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AMP Stars of the Month for June 2021

AMP Stars of the Month for June 2021


1:- Khathija Zeeshan - AMP Chennai Chapter, Tamil Nadu 

“Sharing & caring goes a long way in building a strong community” 

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates  Ms. Khathija Zeeshan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu for her dedication and commitment towards AMP which allowed her to actively participate and host 7 Lectures of the First phase of the Online Career Guidance Session of 2021 very efficiently in spite of being a recent member of AMP, Chennai chapter. on behalf of AMP.  

Ms. Khathija Zeeshan is a B.An in Economics (Chennai) and an MBA (Malaysia). She does pro bono mentorship and volunteer work. She is a member of the Core SDP Team of AMP. She has been on the organizing committees of several international conferences and workshops. She was a founder member of the Graduate Activities Club at Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Putrajaya Campus, Malaysia. She is the head of the Alumni Association of M.W.A Matriculation and Higher Secondary School, Chennai. 

Ms. Khathija Zeeshan says It's an honor to serve our community. Finding AMP was a blessing. She would like to see AMP as a renowned organization and a role model in serving humanity

2:- Mr. Zuber Ahmed - AMP Sawai Madhopur Chapter, Rajasthan 

”Speak up for those who can't speak for themselves”

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates  Mr. Zuber Ahmed from Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan for his dedication and commitment towards AMP. He is a very dedicated social activist, He works in the distribution of Food kits, Blood donations to needy people, and very active in the Chapter team on behalf of AMP.  He is also the finance secretary of the AMP Sawaimadhopur Chapter.
Mr. Zuber Ahmed is Working as a Principal in Govt Sr sec School for the state of Rajasthan. During the whole pandemic of  covid-19, he and his team worked very hard by providing the poor with their basic needs.  he and his team also distributed so many food kits during the Eid festival and during the whole pandemic of covid-19. Sir also donated blood for the people and arranged the oxygen concentrator for those who actually needed especially in the Community.

Mr. Zuber Ahmed says  It is as simple as AMP has its own. he wants to share his knowledge, intellect, experience, and skills for the overall development of society as a large, so that society may get the maximum benefit out of it. In the coming years, he wants to see AMP as a nationwide organization that works for the Muslims for their betterment and overall development.

3:- Shabnum Javed - AMP Kolkata Chapter, West Bengal

” Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. What we invest in them will decide what they will return to society. I want to invest the best to get the best out of them”

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Congratulates  Ms. Shabnum Javed from Kolkata, West Bengal for her dedication and commitment towards AMP. She played an important role in getting 300 scholarships to form filled from Topsia, a densely populated Muslim locality She is always ready to contribute whenever a call is made for activity. Last month, she truly stood out among the members in terms of active participation on behalf of AMP.   
Ms. Shabnum Javed is a social activist working with various NGOs who are helping with poor students education and minimize dropout rate in the community She has been a very active volunteer in the Talent Search project and was instrumental in registering more than 200 students, actively volunteered in this year's job fair and in the last month, and has helped distribute ration kits to more than 100 families in the various areas of Kolkata. She is always ready to contribute whenever a call is made for an activity. 

Ms. Shabnum Javed says she would like to see the opportunities reach equally to all the strata of our community. Allah doesn't help people who do not strive to help themselves. So, it's our collective duty to keep striving to bring positive change to society. Ma’am has seen AMP as a bridge between the well-settled Muslim Professionals and the underprivileged and marginalized communities of our country where a golden opportunity is available to leverage its projects for the benefit of these underprivileged and marginalized communities resulting in a stronger and more balanced society

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