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School Development Programs

School Development Programs (SDP)

AMP stands as one of those very few organizations and the only platform of educated Muslim Youth & well-established Professionals created with the purpose of giving back to the Community. It utilizes the knowledge, intellect, experience, and skills of these professionals for the educational and intellectual development of the community and more so for the weaker sections of the Society. AMP strives to create an environment to ensure our youngsters have an equal stake in the development of our community, society & our country.

School Development Program (SDP) is one of AMP's main Flagship Projects which has been the most impactful as well. There are 3 different activities in the SDP as follows;

  1. Skills Development Lectures also known as SDLs. The basic idea of SDLs is to try and do wholesome guidance of students/ prospects towards Career Planning and Self-Development. But there is also an additional benefit, wherein it not only aids the students but also helps the speaker to continuously evolve and develop himself/herself.
  2. Teacher Training Workshops or TTWs are aimed at continuously upgrading the knowledge and skills of the most important resource of each school. Through continuous workshops and programs, we aim to keep them at par with the latest teaching skill and techniques.
  3. Parenting Workshops or PWs are aimed at keeping the Students’ parents updated on the latest developments in the teaching process so they are able to support their children in a better way. These are done through interactive programs so that it is easy to understand the various developments.

SDL Annual Modules:

Currently, SDLs works on 3 basic modules

  1. Career Planning
  2. Personality Development
  3. Value Education

Each module has 8 lectures whereas one lecture is conducted every month in a given school. These modules are continuously enhanced and made relevant to the requirement of the students/ institutions. So we have a student developing a well-rounded personality.

SDL Important Topics:

Apart from the above 3 modules we also conduct lectures on another 25 important topics which benefit Students, Teachers, and Parents.

SDL Annual Campaigns:

Apart from these monthly lectures, we also run 3 National Campaigns every year where we conduct special lectures in schools across India. These campaigns run on

  • 26th January, Republic Day
  • 15th August, Independence Day
  • 11th November, Education Day


SDP Way Forward:

Having its reach across India with more than 100 Chapters and thousands of active members enables AMP to reach even the remotest corners of this vast country.

With the strong volunteer base, we target to achieve more than 800 SDLs every month in 900 different Schools by the end of the academic year 2021 - 2022.

Join AMP SDP Team:

AMP looks forward to Samaritans such as your good self to support us and make this endeavor a great success. We look forward to long-term partnerships or support and welcome you to serve mankind through us. To know more about how you can contribute to this project, you are requested to kindly read the Job Descriptions of Speaker, Coordinator, and Content Writer below.


Miss. Aamna Shaikh | +91 8291101317| ampoffice.sdl@gmail.com


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Join as a Speaker: http://ampindia.org/SDL_Registration_Form

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