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Experience Based Intrvw Ques

Job Experience based Interview Questions


What projects have you started?

What's been the greatest influence on your career plans?

What work experience has helped you the most?

What criticism of you has helped you the most? Who was it from?

Has your work experience prepared you for this position?

What have been your biggest accomplishments?

What leadership positions have you held?

How could you have improved your progress?

Why did you leave your last job?

Why do you want to leave your present job?

Are you still employed?

Why do you want to leave your current employer so soon?

Do you think you've been with one company for too long?

What management positions have you held?

How are you conducting your job search?

How do you plan to prevent from having your biggest failures again?

What has been the biggest criticism of you?

How was your last performance review?

What was the best boss you've ever had?

What was the worst boss you've ever had?

What was the most important lesson you've ever learned?

Can you give me an example of one of your failures?

Have you done your best?

How did you get your previous jobs?

How did you get summer jobs?

What brought you to enter this field?

How did you choose this field to study?

What do you like most about your specialty?

What is missing from your last job that you'd like to see in this one?

How closely have your past supervisors managed you?

How well have you gotten along with co-workers before?

With which departments did you interact most with in your first position?

Have you any experience working to meet deadlines?

Could you tell me the biggest change you've brought to your present company?

What experience do you think makes the best employee? Manager?

Which are the most important areas that you control?

Do you have experience with some of the greatest challenges that this industry faces?

I heard you effected considerable organizational restructuring in you last position. Could you tell me how you did it?

Besides your education, what other areas of preparation do you have for this position?

During school, what did you do with your summers?

What specifically have you been doing since you entered this field?

What's your present job like?

What's your idea of the ultimate job?

I see in your resume just the bare minimum of qualifications in your employment history -- why should I hire you?

Have you had any supervisory experience?

Do you have the professional license the position requires?

Tell me about the project your resume mentions in your last job. Tell me more than your resume does about managing our department -- for example, how do you handle acquisitions?

What experience do you have?

How did your boss rate your job performance?

May we check your references?

What job experiences have angered you?

What did you spend most of your time doing in your last job?

How do you feel about your career progress?

How did you move up within the company?

What experience do you have for this job?

Why have you changed jobs?

Why do you want to change positions?

Did you have any problems in your previous jobs?

What would your references say about you?

What is your present position?

What are the responsibilities of your position?

Who are three references that are available for consultation?

May I contact your current employer?

May I contact some of your references?

Have you ever been in the position to hire anyone?

Why did you choose them?

Have you ever been in the position to fire anyone?

Why did you fire that person?

If you could start your career over, what would you do differently?

What is the biggest mistake you ever made in selecting a job? Why?

What exactly do you do for a living?

Have you had any other interviews?

How did you prepare for this interview?

Tell me about the best boss you've ever had. Tell me about the worst boss you've ever had. Looking back now, is there anything that you could have done to improve your relationship with that one bad boss?

What were your most memorable accomplishments with your last employer?

What have been the most memorable accomplishments of your career?

You've had little experience in this field. How do you intend to learn?

What is the title of the person who you report to, and what were his or her responsibilities?

Describe how your department is organized. Did you implement any new procedures in any of the positions you've held?

If you don't leave your current job, what do you think will happen to your career?

How far do you expect to advance with your current company?

If you're happy with your current employer, why are you looking for another job?

If you have these complaints about your current company, and they like you, why haven't you brought your concerns to their attention?

What are some of your recent accomplishments in your current job?

What are some innovations you're particularly proud of?

What is the accomplishment that you're most proud of?

How do you spend most of your time in your current job?

How do you rank your current job with others that you've held?

How does you present employer communicate with others in your department?

What have been your greatest accomplishments?

How did you feel when you started your last job?

Which of your jobs have you liked the least?

What are some things you had planned to accomplish that were not carried out?

What's the biggest mistake you can recall making?

What challenging experiences have you had?

What are some problems you found in your job?

What did you dislike about your supervisor?

What did you dislike most about your previous job?

What did you like most about your previous job?

What is your opinion of your current boss?

What is your opinion of your last boss?

What is the toughest situation you've faced?

What is your typical day?

What do you particularly like about your position?

Was there anything your company could have done to be more successful?

What decisions did you handle in your last job?

How do you feel your supervisor could have done a better job?

