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AMP Zakat Fund Report 2015

AMP firmly believes that Education and Self Employment have the power to salvage the community from the throes of ignorance and widespread adversity and usher in a new era of prosperity. With this noble intention of helping our needy Muslim brethren and in turn making them capable of helping themselves, AMP had initiated a “Zakat Fund” 3 years back. The purpose of this fund is to provide monetary support to genuinely needy Muslims; under 2 main heads namely: Higher Education and Self-Employment.

AMP is very happy to announce that AMP has just completed the distribution of its Scholarship to 106 Students and distribution of Financial Assistance to 46 Families to start small Business for the Year 2015.

We distributed the Scholarship of 10 lac 60 thousand rupees to 106 Students of Higher and Technical Education for the 3rd consecutive year. Through the Scholarship project AMP tries to support the financially needy students mostly pursuing professional courses mainly in the field of Engineering and Medical Education. These Scholarships are distributed to most deserving and meritorious students selected from the applications received across India.

The assistance of Rs 25000 each was provided to young, talented by unemployed youth within the community to start a small business with the objective of promoting Self-Employment. These help was provided across India, mainly focussing on rural areas. The objective of AMP is to help make the Zakat seekers of today be the Zakat givers of tomorrow. AMP also ensures due diligence regarding the distribution of Zakat Fund to the various region across India.

AMP also keeps the social and environmental scenarios in mind while distribution of the same. With this fact in consideration the areas in and around Osmanabad & Latur in Maharashtra this year have been some of the key focus areas while disbursal of the Zakat Fund taking into account the severe drought and water shortage in these areas which have affected the poor farmers very badly and many of them taking such severe steps as committing suicide. 

Further more in these areas AMP and its members and supporters also undertook the thoughtfulness of finding out such impoverished families of which a female is the sole bread-earner. During this attempt we were deeply moved and distressed to observe such cases some of which had families struggling to survive on so less as rupees six hundred for the entire month. There AMP had distributed the amount to 10 families to assist them. This year as well AMP plans to focus on these areas looking at the severity of the calamity.

Total Zakat Fund Collected: Rs. 20,65,040
Total Zakat Fund Disbursed: Rs . 20,60,040
Balance: Rs.  5040

Beneficiaries for Education: 106
Beneficiaries for Self Employment:  46

Total Beneficiaries: 152

It would be note worthy that AMP had initiated its 'Zakat Fund’ two years back with a Zakat collection of merely Rs. 2 lakhs, the corpus of which had jumped fourfold to around 8 lakhs in the subsequent year. Last year the organization collected around 20 lakhs in Zakat Fund.

Note: To prevent the modesty of the Zakat recipients and protect the names of the donors AMP has not made the list public, which is available only on request and due verification

Thanks and Regards
Team AMP

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