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AMP Mumbra Chapter organized Teachers Trng Prog

AMP Mumbra Chapter organized Teachers Training Program held on 1st Jan 2018


As the sun rose for the first time in 2018, AMP-Mumbra and Winsome Flora School decided to start the year with an attempt to change the years to come. Mr. Imran Khan, a well-established corporate trainer with over 20 years of training experience decided to share his thoughts with 29 teachers and a handful AMP volunteers at Winsome Flora School – Mumbra. “AMP Teachers Training Program” (TTP) was held on 1st January 2018.


TTP started with Mr. Imran Khan focusing on the Importance of Imagination in education and how every teacher should strive to bring something very unique to the class. He also demonstrated that, as you cannot extract the juice from a lemon unless you cut it and squeeze it, similarly we should also think of our tough times as “The Necessary Cuts” that we have to endure to bring out the best in us. Mr. Imran also specifically emphasized on the fact that teachers should have a “Professional Face” when they come to work, keeping all their personal troubles at bay and greet the students with an ever smiling face. This indirectly transforms the overall behavior of students into a more Positive and Happy one. The wonderful experience of the participants cannot be justified in these words.


The feedback from participants was overwhelming, to quote a few:

“I wish it was a full day Event”

” We will put through the learnings from the session to our colleagues”

“Let us know when you plan another event, as we would like to participate”

To sum it all, the first morning of the year couldn’t be better spent!!



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