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AMP-NGO Connect
An AMP initiative to connect NGOs all over India!

Single drops of Water together make an Ocean’ – While a drop of water by itself is unable to achieve a lot, the Power of an Ocean can move ‘Continents’.


AMP-NGO Connect is an initiative which aims to harness the power of Individual NGOs into a Collaborative Movement of Change. This Movement, given the force of ‘Collectiveness’ behind it, will be able to inshaAllah move the Mountains of Ignorance, Poverty and Indifference.

The 3rd edition of the prestigious National Awards Social Excellence 2023 results are announced. 

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We propose NGO’s to connect with Association of Muslim Professionals-AMP (www.ampindia.org) for the following;

  • Developing a Network and Alliance of NGOs working for various aspects of Minorities & Community Development.
  • Sharing useful Information and creating Awareness on minorities related issues, govt. schemes and their success stories all over the Country.
  • Arriving at Consensus on all Minorities related issues & Community Development.
  • Seek and extend cooperation to other NGOs in Negotiation and Implementation of Govt. schemes relevant for the development of Community and Minorities.
  • Facilitating inter-organization Co-operation and Co-ordination for implementation of AMP Projects & Activities.
  • Nominating their 2 most important individuals for the purpose of Networking and Connecting with all the NGO members in this platform.


  1. Capacity Building of Member Organizations.
  2. Execution of AMP Projects in partnership with Member Organizations in your respective Geographies. (Refer Detailed Sheet for AMP Projects)
  3. Replication of work of successful Member Organizations at local level.
  4. Planning for future with set goals and plans.

AMP will organize complete online training, mentoring and guidance so that you or your team members will be completely hands-on with the above mentioned objectives.

If the above proposal strikes a Chord and you would like to Connect and Achieve what you couldn’t alone, then we Invite you to click on the link below and fill in the details and we will get in touch with you soon.

For more details and registration - www.tinyurl.com/AMPNGOConnect

"Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves." - {Quran 13:11}



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