How has your job changed since you first joined the company?

How has your job prepared you to take on greater responsibility?

What is the most difficult task you've undertaken?

What type of supervisor brings out the best performance in you?

Does your current employer know that you're interviewing for another job?

How did your boss help you to be your best?

How do you interview while still employed?

What have you done that you regret?

What would your former supervisor say about you?

Have you ever had a demanding supervisor?

What was the worst mistake you made at work?

How did that affect the company?

Have you ever been turned down for a promotion?

Have you ever been turned down for a salary increase?

Why do you want to leave your job if you like it so much?

How was your company management viewed by your subordinates?

What was the most successful team project you worked on?

What were your duties?

Why is there a large gap in your employment history?

What did you do during the gap in your employment history?

When has your work been criticized?

What tense experiences have you had on the job?

How have you selected any subordinates you've had in the past two years?

How many immediate subordinates have you removed from their jobs recently?

How would you evaluate your present employer's strengths?

How would you evaluate your present employer's weaknesses?

In what respects have you improved as a supervisor in the past few years?

What are your biggest failures in relation to your career?

What have you done to make sure that they will not happen again?

What are some of the reasons for your success?

How did your last job correlate to the goals of your company?

To what do you attribute your success?

Detail your typical workday. Do you feel the contributions you made to your last employer were of great benefit?

How do you think others view the results of your work?

What risks did you take at your previous job?

How did the risks you took affect your company?

How are your present goals different from those of ten years ago?

Have you ever thought of completely changing your career?

What was the environment at your last job like?

What events have shaped your approach in dealing with people?

What kind of experience do you have for this job?

Tell me about your work experience. What are your responsibilities?

What was your most boring job?

How did you do your most boring job?

How do you complete a boring job?

What was your most interesting job?

How did you do your most interesting job?

Were you in the military?

When were you in the military?

Where were you stationed in the military?

What jobs have you enjoyed most in your career?

What jobs have you enjoyed least in your career?

Tell me about a significant failure in your life. What is the most important accomplishment in your life?

Explain an instance when you used your leadership skills to solve a problem. Explain how you overcame a difficult situation. Explain how you have worked successfully with a team. Explain how you have used your skills to resolve a conflict between your boss and a co-worker. How would you typify your relationship with your former boss?

In the past, how have you dealt with co-workers who have disagreed with you?

What is the most difficult change you've faced in your career?

What is the most difficult change you've encountered in your career?

How have you handled difficult changes in your working situation in the past?

Which of your jobs presented the best learning experience?

What is the silliest thing you've ever done?

What personnel crises have you dealt with in your job?

How have your career goals changed over the years?

Would you consider a career change?

Organize your ladder of success and explain this progression. From where did you receive your most practical experience?

Describe some of the projects you have been involved in the last ten years. Have you ever laid off anyone?

Tell me about your experience in the armed forces. What do you consider to be your most important accomplishment and why?

Under what type of conditions have you been most successful at any project?

What was your most significant accomplishment in your last position?

Do you have experience working under strict time limits?

Can you describe a typical day at your last job?

How did you resolve the last moral dilemma you solved?

What did you like about your previous company?

What did you dislike about your previous company?

How do you think your co-workers would describe you?

What about your current job do you find the most unpleasant?

What activities have you participated in? Were these worthwhile?

Has competition had any positive or negative impact on your achievements? How?

What do your subordinates consider your strengths?

What do your subordinates consider your weaknesses?

How did your hirings work out?

What are some of the most creative things you have done?

May we contact your employer?

How did you like your last employer?

What is the most intellectually challenging thing you have ever done?

How did you choose your career?

What in your life has given you the most satisfaction?

Is there a lot of pressure in your current job?

What is the financial stability of your last company?

What have been your greatest disappointments?

How have you responded to your greatest disappointments?

When have your associates relied upon you?

To what do you attribute your success?

What have you done to make yourself more effective in your present job?

Does your present job have a lot of pressure?

How did you start in this line of work?

Why are you successful?

Have you ever postponed a decision you wanted to make right away?

In what ways has your job changed since you began it?

What problems have you seen team-based companies face?

Have you ever had to make decisions when your supervisor was unavailable?

Your history of promotions and salary increases is good. Will they be surprised that you're leaving?

How many hours do you usually work each week?

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