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AMP Zakat Fund Report 2013

Allah (SWT) has given us many opportunities to earn rewards by doing virtuous and benevolent deeds; and the best way to do this is by helping the needy and the less fortunate by means of Zakat and Sadaqah. Thus with this noble intention of helping our needy Muslim brethren, AMP had started a “Zakat Fund” last year. The purpose of this fund is to provide monetary support to genuinely needy Muslims; under 2 main heads namely: Education and Self-Employment.

We at AMP deeply believe that Education and Self Employment have the power to salvage the community from the throes of ignorance and widespread adversity and usher in a new era of prosperity. As such we feel that we need to focus on Higher Education so that talented and able individuals from the community can gain the skills and qualifications required to grab contemporary opportunities and walk at pace with the fast-evolving world. However there are certain individuals who cannot pursue their academic aspirations because they have to financially support their families from a very young age. For such individuals, we need to offer a window of opportunity by helping them financially for Self Employment to better their means of livelihood and encourage them to establish micro enterprises.

Therefore as a result of our last year's drive we humbly requested you to participate in this noble cause and many people donated generously to this ‘Zakat Fund’. We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the money is utilized very judiciously and that it is distributed strictly as per the mandates of the Shariah.

We would like to share the list of Zakat beneficiaries for the year 2013.

Total Zakat Fund Collected: Rs. 2,06,000
Total Zakat Fund Distributed: Rs. 2,00,000
Balance: Rs. 6000

Beneficiaries for Education: 10
Beneficiaries for Self Employment:  5

Total Beneficiaries: 15

Beneficiaries for Education
Sayeeda Qamarunnissa, Bangalore - Rs. 10,000 for 2nd Year B.Com
Hakeem Shah, Bhopal, MP - Rs. 10,000 for B.E (Mech.) 3rd year (5th Sem)
Sabarsora Mohammad Saad Habibbhai, Surat, Gujrat - Rs. 10,000 for B. Tech 4th Year
Suhaib Iqbal, Jaipur, Rajasthan - Rs. 10,000 for 3rd YEAR BSc NURSING
Afsar Khursheed Shaikh, Mumbai, MH - Rs. 10,000 for 3rd Year BSC IT
A.Tasleem, Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu - Rs. 10,000 for B.Tech [IT]
Shaikh Saba Idrees, Pune, MH - Rs. 10,000 for Final year Eng (BE)
Sana Fatima, Hyderabad, AP - Rs. 10,000 for M.Sc Nutrition, 1st Year (2nd Sem.)
Farid Ahmad, Delhi - Rs. 10,000 for General Labour Course
Tanweer Ahmed Mohd Ali Shaikh, Mumbai, MH - Rs. 10,000 for 2nd year Electrical Engineering 


Beneficiaries for Self Employment
Fayaz Pasha, Bangalore - Rs. 25,000 for Cycle Spare Parts Sseller (small shop) 
Liyakat Ali Manurali Punjabi, Mumbai - Rs. 25 ,000 for For Auto Rickshaw
Naeem Shaikh, Basti, UP - Rs. 25,000 for Mobile Shop
Mohd Sharif Ibrahim Shaikh, Pune - Rs. 12 ,500 for Vegetable Vendor
Shaikh Qasim Shaikh Lal, Pune - Rs. 12,500 for Vegetable Vendor


We are thankful to all those who have participate in this initiative. We hope that you shall continue this in future as well and we will be helping more such individuals in coming years, Inshaallah. 

Team AMP

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