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Sehri Project

AMP plans to undertake Sehri distribution to patients & their relatives in Government Hospitals again this Ramzaan.

With the holy month of Ramzaan fast approaching its only a matter of few days when Muslims around the world would be getting busy with their obligatory fast, prayers and Eid preparations. In this joyous moment let’s spare a thought and have empathy for the countless number of people who have to go on a fast  on an empty stomach due to unavailability of wholesome food before the break of dawn. This very thought triggered Association of Muslim Professionals to start the “Sehri Project” which has been successfully running since last Ramzaan and will be organized second year in a row.

The main idea for the ‘Sehri Project’ germinated when some of our members came across reports in some sections of the media regarding the agony faced in the various government hospitals by Muslim patients and especially their attendants during the Holy month of Ramzan. These hospitals observe a large number of people coming in from different cities and states to get their treatment done, and in most of the cases the relatives end up being by the patients side the whole night. Such people from the Muslim Community find it difficult to get proper Sehri during Ramzan due to lack of availability of Sehri food pre-dawn mostly because the Hospital canteens apart from being in a not so good state are open only during certain hours (which is definitely not before dawn) and also the inaccessibility to restaurants and eateries in certain areas (which do not have a predominant Muslim presence) . 

In addition to facing trouble in the hospital and bearing with the suffering of their loved ones admitted there, the attendants of the patients have to bear the affliction of being on an empty stomach the whole day without having anything to eat most of the time before the start of the fast. As such largely the  fast is observed only with just water with no food available. AMP seeks to reach out to such patients and their relatives and help them with their fast during the Holy month of Ramzaan by providing them with a healthy meal before dawn during Sehri.  The project as such focuses on providing Sehri food for the relatives of patients who are admitted in Government Hospitals. 

AMP has been running the Sehri Project since last year in KEM hospital and Sion Hospital, Mumbai, which has been reported in the Hindustan Times as well. This year too in addition to the previously mentioned hospitals, the group is confident to reach out to B.J. Wadia Hospital for Children and Nair Hospital, Mumbai. Speaking to the newspaper the President of AMP, Mr. Aamir Idrisi explained that “It is difficult for people to get something substantial to eat early in the morning before they start of their fast when they spend the entire night in the hospital with an ailing relative”. 

AMP has  hired the services of a catering company in Sewri to distribute nearly 300 parcels daily containing Pulav, Biryani, and other  nutritious food items. The cost of running the entire project is estimated to be approximately Rs. 30,000 per day. Since the month of Ramzan is also the month of giving generously, we are hoping for a substantial contribution from fellow Muslims who go all out during this month to help their fellow beings. We are grateful to all those who have supported us through this journey and with the increase in the scale of our humble efforts we invite kind-hearted Samaritans to come forward and donate over-whelmingly to this noble cause. The Almighty only knows which good deed of ours can have credence, gaining us His Mercy and become a valid reason for us to enter Paradise. 

Our Sehri project has been covered by Times Of India, Mumbai Edition on Aug 5, 2013


Those willing to help may kindly send their donations to the following Bank Account. 

Once you make the donations, please do not forget to send a confirmation mail on info@ampindia.org so that the donation received can be linked to the specific donor.

Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Association of Muslim Professionals 
Account No. : 102601000815
Bank: ICICI BankBranch: Khar(W), Mumbai
MICR Code: 400229095
IFSC Code: ICIC0001026 

Cheque can be sent on the following Address:
Association of Muslim Professionals, 
68/69 Umar Manzil, 5th Road, Khar (W), 
Mumbai - Pin Code - 400052

Please note that we are not accepting Zakat fund for this project as all beneficiaries may not be necessarily given Zakat fund.

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