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FAQ about AMP Chapters

What is the structure of AMP?

AMP was established as a national organization in 2008. There are more than 100 Active Chapters with more than 5000 active volunteers and more than 1,25,000 online connected members all over India.

We are a Section 8 Company (Non-Profit) registered under Companies Act 2013, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

How do you begin a chapter?

We encourage you to begin a chapter with like-interested people if there is no chapter in your geographic area, whatever that is. The first step is to hold at least one public program. The next step is to apply to AMP Governing Council for status as local chapter (LC). You can expect considerable help from your region and often from neighbouring chapters.

Who gives a chapter status?

AMP Groups are granted chapter status by the AMP Governing Council.

Chapter status is usually granted after the group

  • Has sent membership dues for ten or more people to the national treasurer of AMP
  • Who has met regularly for six months and conducted at least 3 Skill Development Lectures in its region.
  • Has an internal structure
  • Has communicated regularly with their region
  • Has adhered to the general policies in the bylaws of AMP.
  • Has agreed to participate regularly in and contribute to regional and national bodies both financially as well as intellectually.

When your group has achieved chapter status, active members from the chapter may vote at national elections. The number of votes a chapter has depends on the number of active members in that chapter who have paid the national dues. See the current national Bylaws for the proportioning of votes.

Are there guidelines for programs?

Each chapter has its own character, depending on the interests of the members. Programs may be on the theme of education, the culture, current political or economic situation, or whatever your group is interested in. Many resources are available through the AMP official website. Each Chapter will have to execute the AMP Flagship Programs before starting anything new.

What is an AMP Chapter and a Zone?

A zone is a group of AMP members to further the mission and objectives of the association in their local area. Typically a zone represents a town in any given District. A Chapter is a collection of zones e.g. Mumbai Chapter is a collection of all the zones in Mumbai.

What are the purpose of the zone and the chapter?

·    To further the cause of AMP to eradicate educational backwardness, alleviate poverty, spread opportunities for education, help people to earn a livelihood with respect, spread knowledge & good works.

·         To better organize the association.

·         To divide and distribute the tasks and processes between the head office, chapters and the zones.

·         To better organize welfare work at the grass roots level.

Who can establish a chapter or a zone?

Any 10 or more members of AMP can join to establish a zone or a new chapter if there is none in the city.

What type of activities can be done by the chapter?

·         AMP Flagship Programs

·         Events on educational awareness.

·         Evens to raise awareness on issues related to poverty.

·         Fundraising.

·         Events to invite people to volunteer.

·         Refer needy people in their area for help.

In what cities in India does AMP work?

AMP has its Head Office and Primary operations in Mumbai, India. It also has chapters mainly in all big States across the country which primarily includes Maharashtra Chapter, Delhi Chapter, Karnataka Chapter, Andhra Pradesh Chapter, Tamil Nadu Chapter, Gujarat Chapter and Uttar Pradesh Chapter etc. However, we do respond to cases needing our humanitarian assistance and educational/professional expertise anywhere in India. For details please check AMP Chapter Detail Page.

What type of help will be provided by the AMP Head office?

·         Provide guidance on establishing and running of the Chapter

·         Provide support on executing AMP Flagship Programs

·         Guidance on welfare work

·         Support cases referred to by chapter

·         Help in networking and connecting members with each other.

Can a member join more than one chapter?

A member can join more than one chapter but only one of them can be his or her primary chapter.

What is the annual membership fee of an AMP Chapter?

There is no fee for setting up AMP Chapter.

What is the process of registering a chapter?

Fill the chapter petition with at least 10 members with one of them as the chapter head and one as secretary.

·         Send the application to info@ampindia.org

·         Arrange a Chapter kickoff meeting

·         A presentation will be made explaining the purpose and objectives of the chapter.


For more information on current activities of AMP, or if there are any issues that you need to be clarified, do not hesitate to contact us on info@ampindia.org. Or call us on the below number.

Miss. Misbah Khan | +91 7303116060 | info@ampindia.org


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