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AMP Zakat Fund Report 2018

AMP Zakat Fund Report 2018

581 Deserving & Underprivileged Lives touched by AMP Zakat Fund


Zakat, with its innumerable aspects, is a bond between members of society, one wherein collective harmony is dependent on individual harmony. For zakat clearly creates a virtuous setting that eliminates various social problems by establishing a harmonious atmosphere for both the rich and the poor. In a nutshell, zakat foresees, reduces, or eliminates social conflicts, strengthens the growth of the middle class, and removes all of the greatest social diseases pertaining to financial issues, especially interest and money-hoarding.

A centrally organized Zakat Management System can play a big role in such scenario, where the disparity of wealth between poor and affluent class is at its peak.  Zakat is a tool, which gives the Government in Muslim Countries an authority to take the money from the rich and spend it on the welfare of the poor. In the Indian context, where there is no government authority to collect and distribute Zakat, the responsibility of collecting and distributing it, becomes responsibility of accountable Muslim Organizations. 

AMP Zakat Fund (AZF), was started six years ago with a focus of utilizing it for Education and Self-employment of underprivileged Muslims. Alhamdulillah! It has grown multi-fold from a collection of merely Rs. 2 lakhs in 2013 to more than Rs. 69,62,803 from 820 Donors in the year 2018. One of the main objective of AMP Zakat Fund is to help make the Zakat Seekers of today become the Zakat Givers of tomorrow.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that AMP has completed the distribution of its Zakat Fund collected for the year 2018.  


AMP Zakat Fund Report - 2018

Type of Assistance

No. of Beneficiaries

Amount (Rs.)

Higher Education Scholarship



Self Employment Support



Orphans Basic Education



Specific Donation












* The total amount includes collection till 31st March 2019

* The balance amount every year gets carried forward to next year balance


Through Higher Education Scholarship project, AMP supported 167 financially needy students pursuing professional courses. These Scholarships which ranged from Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 50,000 were distributed to most deserving and meritorious students selected from 3000 applications received across India.

We provided the financial support for the Basic Education of 324 needy Orphan children through AMP’s vast network of schools so that these children are not deprived of even the basic education for want of a guardian.

The Self-Employment Assistance of largely Rs. 25000 each was provided to 89 young, talented but unemployed youth within the community to start a small business with the objective of promoting Self-Employment. This assistance was provided across India, mainly focussing on Rural areas.


AMP Zakat Fund now aims to undergo transformation to the next level for a pan-India appeal and reaching out to more needy Muslims. This will ensure that the Fund will spread its reach to every city, town and village in India and will touch more lives in the years to come inshaAllah!

For more details of the AMP Zakat Fund, please click on the link below;


AMP Zakat Fund Volunteer:
The social empowerment of Indian Muslims cannot happen without progress in Education and Financial inclusion of the poor Muslim households. If you wish to register as an AMP Zakat Fund Volunteer and earn Jaza-e-Khair in this World and Aakhirah, then please click on the link below;



1. Our Zakat Collection and Distribution are completely transparent and if you wish to find out the exact amounts collected and distributed, you can visit our website www.ampindia.org.

2. To know more you may even visit our office and check our records, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the information.

3. Do write in with your Opinions and Suggestions on how we can improve our efforts and make this experience of Zakat Collection & Distribution better for all the concerned Stakeholders.


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Bank Account Details:
Account Name: AMP ZAKAT
Account No.: 102601000913
Bank: ICICI Bank

Branch: Khar (W), Mumbai

MICR Code: 400229095

IFSC Code: ICIC0001026

Cheque can be sent on the following Address:

Association of Muslim Professionals,
68/69 Umar Manzil,
5th Road, Khar (W),
Mumbai - Pin Code - 400052

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