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AMP Monthly Report Mar 2018


Monthly Report - March 2018

Major Activities:

Following are the major activities conducted by AMP across India in March 2018:
1. AMP conducted successful Job Drives in the following Cities including Nagpada in Mumbai, Gulbarga, Aligarh, Nagpur, Vaniyambadi, Dhar (MP) & Akola as per the following details;
Sr. No Date Location Corporates Candidates Attended Candidates Shortlisted
1 10th March Nagpada 6 11 1
2 10th March Gulbarga 4 95 44
3 17th March Aligarh 4 30 8
4 24th March Nagpur 3 10 3
5 24th March Vaniyambadi 10 100 56
6 24th March Dhar 1 7 0
7 31st March Akola 3 105 32
  Total   31 458 14
Please visit the links below for more details;
2. AMP collaborated with Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, trainer par excellence and founder of a HR Management Consulting Company near Chennai to conduct a nationwide tour of ‘Interview Crackathon’, from Feb 15th – Mar 14th, 2018. He is a professional Soft Skills Trainer and has conducted numerous trainings on soft skills & interview skills for more than 10,000+ students in India.
The Interview Crackathon was held in the following Cities and University/Institutes in the month of March:
1. Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi
2. Noorul Islam University in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari
This marked an end to yet another successful journey wherein AMP imparted knowledge and skills which could be life transformers for many students by the will of Allah SWT.
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3. Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), as part of a special initiative all over the country, conducted an Employability Training Programme (ETP) on ‘How to Face an Interview’ at Iqra Hospital Juhapura Ahmedabad, on Saturday, 10th March 2018.
The session started with the participants and the trainer introducing themselves to one another. The crowd was an enthusiastic batch who were looking forward for inputs of how they can cope with fear before facing the outside world.
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4. AMP tries to reach students in the remotest areas across the country through Skill Development Lectures (SDL). It is one of AMP's main Flagship Projects which has been the most impactful as well. The idea is to try and do wholesome guidance of students/prospects towards Career Planning and Self-Development.
AMP successfully covered 16 lectures on different topics, 13 in Mumbai and 3 in other Chapters. AMP is proud to announce the SDL Report Card for the month of March 2018. 
Please visit the links below for more details:
5. AMP Congratulates Miss. Rumana Khan for her commitment and dedication towards SDL which allows her to cover 3 to 4 schools on a monthly basis in Mumbai. She has been associated with AMP for the past 4 years and conducted nearly 40 SDLs till date.
Miss. Rumana Khan has completed MA, B.ed & Computer Engineering. She is a Self-Made Person, successful in every Career taken up by her at a very tender age. She has diversified experience in many fields like Sales & Marketing, Public Relations in many renowned organizations. She has been a Writer & now back to Teaching since last 10 years. She is a Guide, Motivator & Career Counsellor for the students.
Please visit the link below for more details:
6. AMP Organized a Discussion Program on Women’s Day on 8th March ’18, in Mumbai
Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world on 8th March every year. As the name implies, it is dedicated to celebrating womanhood, their social, political, cultural, economic achievements and their significant contributions to the society. The day also emphasizes the importance of gender equality. Islam too encourages women to be progressive within defined parameters of Sharia.
Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) celebrated the Strength of Womanhood with a discussion on ‘Economic Empowerment of Women in Muslim Community’. The program was held at All India Khilafat House in South Mumbai. The meeting was attended by very experience and learned females from different walks of life.
Please visit the link below for more details;
7. AMP Supported various Online Campaigns:
1. AMP supported Indian Army Recruitment Rally 2018
2. AMP supported Central Railway Recruitment 2018
8. AMP organized a Special meeting at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in Aligarh on 31st March, 2018 with AMU Training and Placement Department and AMU Student Union. The Meeting was addressed by Mr. Abdullah Ansari (Director  – Softential Solutions) who is a very active member of AMP Pune Chapter. He explained the various initiatives and projects undertaken by AMP across the country. He also discussed the possible various avenues of short term and long term partnership of AMP and AMU. The attendees were very impressed with AMP and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with AMU which is one of the most prestigious educational institution of Muslims in India.
9. AMP Monthly Chapter Meetings were conducted in 19 cities across the Country in March, 2018. 
The main intention of these Chapter Meetings is to bring the Members and Volunteers together and work out a plan of action for the next month and the quarter. 
AMP Monthly Meetings
Sr. No. Location Date
1 Mumbra 2nd March '18
2 Bangalore 2nd March '18
3 Amravati 3rd March '18
4 Kolkata 3rd March '18
5 Aurangabad 4th March '18
6 Vaniyambadi 6th March '18
7 Amravati 2nd & 6th March '18
8 Pune 10th March '18
9 Kankinara, West Bengal 10th March '18
10 Yadgir 11th March '18
11 Lucknow 12th March '18
12 Amravati 12th March '18
13 Bangalore 20th March '18
14 Amravati 22nd March '18
15 Mumbra 23rd March '18
16 Vaniyambadi 23rd March '18
17 Kurla 24th March '18
18 Guwahati (Assam) 24th March '18
19 Students meet at Amravati 25th March '18
10. AMP Career Chart was distributed to 23 schools across the country.
Please visit the link below for downloading the Chart:

Plans for the month of April, 2018

The following activities are planned: 

1. AMP to organize Career Guidance Seminars -Sitaron Ke Aage Jahan Aur Bhi Hain across 25+ Cities between April and May.
Career Guidance Seminars
Sr. No. Chapter Date
1 Kalyan 1st April '18
2 Nashik 1st April '18
3 Surat 1st April '18
4 Jodhpur – 1 3rd & 4th April '18
5 Jodhpur – 2 5th & 6th April '18
6 Amravati 7th April '18
7 Bangalore 7th April '18
8 Pune 7th April '18
9 Aurangabad 8th April '18
10 Mangrol 8th April '18
11 Vaniyambadi 8th April '18
12 Indore 9th April '18
13 Bhopal 14th April '18
14 Mumbra 15th April '18
15 Partapgarh 21st April '18
16 Faizabad 21st April '18
17 Aligarh 27th April '18
18 Latur 28th April '18
19 Manipur 5th & 6th May '18
2. AMP Job Drives are planned this month at various locations across Mumbai, Delhi, Indore and other cities. 
3. AMP has planned a Mega Job Fair in Ahmedabad in the month of April which will be a major attraction and source of recruitment for the talented youth.
4. AMP has planned Employability Training Program at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and will be training nearly 800 students from varied streams.  We will also be conducting ETP’s in Mumbai and Akola.
5. 'As part of AMP's historic initiative of preparing a Roadmap for the Economic Development of the Community, we are organizing EDP Meets in cities of Pune, Bhopal & Hyderabad. Sr. Professionals from Corporates, Government & Academia will participate in these meetings and give important inputs for the development of the Roadmap.'

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