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SDL Annual Plan

AMP announces SDL Plan for Academic Year 2020 – 2021


AMP has been working strenuously in the fields of Education and Employment for almost a decade. We have always looked at trying to give back to society by training the youth to make them promising leaders of tomorrow.


We start training the students at school level which is the prime time for them to understand the various ways to lead life and make great careers ahead in life. We try using the knowledge, intellect, experience and skills of professionals for the educational and intellectual development of the community more so the weaker sections and strives to create an environment to ensure our youngster have equal stake in the development of our community, the society & our country.


Skills Development Lectures also known as SDL is one of AMP's Flagship Projects.  The idea is to try and do wholesome guidance of students/ prospects towards Career Planning and Self-Development. However, there is also an additional benefit, wherein it not only aids the students but also helps the speaker/volunteer to continuously evolve and develop himself/herself.


AMP is delighted to announce the SDL Plan for the Academic year 2020 – 2021. We look at covering more than 500 lectures in schools across the country. We are planning to conduct monthly lectures at all these Schools. Your help and support would be needed for us to achieve the said targets. Every individual’s contribution is very important to reach students in the remotest areas.


Volunteer Appeal

You can choose a school or we can allocate a school closest to your area. We require you to invest just 2 hours on a monthly basis wherein you need to deliver lecture in the designated school. All the material to conduct these lectures will be provided by us.


Register Here: http://www.ampindia.org/SDL_Registration_Form


SDL Plan for Academic Year 2020 - 2021

  • Currently we have 3 modules for SDLs. We plan to keep adding more modules in future Insha Allah
    1. Module 1: Career Guidance
    2. Module 2: Personality Development
    3. Module 3: Hybrid


  • Apart from regular SDLs, we will also try to cover following in the same School. These lectures may or may not be conducted by the same speakers
    1. Three National Campaigns
    2. Teacher’s Training Workshop
    3. Parents Training Workshop


  • We are also planning to arrange Parents and Teachers Workshop at least twice in the year.


  • We have started uploading the Presentation and Handouts to conduct these lectures on AMP Website under ‘Projects -> Skill Development Lectures -> SDL Resource Centre’ section that can be accessed from the following link. These presentations will be available on this page shortly and it will be regularly updated.


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