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Alhamdulillah, 2023 has been an exciting and fulfilling year. Over the past year, AMP has experienced remarkable growth and accomplishments. Our dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled us to new heights in 2023. We are thrilled to present our Achievement Report, which highlights the significant milestones we have achieved during the year. From reaching to more needy and underprivileged, to implementing innovative strategies, like in case of AMP National Talent Search (NTS) 2023 exam, our achievements showcase our ability to adapt, thrive, and deliver outstanding results.

AMP accomplished many landmarks with its Flagship projects in 2023 and in the following report, we will delve into the details of our remarkable growth, outlining the major achievements of the year, challenges overcome, and the powerful vision that will guide us towards even greater success in the future.

1. Employment Assistance Cell (EAC):

EAC organises ongoing initiatives like Job Fairs & Job Drives across the Country to provide the unemployed youth with Career opportunities and empower them.

  • 14 Job Fairs and 25 Job Drives were organised in 20 Cities across the Country
  •  43,000+ Job seekers registered
  • 8,600+ needy Youths were selected & shortlisted for jobs


2. Employability Training Programs (ETP):

AMP organises Employability Training Programs, which are specially designed for final year College Students as well as fresh Graduates, to make them skilful and confident about how they can successfully enter in the corporate world.

  • 100+ Employability Training Programs organized
  • 10,500+ Students benefitted


3. AMPowerJobs.com:

AMP’s own Job Portal, which is free for job seekers with comprehensive offerings including Skill Training and Employability Training Programs (ETP).

  • 37,000+ Candidates registered
  • 7,480+   Vacancies listed
  • 560+       Corporates registered


4. AMP National Talent Search 2023:

This highly acclaimed talent search is for 3 categories of Students; High School, Junior College & Senior College. In the year 2023, AMP tied up with 20+ training partners all over India, who offered to give 100% discounts to the top 500 Students for Coaching in IIT-JEE/NEET and other competitive exams.

  • 55,000+ Students registered
  • 400+ Exam Centres in 300+ Districts
  • 10,000+ Schools & Colleges connected
  • 524 Cities reached
  • 20+ training partners
  • Rs 10 Cr+ worth Scholarship for top 500 Students


5. AMP World Mobile App:

AMP World App is a Mobile App created by AMP so that all Students & Teachers (Schools & Colleges) can take advantage of AMP’s free programs as well get information on professional courses & careers, jobs & admission alerts, until they finish their Studies. AMP will keep every Indian Student connected through this Mobile App.

  • 1,00,000+ Students have downloaded AMP World App throughout India
  • 8,000+ Students appeared for online NTS 2023 exam through this App


6. AMP ACE Hybrid Coaching Centres:

AMP Centre of Excellence (ACE) is a Coaching centre for preparing the brightest minds of class XI & XII Science students (Junior College/PUC) from Rural India for some of the elite entrance exams of our country. These are based on a Hybrid Learning Model with Online as well Classroom training and highly subsidized to cater to the brilliant but financially weak students. The focus is currently on NEET & IIT-JEE Mains plus Advance.

  • 60+ ACE Centres were setup across the Country by tie-up with various Colleges
  • 1,000+ Students have enrolled at these Centres


7. IndiaZakat.com: 

India’s 1st Zakat-based social crowdfunding platform, successfully connecting the Zakat Seekers to the Zakat Givers. It aims to transform today's Zakat Seekers into tomorrow's Zakat Donors inshaAllah and building further on the success achieved in the past few years.

  • Rs. 5.50+ Crores approx. collected
  • 18,750+ No. of Donations received
  • Rs. 5.18+ Crores disbursed
  • 1,450+ Causes supported
  • 26 States from where causes raised
    * Collection and Disbursement cycle is of approx. 45-60 days


8.  AMP Zakat Fund (AZF):

To bring out the Community from the throes of misery, AMP established its own Zakat Fund in 2013 to empower lives by promoting Education & Self-employment. The following are the highlights of AZF in the year 2023-24;

  • Rs. 97.52 Lakhs collected
  • Rs. 30.62 Lakhs disbursed for Higher Education Scholarships
  • Rs. 13.08 Lakhs disbursed for Basic Education Assistance &
  • Rs. 1 Lakh disbursed for Ulema Livelihood Assistance Fund
  • Self-Employment Assistance provided to many through our Crowdfunding portal
    *Balance fund will be utilised before the start of Ramzan 2024


9. Adopt an Orphan or Poor Child Education Assistance:

AMP has launched a special project – ‘Adopt an Orphan or Poor Student – Change a Life’. AMP has realised that, it’s not only Orphans who face challenges, but even the students coming from extremely poor background face issues.

  • 1000 Orphans & Poor Children are targeted to be supported this year
  • 700 Children will definitely be supported, and depending on Donor support, we will additionally help 300 Children.
  • 173 Orphans & Poor Children have been supported so far with Rs. 13.08 Lakhs for Basic Education


10. Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund:

AMP had launched a fundraising campaign on its crowdfunding platform IndiaZakat.com to provide relief assistance for the earthquake affected victims in Turkey & Syria in this year.

  • Rs. 1+ Crore in kind and cash was collected and handed over to Turkish & Syrian Consulates & Embassies
  • Rs. 15 lakhs worth of vital medicines were given to Syrian Embassy
  • 5000 Blankets were given to both Turkey & Syrian Embassies in Delhi


11. Ulema Support Program:

In 2023, AMP has launched a special cause on IndiaZakat to support Masjid Imams and augment their incomes so they too can take care of their family’s needs. There is a pilot project which is underway in Bhopal M.P.

