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Career Guidance Seminars

AMP Career Guidance Seminars - Sitaron Se Aage Jahan Aur Bhi Hain…

AMP endeavours to be a tower of Strength to help and guide people from the darkness of ignorance towards the brightness of Knowledge, for it is awareness which enlightens lives.

AMP has been working continuously to serve as a helping hand in the Education field to make a change in the society. Choosing a suitable career option influences a student’s course of life. Taking informed decisions at the right time can bring in wonderful opportunities as opposed to wrong ones, which could ruin a student’s future, as these decisions are often irreversible. Hence since its inception, AMP has undertaken the initiative for organizing Career Guidance Seminars (CGS) across the country.

We have been conducting Career Guidance Lectures in 100+ Cities across the country every year (Before Lockdown). During Lockdown we have been doing online series with which several thousand students and parents have been benefitted. These seminars are especially designed for 10th to 12th Students & their Parents for helping them to choose the correct pathway for the future.

We would now like to expand our horizon by organizing these Seminars at District Places, Talukas and Qasbas to cover the rural part of India as they are the most needy people and have no access to these types of Programs and Opportunities.


  1. Career Guidance Seminars (CGS) and Workshops are common in bigger cities. But at the District places and rural areas, there is no such facility or opportunity available. We would be organizing the AMP Career Guidance Seminars in maximum Districts of India, especially in Rural areas with higher Muslim population inshaAllah, with help of our State Teams, Chapter Teams, our Volunteers and our Local Partners.
  2. These seminars will be FREE for all Students & Parents wherein AMP will be utilising its expertise developed over the years.  Through our network of 200+ Chapters and strong team of Volunteers, we would be connecting with the local Schools/Jr. Colleges/Partner NGOs to organise these Seminars.
  3. The local Chapter will identify a suitable venue (preferably free of cost) - any School or College, along with the NGO Partner. Simultaneously, Trainers/Career Guidance Experts will be scouted for conducting these Seminars from the same district/city. If Speakers/Experts are not available locally, AMP Central Team will organise from closest area and send them to the location.
  4. Once the venue, the date/s of the Seminar/s and speakers are finalised, the promotion of the CGS through social media, AMP WhatsApp groups and local Masajids will be done. The programme flow will be finalised by the AMP Central Team.

With this initiative in sha Allah, we will be able to help a large number of Students of Muslim Community. We are looking out for Partners and Expert trainers to join us in this initiative and earn immense Khair. Please click on the link below and help us with a few details;

If you are interested in doing these Career Guidance Seminars in your location, please feel free to contact Asiya Imam at 8291101315 or email us at ampoffice.nts@gmail.com



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