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4 years of IndiaZakat

IndiaZakat.com, India's 1st Zakat-based crowd-funding platform completes 4 glorious years!
It has raised over INR 18 crore through more than 65,000 Donations for 6000+ Causes


IndiaZakat.com has completed 4 Years of its impactful service for the welfare of the Community.  It is India’s 1st Zakat-based crowdfunding platform. And this platform was launched just before Ramzan in the year 2020 by the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP). IndiaZakat has emerged as a beacon of hope and compassion for the underprivileged. 
As part of the 4 years celebration, AMP organised a meeting of prominent people of the city today to present the achievements of IndiaZakat and how it can be used effectively to help poor and needy people. It has raised over INR 18 crore through more than 65,000 Donations and positively impacted the lives of more than 35,000 beneficiaries and their families through 6000+ Causes raised across India for Education, Medical Relief, Livelihood Assistance etc.
Zakat is an obligatory form of almsgiving in Islam and holds profound significance. It represents a pillar of the faith, emphasizing the importance of social welfare and the redistribution of wealth to those in need. The value of Zakat lies not only in its material impact but also in its spiritual significance, fostering a sense of community and compassion among Muslims worldwide.
Iftekhar Bidkar, Head of IndiaZakat, reflected on the journey of launching the platform, stating, "Four years ago, the idea of IndiaZakat was a dream, but with determination and the support of like-minded individuals, we turned that dream into reality. AMP brought together people who were passionate about making a difference to the society through an online Zakat platform and thus IndiaZakat was born." He further said that “It is only because of the dedication of AMP’s volunteers and chapter teams across the country we have made this platform a great success”.
Khalandar Azad, Core Member of IndiaZakat team shared, "In just four years, IndiaZakat has become the platform of choice for donors because of high level of transparency, genuine causes, and a Shariah-compliant platform”. 

While explaining the platform to the audience, the needy and poor raise a cause on IndiaZakat.com platform. The Volunteer Team verifies each of these Causes with the help of Local Ulema, Teachers and NGOs. Once the Cause is approved, it becomes available on the website for donations. Our Social Media Volunteers promotes these Causes on Social Media and WhatsApp and donation comes in these Causes.

The best part of IndiaZakat is that, it doesn't charge any fees or commission from Beneficiaries and 100% amount is disbursed to the beneficiaries.

IndiaZakat gives us the Choice to donate to Causes of our own interest or of our own cities.

Senior Ulema, Islamic Scholars, Legal and Financial Experts are available in the Core Team and Advisory Board of the IndiaZakat.com which helps us to run the organization and its work in Sharia Compliant and Legally Compliant way.

With the help of Collective efforts, this Year IndiaZakat have disbursed 5 Cr+ through IndiaZakat.com on different Causes making it one of the biggest charities in India. 

IndiaZakat's success is attributed to its dedicated teams, including the Advisory Board, Zakat Council, Technical, Operational, and Communication Teams, as well as the countless Volunteers who have contributed to its growth and impact.
As IndiaZakat enters its fifth year, the organization remains committed to its mission of empowering Communities and transforming Lives through the power of Collective Zakat. With the continued support of donors, volunteers, and partners, IndiaZakat looks forward to expanding its reach and making an even greater impact in the years to come.
For more details, Please visit www.IndiaZakat.com

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