  •  100 Maulanas are targeted to be supported
  •  Rs. 1.20 Lakhs have been allocated to a few Maulanas so far


 12. Teachers’ Training Programs (TTP):

AMP organizes Teacher Training Programs, that aim to provide valuable insights to Teachers/Professors/Academicians to enhance their teaching methods for the benefit of their Students as well for their own Professional growth.

  • 50+ Offline & Online TTPs organised
  • 9,500+ Educators impacted across the Country


13. School Development Programs (SDP):

School Development Program (SDP) have been one of AMP's first Flagship Projects, which has been the most impactful as well. Our SDP model is about conducting live classes to impart guidance to every High School student. In 2023;

  • 5,000+ Students benefited through
  • 25 SDP Programs conducted across the Country


14. Career Guidance Seminars (CGS):

AMP organises Career Guidance Seminars (CGS) across the country every year. These seminars are especially designed for 10th & 12th std. Students and their Parents for helping them to choose the correct pathway for their future. In 2023;

  • 3,700+ Students Benefited through
  • 10 CGS Programs conducted across the Country


15. AMP NGO Connect:

AMP through its NGO Connect project has collaborated with NGOs in many cities across the Country on various projects like National Talent Search (NTS) exam for School & College students, ACE Hybrid Learning Centres for IIT-JEE & NEET exams, Mega Job Fairs & Job DrivesEmployability Training Programmes (ETP) etc.

  • 6000+ NGOs connected all over India


16.  AMP NGO Conference for North India:

AMP organised its first ever NGO Conference for North India in Lucknow. It was the first of its kind action-oriented meeting where prominent Community leaders, Government representatives, Social leaders, Thinkers, top Development sector professionals, Civil society activists & NGOs in huge numbers sat together and deliberated on Community Development and Nation Building agenda for the next 25 years as well for the immediate action plan.

  • 600+ Delegates participated from all aspirational districts of North India
  • 150+ North Indian districts represented at the conference
  • 50+ Prominent speakers from across India addressed the Conference


17.  3rd AMP National Awards for Social Excellence (NASE):

Looking at the commendable work of several NGOs, Individuals & Changemakers spread across the Country, AMP instituted these Awards in 2021 for appreciating their outstanding contribution to Nation Building. This year again the Awards were organised on Independence Day;

  • 1100+ NGOs Connected
  • 86 Exceptional NGOs honoured
  • 100 Outstanding individual changemakers honoured
  • Felicitation meetings were organised at Delhi, Hyderabad, Patna, Kolkata & other cities

18.  7th AMP National Awards for Excellence in Education (NAEE):

AMP appreciates the role of Teachers & Educators and the extraordinary part they play in students' lives. It further recognizes their outstanding services and invaluable contribution to Society at large. AMP organised its 7th National Award for Excellence in Education on Teachers Day, honouring:

  • 169 Educators (Heads of Institution, Higher Education Teachers, Primary & Secondary School Teachers and Madaris Teachers)
  • 10 Institutions par Excellence &
  • 5 Visionaries with Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Felicitation meetings were organised at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Patna, Kolkata & other cities


19. AMP Institution Connect:

With a view to provide the benefits of our flagship programs to the Student Community across the Country, AMP has started the Institution Connect initiative. Under this, AMP connects with Colleges & Institutions of Higher Education in India and implements its programs in their Campus.

In 2023,

  • 25 Institutes of Higher Education signed an MOU with AMP across India
  • 2 Faculty Development Program (FDP) were organised online on NAAC organized in collaboration with AMU Centre, Malappuram, Kerala & Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan with registrations crossing 800+ from Educators
  • 15 Eminent Educators from Higher Educational Institutions engaged as Member of Jury for NAEE 2023
  • 19 Advisory Board Members on NTS2023 engaged from Higher Educational Institutions across India


20. Higher Education Roadmap:

The All-India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE: 20-21) has painted a very bleak picture and put Muslims in the lowest rung after even OBCs, SCs & STs. AMP decided to take the initiative of meeting Experts (Academicians, Teachers, Educationists, Policy Makers, Bureaucrats, Professionals) and discussing & brainstorming to prepare a Roadmap to tackle the above-mentioned challenging issue.

  • Meetings were conducted at Delhi & Bhopal with experts & intelligentsia
  • Further meetings to be held at 100 Minority-dominated Districts all over the Country


21. AMP Internship Program:

The benefits of an Internship Program for the Students are well known. AMP has been helping College students with Summer Internship as well as internship for IndiaZakat.com. A total of 130 interns registered this year, who are actively volunteering for IndiaZakat.com.


22. AMP NGO Conference for East India:

The next AMP NGO Conference for the Eastern & North Eastern States (West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim) will be held in Kolkata in 2024.

  • 500+ Delegates are expected to attend this important Conference
  • Preparatory meetings already organised in Kolkata, Patna & Ranchi



Besides the above accomplishments, AMP States & Chapter teams did a lot of work that impacted several thousand people including Students, Teachers and Institutions.

AMP’s Success & Accomplishments in 2023 has strengthened our resolve for achieving Higher Goals & Reaching more of the Ummah, and are ready to take the great leap for 2024.

With every AMPian by our side we are confident and ready to achieve greater milestones in the years to come!



Team AMP




AMP ACHIEVEMENTS – 2007 to 2023 (16 years).pdf

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