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AMP Patron Members

Mr. Suhail Y Khandwani, Mumbai    
Mr. Suhail Khandwani’s is a name to reckon with in the Indian social circuit. He belongs to the illustrious family of Khandwani’s where mutual trust and faith runs in the blood. Theirs is the saga of an Indian family that introduced Hajj voyages by sea for all, between Mumbai and Jeddah (Khandwani Steam Navigation Company) and took the first car to the desert kingdom. 

Mr. Khandwani wears many faceted hats. He is on the boards as Managing Trustee and General Council Member of many a social and academic institutions one of which is the illustrious Anjuman-I-Islam a group with more than 95 institutions catering to various faculties. 
He holds eminent positions in various known Social and Community including Organizations such Rehbar (of which he is a Managing Trustee), Patron Member of World Memon Organization (a worldwide central organization representing the entire Memon Community), MESCO, etc.
He has actively participated in relief work and various activities promoting inter-religious dialogue to strengthen inter-religious bonds thereby instilling peace and harmony in the society. 

His objective is to create a model community which is socially proactive and contributes wholeheartedly to the progress of the society and growth of the Country.


Mr. Mohammed Farrok Gheewala, Mumbai 
Mr. Mohammed Farrok G. Gheewala was driven strongly by his father’s dream driven by collective efforts to establish an HR Consultancy with cutting edge technology to cater to the Human Resource requirement of organizations globally.

It has been around four decades since his father started implementing his dreams which started in modesty to this day when GHEEWALA is a name to reckon with in the field of international recruitments especially in overseas recruitment in the Gulf sector with optimum utilization of Technology and through his portal www.gheewalajobs.com following the motto ‘Right Candidate, Right Job, Right Time’). He is also an avid businessman with a keen eye for details who can boldly venture into newer territories once he is convinced about the idea and sees value in it. He also heads an International Property Consultancy showcasing top-class credible properties to India.

Mr. Gheewala likes to work for the under-privileged in his own unique manner with a vision and intention to match. He firmly believes in the affirmation ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’.


Mr. Asif Dadarkar, Mumbai
Mr. Asif Dadarkar is the CMD of Sahara Group of Companies. He belongs to a family of sea-farers and is himself a marine engineer as well. Since the time of his taking over the reins of the company he ensured that the business prospered and grew multi-folds due to his hard work and diligence leading his dedicated staff and workers to success. He has taken many a bold decision with time-bound execution and delivery thereby winning him industry praise, appreciation and admiration. 

Mr. Dadarkar is a complete hands-on manager and a leader who leads from the front. Due to this nature he has been instrumental in motivating as well as leading his staff to achieve extra-ordinary results. He has achieved many a milestones and won many accolades in his illustrious career accomplishing various prestigious projects of government, major and minor ports, refineries, rivers and other private ports.

Though Mr. Dadarkars’ mind and guts are instrumental in the success of his business, his heart and passion lie in Community Service. He envisages an ideal Community which is socially dynamic, economically strong and educationally advanced. 


Mr. Tanveer Merchant, Mumbai
Mr. Tanveer Merchant is a dynamic businessman with varied business interests spread across various sectors including the Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality and Finance sectors. Despite being a globe trotter heading a widely spread business realm, he takes active interest in Community Welfare and progress. He is also the secretary of the Indian Chapter of World Memon Muslims Organisation(WMO), a very strong and resourceful central worldwide organization representing the entire Memon community for the promotion, advancement, upliftment, unity, welfare and well-being of all Memons in all aspects of life and at all times in accordance with Islamic principles, promoting the advancement, upliftment and unity. 

Mr. Merchant is not just zealous about his business interests but he is equally passionate about Community Service especially for the upliftment of the under-privileged. He is a man with zeal, passion and clear objectives.

Mr. Merchant is ever ready to stand up to the call of the needy and would work steadfast till he is able to provide a sustainable resolution. He has always been the very first to answer the call for Community support and has always taken an active initiative on that front.



Mr. Arshad Syed, Mumbai
Director – Impresario Handmade Restaurants
AMP Patron Member

Mr. Arshad Syed is an official spokesperson for Impresario & the professional advisor to the Board of Directors. Prior to Impresario, he worked with Gitanjali Group where he picked up skills to manage large companies and coordinate between different departments. He is actively involved in welfare related initiatives and envisions to empower the underprivileged.



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