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AMP National Convention 2024

Professionals & Social Leaders from across the Country attended AMP’s 4th National Convention in Jaipur, Rajasthan!
“AMP is a team of doers, action-oriented professionals & volunteers and not just philosophers.” -
Aamir Edresy, President - AMP


Association of Mumbai Professionals (AMP) held its 4th National Convention 2024 at Jaipur with over 150+ Leaders & Invitees in attendance from all over the Country.


The convention was organised for 2 days, Sat. 24th Feb. & Sun. 25th Feb. 2024, to conduct a review of the Organisations’ achievements during the last few years and to plan the activities and projects for the future. The gathering consisted of AMP’s National Leadership Team, State Heads, Chapter Heads, select invitees and guests.


The proceedings on the 1st day of the Convention started with an inaugural function where the Chief Guest was Janab Mohammed Atique Sahab, Chairperson, Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. During the inaugural address, he appreciated that AMP Leaders from all over the Country took time off to meet and discuss future plans to serve the Community and the Nation. He mentioned that being social leaders, we need to improve the quality of our Institutions and follow proper government norms for better success.


Mr. Aamir Edresy, President-AMP, while addressing the delgates for the Convention said, “The theme of our Convention is Exploring Possibilities, Achieving the Impossible. We have been able to reach 200 cities of India and positively impacted thousands of lives only because we are a team of Doers, action-oriented professionals and not just philosophers. We believe in Partnerships & Collaboration for bringing about the change that we all want to see in the Society. ”


AMP Zonal Head, Mr. Mohammed Ameen, hosted the inaugural session. Mr. Chand Mohammed Sheikh, AMP Rajasthan State Head welcomed the Participants and informed them the journey of the Convention from the time it was handed over to them to organise last year. Mr. Abdul Razak Shaikh, Head - AMP Projects, spoke and presented about previous years’ achievements and goals for the next year.


The 1st day of the Convention saw speakers talk on various subjects impacting AMP and the Community, like ‘How AMP should be consolidated in the coming years’, this session was hosted by Mr. M. Idris Musa, State Secretary, AMP Gujarat. The speakers were Mr. Syed Najibur Rehman, AMP Core Team Member, Mr. Farooq Siddiqui, Head – AMP NGO Connect & Mr. Shahanshah Ansari, AMP Core Team Member & past-President, AMP-USA.


The next session was on ‘Education – The lifeline of Progress, which was hosted by      Mr. Altamash Ansari, AMP Delhi State Head. The speakers on this session were Mr. Uves Sareshwala, the Co-founder and mentor of Parsoli Group of Companies, Prof. Aftab Alam from Delhi University, Ms. Shabnam Aziz, a seasoned social sector professional, Mr. Farooque Sayyed, Editor of Gulbootay monthly magazine, and Mr. Mirza Mobin Beg, AMP NGO Connect Incharge - North Zone.


This was followed by ‘How to achieve Leadership Growth, which was hosted by              Mr. Farooq Siddiqui, Head – AMP NGO Connect. The speaker for this session was Mr. Zameer Hussain, Head – AMP ETP project, who addressed the participants online from UAE.


After this was the session titled, ‘Status of the Ummah in 2047 – Aligning with the Govt.’s goals. This was hosted by Dr. Abdul Ahad, Founder-Director, Whitehall Institute of Nursing & Pharmacy, Lucknow. There was an important panel discussion on ‘Education Roadmap for the Community for the next 25 years’ which was conducted by noted speakers like Mr. Arif Hameed Khan Ghauri, retd. IRS Officer, Dr. Zubair Meenai, Professor in the Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia, and Mr. Syed Mahmood Akhter also a retd. IRS Officer.


As a follow-up to the panel-discussion, Mr. Aamir Edresy spoke on the Strategy, Action Plan & Implementation of the ‘Education Roadmap’ in 100 poorest Districts of India. He also spoke about Resource Mobilisation & establishing an AMP Team, which would implement this 25-Year Plan. He also spoke about connecting with Top 500 - AMP Legends – from 100 cities of India, who will help in contributing resources for this plan insha Allah!


There was a surprise international guest at the Convention, Sheikh E?ref Efendi, Founder & Spiritual Head, Sufi Centre Rabbaniyya Der Wahre Mensch E. V. (NGO), Berlin, Germany. The Sheikh was visiting Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan as part of his India tour and when he got to know that a group of Muslim Professionals were having a convention in Jaipur to deliberate regarding Education and Empowerment, he decided to alter his schedule a bit and visit Jaipur for the same. While addressing the young leaders, he impressed upon the importance of Education for the Community and how it would positively impact it’s development and the Nation’s growth.


