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Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is a platform for all Muslim Professionals and willing volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of the Society at large.

AMP has been working for more than a Decade now, in the domains of Education, Employment Assistance & Economic Empowerment for the underprivileged sections. AMP provides many opportunities that assist needy Students & young Professionals in completing Higher Education and becoming Professional Leaders of tomorrow. AMP is spread across 140+ Chapters in India and 20+ countries. More Details are available at www.ampindia.org.

In order to increase the Reach and Impact of our programs, AMP has started an AMP Campus Connect initiative under which it will be appointing 'Campus Ambassadors' across Colleges and Institutes of Higher Education in India.


AMP Campus Connect Initiative:

Campus Connect initiative is basically designed to take the various programmes & activities of AMP across to all students of Higher Education and help them in their Education & Career Goals. This initiative will be open to students from all Institutes and Universities across India.

Those students who enrol in this initiative, will be ‘AMP Campus Ambassadors’ and they will represent Brand AMP in their respective institutions and will responsible for establishing the AMP Campus Unit.


AMP Campus Ambassador:

Every student joining the Campus Connect initiative will be the AMP Campus Ambassador.


Position Brief:

This is a voluntary position, which aims to recognize exceptional students in the Colleges/Institutions across India, who are Leaders and who can create ‘Positive Change’ in their own Institutions and those around in their Cities/Districts. The primary responsibility of Campus Ambassador is to disseminate information and implement the following AMP initiatives for Higher Education, increase Leadership and Professional skills in their fellow students and contribute to their better future thru;

  • Employability Training Programs
  • Campus Placement Programs
  • Skill Training Programs (Job Oriented Training)
  • Career Guidance Programs
  • Professional Training Programs
  • Mentorship (Through TheIndiaMentors.com)
  • Scholarship Guidance & Assistance
  • Financial Assistance for needy students in Higher Education (Through IndiaZakat.com)
  • Internship Programs (Through Ampowerjobs.com)
  • And others…



As a Campus Ambassador, you will have the chance to;

  1. Become a part of AMP Global Family.
  2. Acquire a Leadership role and learn to become an effective Leader.
  3. You will get to interact with some of the leading Industry Professionals and Change Makers at AMP.
  4. Attend free Personal Development programs organized by AMP for helping you to grow in your Academic and future Professional career.
  5. You will be given priority for AMP Projects like IndiaZakat.com or TheIndiaMentors.com and AMPowerJobs.com.
  6. Give you exposure to work in industry recognized as 'Social Development Sector' and will earn you extra points in your Academic achievements.
  7. Represent your Institute/District at AMP’s Chapter/National level Events.
  8. Develop the Skills, Knowledge and Attitude to take bigger Leadership roles.
  9. Get recognition on AMP platforms Globally.
  10. Be rewarded with AMP Appreciation Certificate at the end of the Academic year.



As a Campus Ambassador;

  • You shall be the link between AMP and your College/Institution and shall execute the above mentioned AMP Projects for the benefit of fellow students in your Campus.
  • You will serve as the campus voice of AMP and shall give presentation and speeches at the campus about AMP’s Projects and Activities, whenever required.
  • Actively engage the students from your Campus for AMP initiatives in Higher Education & Professional Training.
  • You will suggest new Campus Initiatives like AMP Talent Club, which can conduct various activities/competitions like Debating, Elocution, Poem writing & reading etc.
  • You will also promote and execute AMP’s other projects like Employment Assistance Cell (EAC), School Development Programmes (SDPs), AMP Zakat Fund (AZF), Scholarship Guidance Centers (SGCs) and any other activities launched by AMP from time to time in your City/District.


Communications Duties:

  • Maintain active communication among the students and other youth organizations at campus level.
  • Communicate AMP’s achievements, success stories and projects related news in Social Media.


Activities to be organised:

  • Arrange Employability Training Programs (ETPs) in your Campus for final year Graduation students
  • Help in organizing Job Fairs or Job Drives in your city.
  • Promote and enrol students for Skill Development Trainings organized by AMP.
  • Spreading Scholarship Awareness within Campus and outside.
  • Enrol students for various Internship Programs conducted by AMP.
  • Organise volunteers for various AMP projects like Indiazakat.com (IZC), TheIndiaMentors.com (TIM), AMPowerJobs.com (AJC) etc.
  • Contact students from AMP’s student database and make them join your team.


Team Leadership/AMP Hierarchy:

AMP functions as a well-oiled machine with its network working seamlessly across the Country. The following is how the Leadership Team structure is at AMP;

  • AMP Core Team – This consists of the President of AMP, Mr. Aamir Edresy, the General Secretary, the Finance Secretary, Project Heads and a few founder members. The Core Team is the apex body which decides on the policy matters at AMP and its implementation across the Country.
  • National Co-ordination Team (NCT) – This consists of Head-NCT, 6 Zonal Heads and 4 ordinary members who manage the State Teams and co-ordinate the implementation of AMP projects & activities and its growth across the States.
  • State Units – This consists of State Heads, State Secretaries, City Chapter Coordinators and Chapter Executive Body Members (CEB) who implement AMP projects & activities across the Cities/Districts in each State.

Campus Ambassadors would be directly coordinating/reporting to the City/District Leaders and ensure proper flow of Communication. The Chapter Coordinators would advise you & guide you time to time on implementation of the Activities and any new initiatives that you would like to make in the Campus. You may also be advised to form the Campus/Chapter Committee at an opportune time.



  • Be the Student of any College/Institution/University in India
  • Highly interested in solving fellow students’ issues and their growth.


Application Process:

Interested Students can register themselves at https://forms.gle/6g5upwcHEJ3WeiA77

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of people until they change what is within themselves.” Qur’an [13:11]

For any queries, please write a mail on info@ampindia.org


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