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AMP will be the torchbearer of change and upliftment of the Muslim Community-Moulana Mehmood Madni

AMP Convention attended by 270 Delegates from India and Abroad


Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) concluded its 2-day National Convention in Mumbai celebrating its 10th year of formation, with more than 270 delegates in attendance from India and abroad. The two-day program began on Saturday 23rd and continued till Sunday 24th of December 2017, during which the Role of Professionals in Nation Building, Economic Development and Community Collaborations were brainstormed and discussed at length.


Session 1 : Introduction & Inauguration

The Convention was organized at Alma Latifi Hall, Saboo Siddik Engineering College, Byculla, Mumbai. The 1st Day of the Convention saw some very important Guests and Speakers attending. The inaugural programme started with Tilawat e Qur’an, followed by a brief introduction on AMP by Mr. Syed Najeeb ur Rehman, Member, Governing Council and Gen. Secretary. Mr. Razak Shaikh, Head-Employment Cell, AMP, took everybody through the Journey of AMP in the last five years. He spoke of how AMP has come a long way from its very first Job Fair organised in P. T. Mane Garden at Nagpada, Mumbai to organising career events with Police Departments of Thane & Aurangabad cities. He also discussed the role and success of the Skill Development Lectures (SDL Project).

Mr. Sayeed Khan, Guest Speaker and Founder of RightWay Foundation, spoke about community welfare and development through education and employment and how AMP is impacting the society. He spoke about his experience with AMP as a close Observer.

Mr. Aamir Edresy, President-AMP, briefly discussed the Convention Agenda and need of inviting Leaders from across India. He mentioned that AMP is unique platform for not only the community but the entire country and that the agenda of Convention was to understand AMP’s Ideology, Vision, Achievements and future Plans. He further mentioned that the need of the hour was to Network and Collaborate with others and bridge the gap created due to socio-political reasons.

Mr. Ameer Ahamed, CMD, Manappat Group who flew down from Middle East who was the Chief Guest and inaugurated the event said, “We must be open to criticism, especially self-criticism, which is most important for individual growth. A community should not get bogged down by who is in the Government but should try and focus to avail of the various schemes introduced for its benefit and upliftment”. This was followed by a brief speech on AMP and Community Development by Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Ansari, Founder-President of All India Muslim OBC Organisation and a great supporter of AMP who has devoted his life for social cause and community upliftment. This was followed by felicitations of the Guests on stage and vote of thanks by Mr. Shahanshah Ansari, Head – General Administration, AMP.

The last of the morning sessions was by Mr. Hafeez Iqbal, Management Consultant and Trainer, on Leadership. He mentioned about 4 Major traits of a true leader- Vision, Passion, Creating Trust and Humility. There after it was time for the Zuhar namaz and Lunch break.


Session 2 : Good to Great - How to build great Organizations?

The post lunch session was on ‘Good to Great – How to build Great Organisations’ by Mirza Yawar Baig, International Speaker, Life Coach, Trainer and Motivational Speaker. He emphasised that “What makes an organization great is its positive impact on society. Criteria for deciding the positive impact needs to be clear and precise like measuring achievements and its effectiveness”. Great is effective/influential organization.

He said the Four key processes of a Great Organisation were;

  • Recruitment
  • Promotion
  • Training
  • Compensation

He also said that the Fatal Trap of any Organisation were lack of transparency, lack of freedom to be critical and compromising Quality in the name of kindness.


Session 3: Bridging the Gap - Breaking the Barriers (Panel Discussion)

Bridging the Gap – Income inequality, religious differences hampering National unity and gender inequality are some of the key challenges which leaders of today will have to work tirelessly for India to be become a superpower by 2030.

The speakers were Mr. Gulam Zia - Executive Director, Knight Frank, who mentioned that “As a community we lack Confidence but would like to work for Upliftment, we need to be self-critical and inward looking and achieve merit in Education and Employability”. Mr. Arun Khobragade, Chairman, Babasaheb Ambedkar Social Innovation Council (BASIC) said “As an Organisation, we should aim to connect the disconnected masses and bring advantage for the one who are in disadvantageous situation”. He also emphasized on promoting diversity within the Organization.


Session 4: Community Development 2.0

What will Muslim Community of India look like in 2030 and how does the community take leaps to become the most dynamic and successful communities in India.

The speakers were, Miss. Naheed Ghazi - Independent Corporate Finance Advisor, who spoke about “Channelizing our energy correctly and designing correct policies for the Community. She also mentioned about mentoring and networking being important aspects in the upliftment of the Community”.      

Mr. Osama Manzar, Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation, said “we need to experiment in life and trust everyone till proven wrong. We should have an attitude of giving and not taking from the society and being an information society and need to connect with the unconnected at rural level”.

Mr. Abdullah Hasan Thakur - CEO, Dhow Capital Kuwait and Angel Investor, said “We as a community need to focus on tangible problems rather than imagined ones. Our youths have degrees but no jobs, so we need to do skill development in rural areas and we also need Funding for creating MSMEs”.

Dr. Zahir Kazi, President - Anjuman-i-Islam, while addressing the delegates congratulated AMP on completion of its 10 years of successful journey. He emphasized on the need of bringing excellence in the education system and increasing skill development.

Post Session 4, there was a small break, wherein AMP National Award for Excellence in Education were bestowed upon and presented to several ‘Teachers & Academicians’, who were nominated by Chapter Leaders from across the country for their outstanding contribution in the field of Education.


Session 5: Technology for Social Change and Empowerment

We all know that technology is changing the world from artificial intelligence to big data to the ubiquity of smart phones, but many of us working to change society are just starting to understand how to harness tech forces for good.

