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Nazir Ahmed Reshi - Adigutnu Kulgam (J&K) – Self Employment

My name is Nazir. I am a poor daily wage laborer living in a small town of Jammu and Kashmir. Since quite some time work had been really scarce. Our family was barely making ends meet. I also have 3 unwed daughters whose marriage had always been a major concern for me. That’s when those vicious floods hit the valley in September 2014. Everything we had; our house, our possessions, my labor tools were completely destroyed. We were devastated as it was hard to imagine how life would continue now. That is when the Association of Muslim Professionals came to our aid by providing us a flood relief grant amounting to Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only). I used this grant to purchase a new cart and agricultural/labor equipments/tools to start with better means for earning our livelihood. I am immensely thankful to AMP for their noble aid in these times of distress. May Allah bless all the members of Association of Muslim Professionals and provide them with the strength and guidance to help more and more people like us. 

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Association of Muslim Professionals works among students and youngsters of our community in guiding them towards better careers and helps them find a respectable living. Most importantly AMP is managed by professionals who pool their energies and competencies to guide the impress

Dr Shariq Nisar, Director - Taqwaa Advisory Solutions

AMPians are the people who can bring change for the better. This is the organization with whom I would like to work for upliftment of our community and society.

Dr Zahir Kazi, President, Anjuman-I-Islam

The little that I have known AMP during my last trip, was more than pleased and so touched with their sincerity to the cause. Noble thoughts to change the way Muslims exist, make their economic existence easy for them, pass knowledge and advice, all which are Sunnah and very much

Abdulla Hasan Thakur, Advisor to Chairman / Chief Strategy Officer (Group), Ali - Al Ghanim Group

I was very happy to meet you all and to be part of the AMP All India Convention. I felt contented that new generation following the right path and is sincerely interested into the issues of the community and finding out its solutions. AMP is having thousands of supporters, th

Maulana Wali Rahmani, Founder, Rahmani 30

At the outset, I would like to congratulate AMP Team Members for the successfully organizing the JOB FAIR – 2015. We feel glad to be associated with this Job Fair. The response was very good. Large numbers of candidates have turn-up and applied for the job in various companie

Farrok G. Gheewala, CMD , F. Gheewala HR Consultants

Can people like you and me think of brining about a revolution? The revolution has already arrived and the actual harbinger of the revolution is AMP! These are the people who work selflessly for the community and forge a path for others to follow. I admire these people and am

Dr M M Ansari, Member, UGC & Ex-Information Commissioner, New Delhi

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