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Report Card for the month of April 2020

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) tries to reach Students/Candidates in the remotest areas across the country through its various initiatives like Skill Development Lectures  (SDLs) and Employment Assistance Cell(EAC) programmes. These are AMP's Flagship Projects that have proved to be the most impactful & beneficial to society.

Also, keeping in mind AMP's core objective of supporting the underprivileged youth and to create economic empowerment, Job Fairs, Job Drives & AMP WebTalks are organized on a regular basis. Due to the current situation of Covid-19 we placed all AMP's activities across the country and abroad on hold from 15th March 2020 as AMP cares for its volunteers and members and we are law-abiding organisation. 
AMP is happy to announce the Report Card for the month of March 2020!


1 AMP HR Zoom Meeting: Around 40 HR Professionals discussed the "Action Plan on helping unemployed people's post COVID-19"

1 CGS:  60 students benefitted through Career Guidance Seminar in Bhopal through Facebook live 

1 Relief Meeting:  5 participants discussed Relief work during lockdown in Barwani Online 

4 WebTalk:  500+ Participants benefitted through AMP WebTalk
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