Mr. Sam Pitroda, the renowned technocrat, addressed the audience from Chicago (USA) via video conferencing, spoke on ‘Technology for Social Change and Empowerment’. He spoke about How Gandhian Philosophy of Love, Truth and Non-Violence can lead India in future and how youth and educated professionals can play their role in the development of the nation. He spoke about the dire need of the organization like AMP to take up bigger roles in the field of Policy Making and Governance.


Session 6: Special Address

In the last speech of the day, Maulana Mahmood Madni, ex-Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Gen. Sec. of Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind spoke on length about ‘Professionals taking charge for bringing about the required change and Upliftment of the Community’. He mentioned that every Society has issues, Muslims are not the only one with issues. We should not push our problems on others rather take accountability for it. Our biggest problems are with respect to education and our own attitude in general. He was very impressed by the AMP activities and told that AMP is the organization of future and it is organizations like AMP will lead Indian Muslims in near future. He also told that he and his organization will try to work very closely with AMP.

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The 2nd Day of the convention witnessed a mix of various Panel Discussions on important topics as well as developmental and motivational programs for AMP cadres.


Session 1: Brainstorming Workshop - Community Partnerships and Collaboration

During this Session, representatives of various AMP State Units presented their Annual Reports with the details about various activities and projects organized during the year in their state. Each Chapter presented their achievements and plans for the forthcoming year.


Session 2: Panel Discussion on Role of Professionals in Nation Building

Mr. Yusuf Nalwala, Vice Chairman-Oman Society of Contractors, while speaking on ‘The role of Professionals in Nation Building’ said that it was important to raise and nurture the family, the backbone of every society, in a good manner so that children who become Professionals imbibe good values and give back to the community and society similarly. The other speakers in this session included                     Mr. Sameer Chhapra - Managing Director at United Trade and Investments & Managing Director at United Infra Projects said Professionals need to detach themself from their professional life and be part in nation building and ?Mr. Mohammed Azad A K, Senior Director, Mirafra Software Technologies said “There should be a shift from right to education to choose right education”. He mentioned about the Mentorship Pyramid- Mentor 10 students for 3 years and they will mentor others in future.

After this session, there was Felicitation of AMP President & Board Members by the Bangalore Chapter.


Session 3: AMP Chapters and Future Roadmap.

This session had 5 speakers, Mr. Mohd. Shahanshah Ansari, Head of General Administration-AMP, detailed about different types of Membership models at AMP, its benefits and significance. He also emphasized on strategy for membership base expansion and target to introduce 10,000 new members in year 2018. Chapter Management and Chapter Structure at AMP was detailed by Mr. Syed Nashit who explained the process of forming a new chapter and taking it to the heights of a performing chapter.

Mr. Mohammed Azad explained the concept, significance and importance of horizontal & vertical expansion in organizations. Mr. KM Reyazuddin discussed various aspects and avenues and fundraising for non-profits while Mr. Abdullah Ansari spelled out the ins and outs of social media and how non-profits can make best out of social media. 


Session 4: Economic Development Plan for Community

For the past 25 years, Education has been the prime agenda of the Community which has yielded good results, however, we now need to add another Goal-Post. In order to empower the community economically, we need to prepare a Roadmap which will ensure that the Objectives of Economic Developments are met and surpassed.

The afternoon session saw discussions on an important topic ‘Economic Development Plan for the Community’, which was attended by Dr. Amitabh Kundu, Advisor-Sachar Committee, who spoke on ‘Economic Future of Indian Muslims in the perspective of inclusive Development’. Mr. A. K. Tareen, Chairman-AKT Strategic Consulting, spoke about ‘Trade being an opportunity for people to come together and that we need to focus on formal education and women empowerment’. Mr. Dinesh Nandwana, M.D. & C.E.O. –Vakrangee Ltd, by giving example of his own community, showed a path for Muslim economic development. Finally, Mr. Abdulla Hassan Thakur, CEO - Dhow Capital, Kuwait, said that ‘Religious belief should not stop you from working hard and achieving success’.


Session 5: Awards & Felicitations

During this Session, AMP Chapters and AMPians were felicitated and awarded for their individual performances. MP State bagged the prize of ‘Best Chapter’ for the year 2017. Mr. Iftekhar Shaikh from Mira Road Chapter was awarded ‘Performer of the Year’ for 2017 for his unparalleled contribution to EAC projects and Mr. Syed Nashit from Bengaluru Chapter was awarded ‘AMP Face of the Year’ award for 2017.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmad, conducted a team building session and illustrated the importance of bringing the entire team on the same page of common organizational objectives.


Session 6: Closing

Mr. Aamir Edresy, President AMP, in his concluding address of the 2-day Convention emphasised that “Networking is AMP’s net worth and that we should create Collaborations & Partnerships all over the Country with like-minded Organisations to ensure that each member of the Community is made part of the ‘Inclusive Growth’ for overall development”. He also said “AMP would be striving to achieve a process driven Organisation which can have sustainability in the long term and serve the Community and the Nation”.

Mr. Edresy spoke about the urgent need to become thought leaders for the Community. He mentioned about ‘Mentoring’ as another focus area, where we require to create a toll free number which will be open for all in the community. He spoke of the need to create a Community Resource Center which can be the area Masjid/Madrasa. According to him a Masjid can be the information distribution point for the Community. He finally concluded by saying that in the coming year 2018, the main key focus areas will be:

  • Funding
  • Marketing & Branding and
  • Meetings

The Convention concluded with each participant singing the National Anthem and making a vow to keep working for the Society and the Nation at large.

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