopping membership of 2.55 lacs,  Tagging of 34 Official Facebook Pages of Colleges/Universities/Departments that covers a vast audience of 2.78 lacs.

Mr. Syed Amir Hussain Qalandar is an MBA (HR/Marketing) Professional having 11+ years of BFSI Experience, With Prior Stints in IT/ITES, Apart from the Execution of Several Freelancing Assignments in Electronic Media (Radio) for a Period Exceeding 7 Yrs.

Mr. Syed Amir Hussain Qalandar says that AMP is a Community of one of the most diverse and Multi-Talented Professionals that the organization has shaped Itself into over a Short Period of 13 Odd years is truly Applaudable.  If it sees an opportunity, It has a Road Map as well. He can’t be sure of it, but maybe a time will come when AMP can find a place in schools/ colleges/universities in a manner like we have extra/co-curricular activities volunteering can become mandatory.   


3:- Aysha Mahmood - AMP Lucknow

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mrs. Aysha Mahmood from Lucknow for her dedication and commitment towards AMP. She had successfully conducted two SDLs At Ambedkar Nagar In December 2020, made rigorous efforts to get students registered, and contacted more than 500 schools and degree colleges for Olympiad and National Talent Search. She had also successfully organized Art Show “Meri Kahani, Tasveer Ki Zubani” along with Ms. Shaheen Islam, State Head, U.P. Also organized “Balloon Towering Game” at Academy Home.

Mrs. Aysha Mahmood is an Engineering graduate by qualification & Managing Director at JM MEP Academy, Lucknow Since July 2016.

Mrs. Aysha Mahmood says that AMP works selflessly to educate the community and make the youth self-dependent altogether uplifting the “Ummah”. She also very much impressed by the “Verification Channel” which AMP follows in scholarships, employment support, etc, altogether the “Fund” reaches the One who is a really needy and deserving candidate. She would like to see AMP Mentored Professionals in every sector be it the government is it private and She would be working with AMP till all the Zakat Seekers become Zakat givers, In Sha Allah.

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