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AMP and AMU Alumni Malaysia join hands together

AMP Malaysia  join hands with AMU Alumni Association Malaysia to fulfill the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

On the occasion of Sir Syed Day, Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association Malaysia(AMU-AAM) organised a grand get together in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on Saturday, 19th October 2019. The purpose was to bring all AMU Alumni residing in Malaysia together and ponder upon How each of them can contribute to fulfill the Sir Syed's vision giving real  tribute to Sir Syed. Very senior Aligs like Mr. Laeeq Sb, Prof. Mumtaz Ali Sb, Prof. Abdul Khaliq Sb, Prof. Tariq Jameel Sb graced the occasion and their electrifying words has created a new momentum in the participants. The event was made successful by the coherent efforts of young Aligs like Mr. Adnan, Dr. Talha Anees, Mr. Yasir, Mr. Faraz Athar, Mr. Syed Shakaib and many more. Around 80+ Aligs and Non Aligs join the gathering with their families. 

Mr. Syed Nashit, Organising Secretary, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP-www.ampindia.org) along with few AMP Malaysia members like Mr. Mehboob Ilahi, Mr. Fakhir represented AMP during the event. The idea was to join hands together for common mission of educational and economic reform of Muslim community and Nation as a whole. Mr. Nashit has introduced AMP to the audience and shared its Mission, Vision and Achievements so far.

The event concluded with resolution that we will take the Sir Syed's mission forward. AMU-AAM will continue doing such activities and help the brethren in educational and economic development by partnering with the established organisations like AMP. We will not reinvent the wheel and compliment each other by our expertise in various domains.

AMP would like to thank all the organisers and AMU-AAM team for giving an opportunity to share the AMP journey during the event. We pray to Almighty Allah that he guide us on this mission, keep us united and make us model and beneficial Muslims for the world.

Team AMP

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