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AMP Telangana Team

To strengthen our growth and expansion, we are making our Chapters more ‘Process-Oriented' and streamlined. We are committed to transforming our Members & Volunteers into Leaders, who will play important roles Nationally in the coming days. 

The Chapter Executive Team (CET) is the highest decision making body at Chapter Level which will strive for the fulfilment of AMP Mission and VisionCET will be reporting directly to the State Executive Team (SET) for any coordination required at Chapter Level.  


The major responsibilities of CET include but are not limited to;

  1. Taking Initiatives in Core areas of AMP Operations
  2. Imbibing AMP Processes & Procedures
  3. Inspiring Members & Collaborative Decision Making
  4. Chapter Management and Membership
  5. Data Management
  6. Policy Implementation
  7. Official Representation


State Executive Team - Telangana
Sr. No. Name Designation Location Phone Number Email ID
1 Ms. Tasneem Khan EAC/ETP Coordinator   7702286873 amp.tasneemkhan@gmail.com
2 Mr. Syed Mohammed Amer IndiaZakat.com / AZF Coordinator Hyderabad 9989263786 smamer73@gmail.com
3 Mr. Majid Khan SDP Coordinator Hyderabad 8008227262 majiddba@gmail.com
4 Dr. S M Quadri NGO Connect Coordinator Hyderabad 9632079982 qasym.hussaini@gmail.com
5 Mr. Mohammed Waseem Institute Connect Coordinator   9247391772 contact2waseem@yahoo.com


Chapter Executive Team - Telangana
Chapter Name Designation Mobile No. Email Id
Hyderabad Mr. Syed Mohammed Amer Chapter Head 9989263786 smamer73@gmail.com
  Mr. Mohammed Akbar Ali Chapter Secretary 9391007472 njbakbar@yahoo.com
  Mr. Mohammed Waseem Member 9247391772 contact2waseem@yahoo.com

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