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How We Work

Any Indian citizen who agrees and believes in our Vision & Mission and wants to contribute in the progress of the community can join AMP. All such people can register themselves with AMP through our online registration with proper reference from an existing AMP member. Once the membership is approved, the member can select from an array of projects what we have centrally decided.  For details of this project, kindly refer to the Project link on the homepage. For better functioning and efficient activities, AMP has been divided into various circles. These circles are managed by designated persons and all the circles are managed by AMP executive council.

Each member has to pay a nominal annual membership fee which is utilized to fund expenses incurred in various official activities and ongoing projects. Details of all expenses incurred during the year and various events are carefully captured and shared with the executive council members during the Annual General Meeting. Also, to ensure that our reach is increased and maximum people benefit from our events, we get various business houses and corporate to sponsor our events. The details of the expenses are shared with them as well so that there is complete transparency in the transactions.

We at AMP encourage new ideas and have empowered our members to plan, propose and execute any new project which they feel can be implemented for a particular Chapter or can be implemented across all Chapters. All new projects has to be approved by the Executive Council before implementation.

AMP is a non-political and non-sectarian organization, which endeavors to promote social welfare, community spirit and knowledge in our society. Since AMP is one of those unique NGO’s which are completely managed by Professionals from various fields. During the activities we ensure that the culture is very transparent and professional. This culture and ideology motivates more and more individuals to join AMP and contribute to our cause.

Every member of AMP has to accept, and profess to abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics mentioned by AMP during the membership and which is updated on the site from time to time. All members of AMP are accountable for their actions while in membership with AMP. Inappropriate behavior and breach of AMP code of conduct by any member shall result in disciplinary action and the member may be stripped off from AMP membership.

Success Stories

My name is Rahil. Though belonging to a very humble household where we could barely make ends meet I always had big aspirations. I am pursuing my B.E. in Mechanical Engg. from AIKTC School of Engineering and Technology, New Panvel. However like all good things, Education also comes with an ... Read more

Khan Rahil – Mumbai



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