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You have been witness to AMPs accomplishments in 2021 which even made the second wave of the pandemic look smaller in front of the Never Give Up Spirit of AMPians, who strongly believe that – Success comes to those who quit thinking, and start doing. Our work speaks so much for the kind of organization AMP is – efficient, organized and self-driven. Alhamdulillah!

We did not stop at anything, our journey has only taken us higher and higher towards success and we are glad that you all have been a part of it.  One of the greatest gifts that we got was our Volunteers Time, thousands of them, spread all across India and around the world, helping, guiding, supporting the needy students, the Orphans and making a great contribution in Community Building.

We are overjoyed! and we know that all this is an Act of God that we have been receiving so much love and acceptance from our community who have always been giving more.

AMP has accomplished many landmarks with its Flagship projects:

1. Employment Assistance Cell (EAC):

  • 45 Job Drives & 5 Job Fairs were organized in which 18,000+ needy candidates participated & 5,100+ got shortlisted & 1,100+ got selected.
  • 60 Employability Training Programs were organized benefitting 2,300+ final year students.
  • 3,740+ Youths were selected for Free Job Oriented Skill training for getting gainful employment by Partner Organizations.


AMPowerJobs.com, a Job Portal free for job seekers with comprehensive offerings including Skill Training and Employability Training Programs (ETP).

  • Number of Candidates Registered: 61,324
  • Number of Vacancies: 10,000+
  • Number of Candidates Selected: 397+
  • Number of Corporates Registered: 200+


2. IndiaZakat.com only rose higher in its achievements in supporting the needy; it has been successful in developing itself as a unique Social Crowdfunding platform by successfully connecting the Zakat Seekers to the Zakat Givers. Not only that we even had the opportunity to work together with 300 bright Interns.


  • Amount Raised: Rs. 5,50,00,000 (55 Million+)
  • Total Causes Supported: 1,900+
  • Number of Donations: 17,500+
  • Cities: 1,200+
  • Countries: 45+
  • Families impacted across India: 12,000+


COVID-19 Orphans’ Education Assistance AMP announced the ‘Covid Orphans Basic Education Scholarship’ campaign on IndiaZakat.com for students in Classes 1 to 10. Through this Scholarship, AMP is providing support of Rs. 10,000 to 100 most needy orphans and deserving students from across India. ? 3 Lacs+ raised and 30+ Students helped till date of the 10 Lac target amount.

Oxygen Cylinder: During the lethal 2nd Wave of Covid-19 this year, AMP launched #O2ForAll Campaign on IndiaZakat.com, wherein Rs. 50+ lakhs were raised within 60 days and 600+ Oxygen Cylinders were provided to badly affected needy individuals and to the NGOs involved in relief work in 20+ Cities across India. 

Ration Drive: AMP launched #FeedthePoor Campaign due to the lockdown and resultant loss of Livelihoods. Once again AMP Chapters across the country rose to the occasion. More than 5,000 needy families were provided with Ration Kits in more than 20 States and 120 Cities to overcome the distress.

Adopt an Orphan – AMP India, AMP USA and IndiaZakat.com jointly have started a project to support needy Orphans throughout India, starting with the pilot where 41 of these Orphans have been adopted from Kerala. The objective of this project is to provide them with the means to bear these expenses partially or fully through a sustained sponsorship from a dedicated donor so that they get a helping hand on their shoulders filled with love and sympathy on a regular basis.

Zakat Conference:

AMP organized a Global Online Zakat Conference – this conference, the Zakat 2.0 was a first of its kind online Zakat conference that brought together thought leaders, organizations, entrepreneurs and technologists to help people understand Zakat better, revolutionize the zakat management process and empower the economy together. This 2 Day conference was attended by 30+ Renowned Speakers and 1,200+ attendees from across the Globe.

3.  AMP Zakat Fund (AZF):

We raised around 1 Cr+ in AMP Zakat Fund in the year 2020 and Helped over 380+ deserving students with ? 51+ Lacs by way of Higher Education Scholarships, Orphans’ Basic Education and Self-Employment Assistance so far. Remaining funds will also be disbursed soon.

4. Higher Education Scholarship Guidance:

  • Several thousand students were helped with regular Scholarship Guidance Drives via Webinars, Campus Ambassadors and NGO Partners.
  • With one of our Educational Partner, we have been successful in helping 100+ needy students in getting Scholarships from different corporates.


5. AMP National Talent Search Exam (NTS 2021)

The 2nd edition of National Talent Search 2021 was launched on National Education Day. Thousands of Students registered for the National Level Competition for School, Junior & Senior/Degree College Students, with an objective to increase and reward the Students’ General Awareness and identify the brightest students to support and nurture.

More than 100 unveilings were simultaneously organized across AMP Chapters throughout India by the hands of the Influential personalities of the community.

