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India Zakat.com – A Platform to liberate Indian Muslims from Poverty!
We all are familiar with the pathetic socio-economic conditions of Muslims in India. The following are a few pointers which describes our pitiable condition;
  • Economy of Muslims have been declining 36% (1981-91), 29% (1991-2001), 24% (2001-2015) as GDP
  • The literacy rate of Muslims is 59% compared to national average of 65.1%. Only 4% in higher education against a 7% of the average of our country.
  • The percentage of Muslims in Civil Services (IAS / IPS / Judiciary) is approximately 3%, which is quite low as compared to other communities.  
  • One fourth of India’s beggars are Muslims and out of these there are more women than men (census 2011) 
  • In urban areas 3 out of 10 Muslims are below poverty line. (National Council for Applied Economic Research)
  • About 40% of large villages with a substantial Muslim concentration do not have any medical facilities.
We as a Community have to work on these parameters so that each of us and our future generations have a dignified and respected life. As the Almighty Allah mentions in the Holy Qur’an that ‘He doesn’t change the state of a Community, until they want to change it themselves’. And for Allah’s help to come, we have to take the 1st step towards our positive change. We were surprised with the following findings of the National AMP Zakat Survey which was conducted by AMP in 2019;
  • 30% of Zakat eligible Indian Muslims have no knowledge of Zakat
  • 60% Donate to the same person/individual every year
  • 40% Who pay zakat do not correctly calculate
  • 94% Donors opined need for collective Zakat Management System
IndiaZakat.com is a small positive step forward today by Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), which in times to come, with the active support of the Community has the potential to change the ‘Future’ of our Ummah, inshaAllah! It is a ‘Crowd-Funding’ platform, which in simple terms connects the Donor and Recipient so that the ‘Need’ of both is fulfilled as required by the ‘Shariah’. IndiaZakat.com will be powered by an Advisory Board of National & International Ulemas and a Zakat Council, a team of highly qualified and senior professionals, with the Upliftment of the Community at the core of their heart.
IndiaZakat.com will bring technology at the finger-tips of a Donor so he/she can pay their Zakat from the comfortable confines of their home assured that it will be used for the needs of a Beneficiary from their own ‘Geographical’ location as deemed by Zakat Principles.  The Beneficiary, also on the other hand, doesn’t have to face the humiliation of approaching a Donor and can just put up his needs on the portal. The wonderful ‘Technology’ will map the ‘Requirement’ of both the donor and the beneficiary and will connect them. There will be due verification in place when the ‘Beneficiary’ puts up his requirement thanks of AIF’s excellent network in 100 cities of India and which is growing by the day. The following is the Mission, Vision & Objectives of IndiaZakat.com;
Mission: Transform lives of underprivileged Muslims by making a ‘Zakat Taker’ into a ‘Zakat Giver’
Vision: Make IndiaZakat.com a national organisation with International presence.
Objective: Impact the lives of 10 million underprivileged Muslims in the next 10 years thru;
a) Access to quality Higher Education for meritorious students
b) Access to Basic Education for Orphans
c) Access to quality Health Facilities for those suffering from Life-threatening illness/disease 
d) Economic Empowerment thru Self-Employment Assistance and Microfinance models
The Donors will receive monthly/quarterly updates/newsletters which will communicate the impact made in the beneficiaries’ lives, which will be tracked by our large network of volunteers across the Country.
We invite you to be a part of another revolution from the stable of AMP and join hands to make the difference in the lives of the 5 crore Indian Muslims who are below the Poverty Line (BPL) today!
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