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AMP Stars of the Month for March 2022

AMP Stars of the Month for March 2022


Ms. Farheen Husain – AMP Indore Chapter, Madhya Pradesh
"Out of your vulnerability will come your strength"

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Ms. Farheen Husain from Indore, Madhya Pradesh for her dedication and commitment towards AMP. Ms. Farheen had showed her exemplary skills and promoted NTS in more than 10 schools.

Ms. Farheen works for NSDC in a skill development centre as a trainer and counsellor. She tries to help people manage and overcome various mental and emotional difficulties through counselling. She also works in society and with non-governmental organisations to enhance education as much as she can.

She has also served as an assistant professor in a government institution and as a head trainer at the Adani skill development centre.

Her goal and plan for future is to help the entire nation and ummah. She is proud to work and be part of AMP. While working She learned, “Never settle for less than your best.”

Mr. Aamir Syed – AMP Nagpur Chapter, Maharashtra
"Society grows when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates Mr. Aamir Syed from Nagpur, Maharashtra for showing his extraordinary leadership in social media and for developing innovative techniques to reaching out and promoting IndiaZakat.com and AMP.

Mr. Aamir leads a supermarket and an e-commerce website in the FMCG industry. He was in charge of promoting and organising many social media postings and videos for IndiaZakat.com and AMP, which were highly appreciated by people. Also, for enlisting a big number of individuals to volunteer with AMP.

Mr. Aamir praises how AMP empowers the community and affects change on the ground. He wishes to see AMP flourish and reach every city in the country for the betterment of humanity.

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