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AMP commemorates Mothers Day on 13th May 2018

On this auspicious day let us celebrate Motherhood. Being a Mother calls for a lot of strength and sacrifices. Right from nurturing a precious life inside her to giving birth and nursing the child to good health. And it is not just nurturing the Child physically but also morally and spiritually. Mothers shoulder the responsibility of moulding a Child's character and mind so that he/she grows up to be a good human being. They strive to provide the best they can for their Children even if it means sacrificing their own needs. They are the epitome of kindness and selfless love. Indeed we can never repay the debt we owe to our Mothers.


Mothers are one of Allah SWT's greatest blessing to Mankind. So be kind to them and honor them for even a lifetime of serving them will not be sufficient.


"And We have enjoined on you to be dutiful and kind to your Parents. In pain did your Mother bear you, And in pain did she give birth to you." 

   - Al-Quran 46:15



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