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AMP donates another Rs. 36 lakhs for Turkey Earthquake Victims!

On Monday, 24th April 2023, Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) handed over a cheque of Rs. 36,10,345/- to the Turkey Consul General Mr. Cuneyt Yavuzcan, Consul General - Republic of Turkey, Mumbai, for the continuing relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the worst earthquake in the history of Turkey.

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) with help of its IndiaZakat crowdfunding platform has supported Turkey and Syria with Funds and Kind of more than Rs. 1 Crore.

The terrible earthquakes that affected Turkey and Syria recently shook the entire human community. The event was very tragic and painful, in which thousands of young as well as old people - children, men and women were buried in the ground in moments. Seeing this horrific disaster, the entire Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) team had got into action. 

AMP had launched a fundraising campaign on its Crowdfunding platform IndiaZakat.com to provide relief assistance for the devastating earthquake victims in Turkey & Syria immediately after the earthquake in February this year. 

The Consul-General said “We have been very touched by the humane gesture from Indian people. Association of Muslim Professionals have been very responsive to the disaster and helped us with much-needed funds and relief material as well. There are no words in which I can convey thanks to them for their excellent support.” 

Aamir Edresy, President - of AMP and the force behind the campaign said “Its a very small amount but it gives us immense pleasure to hand over this amount to the Turkey Consul General as we have witnessed one of the worst earthquakes and resulting disaster. Earlier too, we had handed over funds as well as relief material which was only possible due to the magic of Collaboration on IndiaZakat.com.” 

Abdul Razak Shaikh, Head of Projects at AMP said "AMP through IndiaZakat.com has been at the forefront of disaster relief. We have been able to help the victims of Covid pandemic as well as many natural disasters through our vast network of donors & volunteers all over the Country."

Apart from these, many eminent personalities also expressed their views, in which Dr. M. A. Patankar, Ex-MLA & Islam Gymkhana President Yusuf Abrahani, Saeed Khan, Maulana Mehmood Dariyabadi, Arshad Siddiqui, Mufti Ashfaq Qazi, Adv. Farhana Shah, Principal Zeba Malik, Maulana Aijaz Kashmiri were present.

After the earthquake, within 2 days of the Cause raise on IndiaZakat.com, AMP Members, who are spread all over the Country, had responded and collected Rs. 25 lakhs. This amount was handed over to the Turkish Consulate in Hyderabad on 13th Feb, 2023, in their Earthquake Relief account as per the appeal for funds.

Similarly, Rs. 15 lakhs worth (discounted price, as the actual cost was much more) of much needed vital Medicines was contributed for Syria Earthquake victims also, at the Syrian Embassy in Delhi on 28th Feb '23. 

Besides the above funds, AMP had also handed over  6000 Blankets to Turkey & Syrian Embassies in Delhi for the earthquake victims through its Gujarat Chapter.

Apart from above, lots of material was handed over to Turkey Embassies in Hyderabad and Delhi by our Chapters and NGO Partners.

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