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AMP looks forward to Samaritans such as yourself to support us and help us make this endeavour a great success.

You can extend your support to the AMP Employment Assistance Cell in one of the following ways:

·         Coordinate with us - Help us organize Job Fairs, Job Drives, ETPs, Mock Interview Workshops, etc in your city.

·         Be a Speaker or a Trainer - Conduct Employability Training Workshops for final year students in Colleges.

·         Join as a Content Writer - Prepare effective resources on various topics which shall uploaded on our website and/or be used for conducting ETPs across the country.

·         Volunteer - You can volunteer in our events (Job Fairs, Job Drives, ETPs, etc) and also volunteer to review our Resource Material.

·         Share details of your HR - We would really appreciate it if you could share details of your HR so that we can invite them to participate and hire in our Job Fairs and Job Drives. If you wish, we will not mention your name when we contact them. Click
here to assist us in this.

If you feel you are dedicated, capable, compassionate and blessed enough with a desire to help and support the noble cause of upliftment of your fellow Muslims, the underprivileged and work for the betterment of the society, then you are more than welcome to join our organization.


Partner with Us

If you are a Company, Consultant, Recruiter, Overseas Consultant or an SME, you can join hands with AMP and partner with us. You can participate in our Job Fairs and Job Drives and we can even host Special Job Drives only for you. We also share Candidate data with organizations that partner with us. Click here to register. 

If you are an NGO, you can partner with us and help us organize Job Fairs, Job Drives, ETPs and Mock Interview Workshops in your city.

If you are a College, partner with us. We can conduct regular ETP lectures in your institute.

We look forward to creating long-term partnerships with you. With the help of professionals and experts like you, we will initiate the movement to light up the dark path of those less fortunate and lead them into a new era of hope and progress. We hope that you associate with us and experience first-hand the joy and pride of working for, and supporting a noble cause.


For more details, you are requested to contact the coordinators below -

Ahsan Ulhaq Chisty | corporateconnect@ampindia.org | 8291101311


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Dr M M Ansari, Member, UGC & Ex-Information Commissioner, New Delhi

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