Subsequently the participants broke for Dinner, followed by a Mushaira, where the poets extolled the virtues of Humanity, Service to Others, Education & AMP.


The 2nd day of the Convention started with AMP Chapter & Project Teams presenting their previous year’s achievements and goals next year for higher reach and impact on the underprivileged. This session was hosted by Mr. Faisal Siddiqui, Head – AMP Institution Connect Project.


This was followed by an important session on Entrepreneurship Excellence’, which was hosted by Mr. Mohammed Ameen, AMP Zonal Head. In this session, the speakers were a few business leaders like Mr. M. Parvez Alam, Executive Director of Crescent Innovation & Incubation Council (CIIC), Chennai, Dr. Abdul Ahad, Founder-Director, Whitehall Institute of Pharmacy & Nursing, Lucknow and Mr. Adnan Abbasi, a Techno-Optimist Entrepreneur & Founder & CEO of Thothica, an AI Research Lab, building models for humanities, culture, and public policy research. These eminent entrepreneurs spoke on the importance of having a ‘Start-up’ culture within the Community, starting a crowd-funding platform for new ventures, and how AI is transforming the workplace and the Communities.


The other important speakers of this session were Mr. Ghulam Zeeshan, Deputy Director & Head-Corporate Communications, Marketing & Sports, Sahara India Pariwar, who spoke on ‘Branding & Perception Building and how important it is in today’s World’. This was followed by Adv. Saadat Ali, President, Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), who spoke on ‘Legal awareness and strengthening of the Organization’. This detailed and lengthy session was summarised by Mr. Nazir Ahmed, senior AMP Member & entrepreneur from Bangalore.


This was followed by the penultimate session on AMP's Fiscal Foundation, which was also hosted by Mr. Mohammed Ameen.  CA. Akbar Qureshi gave an insightful presentation on ‘Legal Compliances’ and briefed the audience on the good audit & accounting practices followed by AMP. Mr Firdaus Ansari, AMP Navi Mumbai Chapter Head, gave a very important talk and presentation on Establishing AMP Endowment Fund – A permanent legacy for AMP & the Ummah: Why & How’.


The last was the valedictory session, where Mr. Aamir Edresy, President-AMP, summarised the 2-day Convention proceedings. He spoke about the importance of consolidation and organisation building for AMP. He also mentioned that there should be 5000 donors for AMP who should be able to fund the entire year’s operational and admin expenses. He said AMP has good project models, but the team needs to reach out the last mile and positively impact the lowest of the underprivileged.


He further added that connecting ‘New Members’ with AMP should be one of the agenda points for the coming years. He suggested engagement with 1 lakh people and convert them as members/volunteers who would do their bit for the Community and the Nation. He said that there should be defined roles for State Heads & Chapter Heads so that the development goals are easily achievable. He proposed that to facilitate this AMP would try and appoint 10 State Employees this year who would assist the State Head and the Chapter teams in implementing plans and achieving goals.


He said that the following should be the topmost priority for AMP in the coming years;


  1. Setting up Community Libraries in each District & Block.
  2. Establishing Schools & Colleges.
  3. Upgrading existing chain of Instituitons through Teachers Training & Faculty Development.
  4. On-boarding 10,000 interns from institutions connected with AMP to further the Development.
  5. Taleemi Jamaats from 100 Cities which would visit District places to implement the Community Education Roadmap.
  6. Need to use the Ulema database for furthering Education and Empowerment.
  7. Use the NTS Exam Centre network for implementing AMP Projects & Activities.
  8. Chapters to create demand for activities like ETPs, Job Fairs, Job Drives etc. rather than Project Teams thrusting upon them.
  9. All Chapter & Project team members should be available 24x7 for implementing the AMP national agenda by following the example of the top 50 national Core Team members.
  10. Creation of AMP Endowment fund, like Hazrat Usman bin Affan (Rad. Anhu) so that AMP can empower lives for generations to come.
  11. Have to create an AMP movement, where every educated person should connect with AMP and contribute for societal development.


The last session ended on a very positive & cheerful note when the award winners of Chapter, State, Project and AMP Office teams were announced. Each award winner was cheered by the delegates for their accomplishments. The convention ended by making a pledge to take the wonderful work done by AMP in the Community and the Society further, helping in Nation Building & Development.


The Rajasthan State Head, Mr. Chand Mohammed Sheikh, Jaipur Chapter Head, Mr. Maqbool Naqvi and their team of young professionals like Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed, Adv. Sarwar Alam, Mr. Ikramuddin Rangrej and others were immensely appreciated for conducting the Convention in a very professional manner. AMP Zonal Head, Mr. Mohammed Ameen, who hosted the inaugural and other sessions, thanked Rajasthan team for their immense dedication in making the 2-day AMP National Convention a big success.




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