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Alhamdulillah, 2022 have been an extra ordinary year for AMP. With the 2 years of Covid-19 scare behind us, we emerged from the shadows of the Lockdown and went ahead full throttle with our Projects & Activities. Despite the pandemic, we did not stop at anything, our journey only took us higher and closer to those who needed our help & assistance.  

Our Leaders & Volunteers made the most of the covid-free time and plunged with gusto to reach out to more of the underprivileged.  Each of our Chapter Heads, State Heads & Zonal Heads ensured that the Team AMP at every City & Town was motivated to do the best for the Community.

AMP accomplished many landmarks with its Flagship projects in 2022. One of the biggest activities was holding simultaneous Job Drives in 110+ Cities in a Single Day, across 20+ States all over India. This activity attracted 300+ Corporate Recruiters, 12,000+ Job Seekers, out of which 2,700+ were Selected & Shortlisted. Following are some of the major achievements for the year;

1. Employment Assistance Cell (EAC):

EAC undertakes ongoing initiatives like Job Fairs & Job Drives across the Country to provide the youth with Career opportunities and empower them.

  • 200+ on-ground Job Drives & 10 on-ground Job Fairs were organised
  • 5 online Job Drives & 1 online Job Fair were organised
  • 38,000+ job seekers participated, out of which 12,000 + were selected & shortlisted for jobs
  • 1 online Job Drive for Specially-abled Candidates was organised in which 200+ participated and 40 were selected for jobs
  • 105 Employability Training Programs were organized benefitting 8,500+ final year college students


2. AMPowerJobs.com:

AMP’s own Job Portal, which is free for job seekers with comprehensive offerings including Skill Training and Employability Training Programs (ETP).

  • 2,10,000+ - Vacancies listed
  • 99,000+    - Candidates registered
  • 570+          - Corporates registered 


3. IndiaZakat.com: 

A unique social crowdfunding platform successfully connecting the Zakat Seekers to the Zakat Givers. Aiming to transform today's Zakat Seekers into tomorrow's Zakat Donors inshaAllah! IndiaZakat.com rose higher in 2022 in its achievements for supporting the needy;

  • Rs. 5.5+ Crores - Amount Disbursed 
  • 5,100+                   - Number of Donors Connected
  • 1,700+                  - Total no. of Causes Supported: 
  • 25                          – No. of States from where causes raised

Adopt an Orphan - IndiaZakat.com along with AMP India and AMP USA jointly started a project to support needy Orphans throughout India. The objective of this project is to provide them with the means to bear these expenses partially or fully through a sustained sponsorship from a dedicated donor. All together 180+ Orphans have been adopted so far.

Zakat Conference - AMP organized its 2nd Global Online Zakat Conference – titled- the Zakat Talks. As with the earlier conference, it brought together thought leaders, organizations, entrepreneurs, and technologists to help people understand Zakat better and to revolutionize the Zakat management process and empower the economy together. This 2 Hours, 5 Day, conference was attended by 20+ renowned Speakers and 1,000+ participants registered from across the Globe.


4.  AMP Zakat Fund (AZF):

To bring out the Community from the throes of misery, AMP established its own Zakat Fund in 2013 to empower lives by promoting Education & Self-employment. The following are the highlights of AZF raised in the year 2021-22;

  • 1.17+ Crores - Funds
  • 685 Students helped with Higher Education Scholarships
  • 359 Orphans helped with Basic Education Assistance and
  • 106 Unemployed youth helped with Self-Employment Assistance


5. AMP National Talent Search 2022 (NTS)

This talent search is for 3 categories of Students; High School, Junior College & Senior College. In the year 2022, AMP tied up with more than 15 training partners all over India, who offered to give 50-100% discounts to the top 2000 Students for Coaching in IIT-JEE/NEET and other competitive exams.

  • 75,000+ Students Registered for NTS 2022
  • 4,000+ High School, Junior & Senior Colleges Connected
  • 540+ Districts Reached
  • All Students supported through AMP World Mobile App

AMP World Mobile App - This year the National Talent Search (NTS) competition was hosted on this specially designed mobile app called – AMP World; which has been downloaded by more than 50,000 Students throughout India. AMP will keep every Indian Student connected through AMP World App; so that they can all take advantage of AMP’s free programs until they finish their Studies.


