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The ‘Atal Tinkering Lab’ (ATL) Project is part of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) –, which is a flagship initiative set up by the NITI Aayog, Govt. of India, to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship across the length and breadth of our country, based on a detailed study and deliberations on innovation and entrepreneurial needs of India in the years ahead. (www.aim.gov.in) AIM has adopted a holistic framework in the achievement of its objectives through the following;


  • Atal Tinkering Labs: To promote creative, innovative mind-set in Schools.
  • Atal Incubators: To promote Entrepreneurship in Universities & Industry
  • Atal New India Challenges & Atal Grand Challenges: To promote specific product innovations with social/economic impact
  • Mentors of Change: To mentor students at ATL and AIC Incubators / Start-ups



‘Atal Tinkering Lab’ (ATL) is aimed at fostering and encouraging creative and scientific thinking amongst School students, so that they can develop the habit of thinking out of the box very early, rather than just learning the mundane concepts from books.

Objectives of Atal Tinkering Lab: The major objectives of establishing ATL include the following;

  1. To create work-spaces where young minds can learn innovation skills, sculpt ideas through hands-on activities, work and learn in a flexible environment.
  2. To empower our youth with the 21-century skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, design thinking, social and cross-cultural collaboration & ethical leadership.
  3. To help build innovative solutions for India's unique problems and thereby support India's efforts to grow as a knowledge economy.


ATAL Labs are dedicated works spaces where students (Class 6th to class 12th) learn innovation skills and develop ideas that will go on to transform India. The labs are powered to acquaint students with state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers, robotics & electronics development tools, IoT, sensors, etc.

The lab activities are designed to spur the spark of creativity and go beyond regular curriculum and textbook learning, The labs will let students explore skills of future such as design and computational thinking, adaptive learning, and artificial intelligence.


AMP wants to bring this opportunity of setting up this ATL in various schools across India through its large network of Professional & Partner NGO connect. AMP along with Student Alliance LLP will help & guide schools for the registration process & later on the running of the project over 5 yrs.

Once a school is selected by the NITI Aayog through the selection procedure, the school will receive an initial grant of Rs. 12 lakhs, in a specially created Bank Account for the purpose, in the 1st year. Out of this amount, Rs. 10 lakhs goes towards setting up of the infrastructure and buying the equipment needed for the lab, whereas Rs. 2 lakhs will be towards the running costs of the lab in the 1st year. After this, the school will receive a yearly grant of Rs. 2 lakhs toward the running costs for the balance 4 years.

Please note the following key points;

  1. Till date, 8,878 schools have already been selected for ATL Grants and by the end of 2021 over 20,000 schools are expected to be operational.
  2. Phase-II of the project has already started by the Govt., in which 12000 schools to be registered.
  3. Only 10 days left for applying to the project. The last date is 25th June.
  4. In this phase, only Schools from 112 Districts listed by Govt. only can apply. These districts name can be accessed here (link)
  5. Those schools having classes from 6th – 10th or above and have a minimum strength of 300 students in these classes are eligible to apply. They need to have 10th Class running for the last 3 years at least.
  6. Govt. Aided as well as Private schools are eligible to apply for this project. Please note that Govt. Schools also have to submit the application, they are not selected by default.
  7. All Madrassas which have Schools up to 10th Grade for the last 3 years at least are also eligible.
  8. AMP has collaborated with Govt.’s National allied partners for ATL, Students’ Alliance LLP (www.studentalliance.in) from Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Role of AMP:

  • AMP members will identify schools in the designated districts/cities with the help of their network and personal contacts.
  • The majority of our students are enrolled either in Govt schools or charity schools so, we have to encourage such schools to apply for this scheme & connect them with the Students Alliance team members. However, the efforts should not be limited only to Muslim schools.
  • AMP State Head may appoint a coordinator as one point of contact for coordination between Student Alliance LLP and the Schools wanting to apply for the project.
  • Schools can first fill up the sample forms to understand the process & get guidance from us. Click Here to Fill The Form


Role of Student Alliance  :

  • Students’ Alliance LLP (SAL) will check the form details and advise each School for any changes/corrections so their chances of selection is better.
  • SAL will guide schools for all form filing process & documentation
  • SAL will be a mentor for the schools the entire process from form registration to selection & till the completion of 5 yrs of the project cycle
  • SAL is a govt-approved agency under GeM to mentor this project & hence shall not levies any charges for their services




ATAL Tinkering Lab - Presentation.pdf

ATL District List 2020_Student Alliance.pdf

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