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AMP Education Awards

The importance of teachers can be understood by the quote of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) where he said that "I have been sent only as a teacher to you". The Prophet (SAW) reached the hearts and minds of people through various educational activities. The role of a teacher/educator in the society is both significant and valuable.

AMP appreciates the role of Teachers & Educators and the extraordinary part they play in the lives of students during their formative years of development. It further recognizes their outstanding services and invaluable contribution to Student's lives in particular and the Society at large.

Keeping the above in mind, we had launched AMP National Award for Excellence in Education in 2017. Till date 280 Education Professionals were felicitated from across the country. AMP has decided to continue with the initiative to appreciate the services of Educators across the country who have been doing great service for the Community and the Nation.

Out of all the recommendations we receive, we will be felicitating 100 Influential Teachers with this prestigious award. AMP Members are requested to nominate Teachers from within their Chapters. Members are requested to identify the teachers from all walks of life and nominate them in any one of the below categories

  • Primary and Secondary Teachers
  • College and University Teachers 
  • Principal/Head of Institutions
  • Islamic Education (Arabic/Fiqh/Islamic Studies)
  • Education Institutions
  • Lifetime Awards 


Criteria for Recommendation:

  1. A Nominee considered for the award shall demonstrate superior ability in most, if not all of the below-mentioned criteria in no particular order from your respective Chapter.
  2. An active and positive record of service in the field of academics for no less than 10 Years of Teaching Experience. (Can be made flexible for exceptional cases).
  3. A record of outstanding teaching effectiveness both within and outside the classroom witnessed by a few notable Alumni.
  4. The ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students by being a Role Model
  5. A person should be highly recognised amongst the Students, Peers and Community.
  6. Development of innovative teaching techniques and regular application of these techniques in the classroom. Notably, the use of Digital Technology and Practical Learning Methods.
  7. Should have made Research Publications in National/International Journals or Authored Books. (Provide a list of publications with Link)
  8. Engaged in activities like organising Conference/Seminars/Workshops at National or International level etc. (Provide List)
  9. Should have taken the initiative of contributing any innovative ideas at University /College/School level or helped students to file a patent.
  10. May have received Awards in the field Education in the past. (List down the awards in past)
  11. Founded/Co-founded an Educational Institute/College/Group of Schools especially in remote areas that lacks in educational infrastructure.


  • Self Nominations can also be done by the Educators


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