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WhatsApp Group Create Policy

Guidelines for Creating a WhatsApp group:

AMP is a large organization having global presence. We have more than 125 chapters spread out over several states within India and overseas. Specific WhatsApp groups are created for each of these Chapters, States & Countries.

It is hence critical to control the creation of multiple groups by different Chapters and therefore we have listed below the WhatsApp Group creation policy which shall be put into effect immediately.  

AMP WhatsApp Groups can only be created by the Central Office

  • If any AMP Chapter desires to create a group, they should reach out to AMP Office (info@ampindia.org) and request for the same. They should write an email and explain the purpose of the group & may suggest a name for the group.
  • Every existing or new group across the board should have members of the Central Team as group Admin. The Chapter Head and Chapter Secretary will also be Admins. Barring the above, no other person can become Admin of the group without central team’s approval.
  • Members will be added individually by Admins. No link-based joining system is allowed. This is to ensure that only the right persons are added.

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