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About Zakat

Narrated Jarir bin `Abdullah:

I gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet (PBUH) for offering prayer perfectly, giving Zakat, and giving good advice to every Muslim.

- Sahih Al Bukhari


About Zakat:

Zakat is as basic to Islam as other forms of 'Ibadah: Salah (prayer) and Sawm (fasting). Its fundamental importance lies in the fact that it fosters in us the quality of sacrifice and rids us of selfishness. 

Muslim society has much to gain from the institution of Zakat. It is the bounden duty of every well-to-do Muslim to help his lowly-placed, poor brethren. His wealth is not to be spent solely for his own comfort and luxury - there are rightful claimants on his wealth, and they are the nation's widows and orphans, the poor and the invalid; those who have the ability but lack the means to get useful employment and those who have the talent but not the money to acquire knowledge and become useful members of the community.

(Source: http://en.islamway.net & Fundamentals of Islam by Al-Mawdudi)

Zakat in Arabic means growth, blessing and purification. -  Lisaan al-‘Arab, 14/358;, 2/399. Zakat means worshipping Allaah by giving that which He has enjoined of different kinds of zakat to those who are entitled to them, according to the guidelines prescribed in sharee’ah.

(Source: https://islamqa.info/en)

Who is eligible for Zakat?

Zakat expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the [stranded] traveler - an obligation [imposed] by Allah . And Allah is Knowing and Wise.
- Quran (Surah At-Tawbah:Verse 60)

Do you want to calculate your Zakat?

AMP presents the Zakat Calculator - an easy approach to calculating your Zakat.

Just enter the sum & get the zakat amount calculated in an instant. Download it today! Click here.


Some Articles on Zakat

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Guidelines For Businessmen:

Pitfalls Of Indian Zakat System:

AMP Zakat Fund (AZF):
Since its inception, AMP has been striving to positively transform the lives of our people - socially, economically & educationally. With the noble intention of helping our needy Muslim brethren, AMP started a ‘Zakat Fund’ a few years ago. The main of the AZF is to empower the needy & underprivileged Muslims & transform the Zakat Taker of today into the Zakat Giver of tomorrow, InShaAllah.

To know more about the AMP Zakat Fund, click here

To watch the AMP Zakat Fund video, click here.


All articles are written by Mr. Riyazuddin Kazi.
Dy. General Manager - Finance ( Mumbai Refinery )
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