6. AMP Awards for Excellence in Education:

AMP appreciates the role of Teachers & Educators and the extraordinary part they play in students' lives. It further recognizes their outstanding services and invaluable contribution to Society at large. AMP organised its 6th National Award for Excellence in Education on Teachers Day, honouring:

  • 100 most influential Educators (Heads of Institution, Madaris Teachers, Higher Education Teachers, Primary & Secondary School Teachers)
  • 10 Institutions par Excellence &
  • 5 Visionaries with Lifetime Achievement Award


7.  AMP National Awards for Social Excellence (NGO Awards):

Looking at the commendable work of several NGOs, Individuals & Changemakers spread across the Country, AMP instituted these Awards in 2021, for appreciating their outstanding contribution to Nation Building. This year again the Awards were organised on Independence Day;

  • 1700+ NGOs Connected
  • 186 Exceptional organisations honoured
  • 116 Outstanding individual changemakers honoured


8. School Development Programs:

School Development Program (SDP) is one of AMP's Flagship Projects which has been the most impactful as well. Our SDP model is about conducting live classes to impart guidance to every student. This year;

  • 16450+ Students Benefited
  • 130+ SDP Programs conducted across the Country
  • 500+ Teachers benefited through Teacher Training Workshops


9. AMP ACE Centres:

AMP Centre of Excellence (ACE) is a coaching centre for preparing the brightest minds of class XI & XII Science students (Junior College/PUC) for some of the elite entrance exams of our country. These are based on a Hybrid Learning Model with Online as well Classroom training and highly subsidized to cater to the brilliant but financially weak students so that no meritorious students are left without an equal opportunity. The focus is currently on;

1) NEET &

2) JEE Mains plus Advance

  • 20 ACE Centres were setup across the Country.
  • 220+ Students have enrolled at these Centres.


10. AMP Crash Course and NEET Test Series:

AMP organised a 90-day Crash course (Feb-April 2022) at highly discounted rates in order to help students who were unable to attend coaching for NEET/IIT-JEE due to financial issues, so that such students were not left out of the competitive exams. One of our training partners, who is well known name as a coaching institute in North India, conducted this Crash course in the hybrid-mode. 2500+ students attended this Crash Course from all over India.

Similarly, before the NEET exams were due in July, AMP conducted a Test-Series of 7 test exam-papers over a period of 1 month in May & June. These were conducted through 9 Training partners across the country and 1400+ students appeared for it.


12. Chennai Urdu Corporation Schools Project:

AMP Tamil Nadu & Chennai Chapter worked extremely hard this year to help the local Urdu Schools sustain in the long run. The following activities were carried out;

- In association with a local NGO, CSR funds to the tune of Rs. 13 lakhs were channelised to 6 Schools for upgrading to Smart classrooms with Computers, 55” LED TV, Amplifiers with sound system, Sports material for high school, Play items for primary school, Mats for kindergartens students, Water filters, Uniforms & shoes for students etc.

- In association with some donors, 8 Teachers were helped with their unpaid salaries for the last 3-4 months.

- In association with a local NGO, Iftar Kits worth Rs. 2.5-3 lakhs were distributed to 200 needy students' families in Ramzan.


13. AMP Internship Program:

The benefits of an Internship Program for the Students are well known. AMP has been helping College students with Summer Internship as well as internship for IndiaZakat.com. A total of 266 interns registered this year, who are actively volunteering for IndiaZakat.com.

Besides the above, AMP States and Chapter teams did a lot of work that impacted several thousands people including Students, Teachers and Institutions.

AMP’s success and accomplishments in 2022 has strengthen our resolve for achieving higher successes and are ready to take the leap for the next year. With every AMPian by our side we are confident and ready to achieve greater milestones in the years to come.



AMP ACHIEVEMENTS – 2007 to 2022 (15 years).pdf

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