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AMP Stars of the Month for October 2021

AMP Stars of the Month for October 2021

1:- Mr. Muhammad Sunaan Hijazi -  AMP Bhopal Chapter, Madhya Pradesh
"We all have a responsibility to use our ability to help others"

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Muhammad Sunaan Hijazi from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for his dedication and commitment towards AMP he is very active in helping the poor needy through Indiazakat.com, an Initiative of AMP and is ready to travel by his own car for creating new AMP Chapters in Madhya Pradesh on behalf of AMP.

Mr. Muhammad Sunaan Hijazi is an MBA backed by the corporate experience of more than 15 years and is now into business. He is awarded for exceptional business growth and achieving sales targets for the organizations he worked for.

Mr. Muhammad Sunaan Hijazi says Working with AMP is an opportunity for him to give a bit of help to the society, and Inshallah AMP will be one of the most trusted platforms for the upliftment of the Ummah.

2:- Mr. Mohammad Faisal Noor -  AMP Jamshedpur Chapter, Jharkhand
“Whatever you spend in the path of Allah, shall be repaid to you in full and in no way you will be in loss." (Al Quran, Chapter 8, Verse 60)

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Mohammad Faisal Noor from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand for his dedication and commitment towards AMP. He has been a consistent performer on almost all AMP flagship projects. He understands his responsibilities & executes them well. Also, actively participates in all AMP projects on behalf of AMP. And he is an AMP Jamshedpur Chapter Head.

Mr. Mohammad Faisal Noor is a Research Scholar at NIT, Jamshedpur. He is Working in extending the benefits of IndiaZakat.com to the needy people of Jamshedpur. Alhamdulillah! more than 15 students benefited from IndiaZakat.com (IZC) fundraisers. Among the 5 schools which applied for Orphan Support in Education from AMP Zakat Fund, AMP Jamshedpur Chapter was one of them. 10 orphan students from Kabir Memorial Urdu High School received their annual academic expenditure, including their fees, uniform and books expenses.

Mr. Mohammad Faisal Noor says Every project of AMP is a crucial project. He firmly believes that emancipation of the Muslim community can only be brought through education and awareness. Being associated with a firm whose vision is aligned personally to his, made him enthusiastic. And he hopes and wishes that the processes becomes a little more flexible as per the requirement and need, so that maximum people are benefitted by the projects of AMP.

3:- Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan -  AMP Gulbarga Chapter, Karnataka
"Handsome is who does handsome work"

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan from Gulbarga, Karnataka for his dedication and commitment towards AMP which allowed him to Conduct 3-Teacher's Training Programs including Science Fair Training in collaboration with Telangana Science Fair Academy at Hussain Public School, Gulbarga where 100 teachers cumulatively from all three programs, participated on behalf of AMP.

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan is a Principal in a private P.U. College, Gulbarga. He always contributes a part of his life, by sharing his knowledge and experience to guide the young generation of the nation

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan says AMP has provided the largest platform to serve humanity and the Nation, where he can contribute his services and take part in the development of India.

Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed Ansari - AMP Jaipur Chapter, Rajasthan
“Do good to others as Allah has done good to you” - Quran 28:77

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed Ansari from Jaipur, Rajasthan for his dedication and commitment towards AMP which allowed him to do quality work in AMP Scholarship verification, he actively participates in all AMP projects on behalf of AMP.

Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed Ansari is a Director of ART WILL (Luxurious Living) and is also looking after Indiazakat.com Rajasthan territory under Chand Sir and other AMP Senior's. Under the Seniors' Guidance he is working in School Development Program (SDP), Employment Assistance Cell (EAC). He has also worked during the Covid pandemic lockdown time for the Community in an organized manner.  

Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed Ansari says thanks to AMP and all the Senior Members for presenting him as a part of this organization. AMP is a huge platform that is working for the upliftment of our Community and he feels very proud to work with AMP.

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