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AMP continually strives for the development of a vibrant and progressive Muslim community in India. To achieve the same, AMP aims to reach every section of the Muslim community in India, to spread the message of Education, Progress and Development.

Its a known fact that major part of Muslim Population live under poverty line and with very limited access to Information and guidance. Some Say Information is Wealth and one of the reasons for backwardness of Muslim community is inaccessibility to education and thereby information and guidance. The lack of Information and lack of Guidance prevents them from overcoming the harsh challenges of life and leaves them unchanged in their economic state or further deterioration and hence the majority of the community in India remains in darkness even after all precious efforts of sincere people.

Keeping in mind the philosophy of progress through guidance, AMP has a project called, ‘AMP Resource Center’ which will consist of both Information and Guidance. It will strive to be one stop solution for each and every query of a Muslim. It will be designed keeping in the point of view of end user or layman.  It will be actively supported by AMP volunteers throughout India with the help of its chapters across India.  The first role of these volunteers would be collecting information at one place and second by providing it to people with no access to internet or this information. Also the team located in different cities, districts and states will be continuously doing the collection/re validation and promotion of the available data on regular basis.

AMP Resource Center is expected to contain comprehensive List of Educational Institutes, List of NGOs involved in affirmative activities, List of Minority related government schemes. Further with the intent of providing Guidance, the data may contain, the admission procedure, how to approach, specialty of the institution, courses offered, scholarships offered, point of contacts and much more. The Resource Center will be a combination of Information and Guidance, and will be designed, so that the end user with limited aptitude gets the information he requires and does not have to constrain much. AMP Resource Center as a concept aspires to be a credible data source of relevant information for needy Muslim community. It will surely evolve from experience.

Therefore, we appeal our members to come forward and volunteer for this research work. We just need two hours of your time per week dedicated for this noble cause which is going to have a huge impact on the society. Your efforts may be helpful easing hardships of many less fortunate Muslims. Interested volunteers may send their confirmation to us on research@ampindia.org. Our team will get in touch with you. 

AMP Resource Center (ARC) - Process Flow

Objective: The broad idea of this project is to collate all critical information which would help the community in field of Education, Employment , Entrepreneurship  etc in one place. All important information related to these and much more would be uploaded on our website in an organized manner so that it is easily accessible to everyone anytime.

Process Flow

1. Each Module Lead has to finalize the Scope & Parameters this module will cover

2. Based on the Scope & Parameter, a Format needs to be prepared in which data will be captured. Format should be designed in such a way that Filters can work once uploaded on our website.

3. Module Lead to identify a Team who can do research on the subject and collate data in the Format finalized. Ideally the Team should be based out of the respective State / Zone for which the research needs to be done.

4. Module Lead to review the data captured by the Team for corrections and collate in one file every week/ Fortnight /month based on the volume captured by the Team

5. Module Lead to share the file for upload to website Upload Team on fixed frequency

6. Module Lead & Team also to visit website once a fortnight & check for the Filters etc for their respective module if working properly

Broad roles for which a Volunteer can nominate himself

1. Research Team: This Team will research for information across internet and collate related data in an Excel Sheet format and give it to the Module Lead on a regular basis. This team will cross check  the accuracy of data as well (wherever feasible)

2. Verification Team: This Team will  cross check the data collated by Research Team either by calling up the respective Instititute or sending them a mail about their details we are going to capture

3. Validation Team: This Team will validate the data (quality check, removal of duplication, standardization) provided by the Researchteam and collate from all members in one Standard format for upload. Ideally this team should have knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

4. Data Upload Team: This Team will ensure that the file given by Data Validation Team is uploaded on our Website. Also, they will ensure that all the Menu’s, filters and related processes are updated at all times. This Team would be mostly having web designing background.

List of Items which has been decided for Research

1. Education Institutions

Collating and Updating Database Universities/Schools/Colleges for Muslim & others

2. Minority NGOs

Collating and Updating Database of Muslim NGO's and their activities

3. Examination

Collating details of Examinations like UPSC, CAT,  CET, GMAT etc.

4. Scholarships

Collating and Updating general Scholarships & Govt Schemes for Minorities and process

5. Jobs Vacancies

Collating and Updating all vacancies in Corporate  & Government Sector

6. Professionals Database

Collating details of Muslim Professionals in Management Position of Corporates

7. Bureaucrats Database

Collating details of Muslim Bureaucrats / Politicians/ Officials in various Govt agencies

8. Career Options

Collating different types of Career Options  with details like skills required, entrance exams, career prospects, payscale

9. Soft Skills

Collating articles related to Interview Tips, Excelling at work place, Sample CV etc

10. Research Reports

Collating research Reports on Muslim and Minorities

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