Our hard work really paid off when we saw NTS 2021 receiving such an encouraging response from so many local and national media houses. This campaign was extensively covered and everybody appreciated this initiative by AMP.

We are so proud to let you know that NTS 2021 got registrations from 539 districts, giving this program an all-India reach. A great amount of love and support was poured in by the Students, their Parents, Teachers and Institutions alike.

NTS 2021 in Numbers:

  • Total Student Registrations: 56,000+


6. Launch of chAMPian – an AMP Mobile App

This year in 2021, the National Talent Search competition was hosted on this specially designed mobile app called – chAMPian; which has been downloaded by more than 60K people throughout India. Through chAMPian mobile app, students can take advantage of AMP’s numerous programs like - career counseling, scholarship guidance, employment training and financial assistance for higher education helping in admissions. 

AMP intends to keep every Indian Student connected through chAMPian; so that they can all take advantage of AMP’s free programs forever.

  • Apart from hosting the NTS 2021, AMP intends to Engage and Connect every student, parent, academician, etc. with its free programs so that they can take advantage of all its free programs and sessions forever.
  • Information related to Career Counselling & Guidance, Scholarship Guidance and other Educational materials by leading Educationists of India will be shared through the chAMPian app.
  • Important information by Leading Community Organizations will also be shared with all the Students through the chaAMPian app.
  • chAMPian will also act as a valuable resource for parents who are looking to encourage and support their children for a better future.
  • Teachers will also benefit from all the Educational resources shared on the chAMPian app.


7. AMP Awards for Excellence in Education:

AMP Celebrated its 5th National Award for Excellence in Education on Teachers Day, honoring:

  • 100 Influential Educators (Heads of Institution, Madaris Teachers, Higher Education Teachers, Primary & Secondary School Teachers)
  • 10 Educational Institutions
  • and 6 visionaries with Lifetime Achievement Award


8.  AMP National Awards for Social Excellence (NGO Awards):

AMP Launched its 1st National Award for Social Excellence on India’s Independence Day:

  • 2,300 NGOs were nominated
  • 300+ Organizations and
  • 150+ Individual Change Makers were honored from across the country.

They received the AMP NAEE Influencer Of The Year Award under the categories of Education, Employment/Livelihoods Assistance and Humanitarian Assistance.

9. TheIndiaMentors.com There are so many Professionals who want to share their acquired knowledge with the people who want to learn. And TheIndiaMentors.com has given them the platform which is ever so evolving and beaming with the hope of the future.

And within this small span of time we boast of having a strong team of 266+ Mentors, who are Guiding and Mentoring more 109+ Mentees with about 20+ actively running Mentorship programs.

10. AMP’s Networking Initiatives:

AMP strengthened its reach and increased interactions with Schools, Colleges Educational Institutions through its initiatives, especially to reach out to the students across India:

  • Campus Ambassadors
  • NGO Connect
  • Professors Connect
  • Institution Connect


11. School Development Programs:

School Development Program (SDP) is one of AMP's main Flagship Projects which has been the most impactful as well. Our SDP model is about conducting live classes to impart guidance to every student. Lockdown was a big blow on our scheduled future activities. We immediately got to work and without wasting anytime adapted to the need of the hour and designed an online model and Alhumdulillah! came out victorious. The numbers keep growing year-on-year.

We conducted:

  • 7 SDP lectures where 550+ School students were in attendance and benefited
  • Career Guidance and Counselling Seminars Series benefitting 700+ School & College Students
  • 2 Teachers Training Program (TTP) benefitting many a hundred Madrasa and School Teachers
  • Parenting Workshops (PW) benefitting 220+ Parents of School Students


12.  AMP WebTalk & Webinars:

  • 4500+ Students & Professionals benefited through 30 AMP-WebTalks on various skills and industry verticals.
  • A 10 Week Free Cybersecurity Course was organized, where 2000+ Graduates, IT Professional & Non-IT Professionals looking to start their careers in the field of Network Security registered themselves for the course.


13. Internship Program:
We all know the benefits of an Internship Program, and AMP has been lucky in receiving 700+ Internship registrations in the year 2021 alone. We’ve had 3 batches of interns working all round to bring the dreams of the less fortunate and needy to life, by donating their invaluable time and tireless effort. We appreciate every ounce of their inputs and are sure they have equally gained from AMP’s network. Out of the total Interns registered we have 100 active interns who are strongly Volunteering for IndiaZakat.com even today.

Besides all this, AMP States and Chapter teams did a lot of work that impacted several thousands people including Students, Teachers and Institutions to AMP and its Vision. The updates of which will soon be shared in the Annual Report.

AMP’s success and accomplishments in 2021 has made our shoulders strong and we are ready to take the leap of faith in to the next year. With every AMPian by our side we are confident and ready to achieve greater milestones in the years to come.

AMP vows to stand by every single one of you who Strives for Peace and Progress. In sha Allah!

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