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Education Based Intrvw Ques

Education based Interview Questions

Why did you choose your major?

How do you feel about your percentage?

What were your biggest problems in college?

Has your education prepared you for this position?

How did college change you?

What extracurricular activities did you take part in?

Do you have a college degree?

Do you have an advanced degree?

Should we consider your grades?

Did you like the courses you took for this field?

Why did you choose this school?

Why did you decide to go to College?

When did you decide to go to College?

I noticed you have a Master's -- do you think people with Master's degrees are as smart as we're led to believe?

Why is your grade point average so low?

What else did you do while you were in college?

How does your degree prepare you for this position?

Are you glad you picked this school to complete your studies at?

Are you going to go back to school/college?

Which courses would you like to take if you go back?

Now that you've had some real-world experience, would you change anything about your education?

Have you ever taken any work education?

Which were your most useful courses?

How can your college education be useful on the job?

Why did you choose your college?

What was your favorite subject in school?

What was your least favorite subject in school?

What were your grades and class standing?

Why did you go to the school you attended?

How did you choose your course of study?

Did you have a favorite teacher?

What experience did you gain from your internships?

Why don't I see any internships on your resume?

In which classes did you get the worst grades?

What extracurricular activities were you active in? What made you choose those particular activities? Which activities did you most enjoy? Why?

Why did you select the major/specialization that you did?

Which classes did you like the least?

If you were to start college over tomorrow, what courses should you take? Why?

What are a few of your most memorable experiences from college?

How do you think that will affect your performance on the job?

How did you pay for your college education?

Who paid for your education?

What correlation do you see between grades in school and success in the workplace?

Who or what has been the greatest single influence in your life?

Do you have any plans to continue your education?

What type of education has best prepared you for this career?

What classes have you taken in the last five years to stay on the top of your field?

What seminars have you taken in the last five years to stay on the top of your field?

How much influence did your family have on your college choice?

Do you feel your college choice was the correct one?

Do you feel your choice of major was the right one?

What educational goals do you currently have?

Are you planning to go to graduate school?

Are you going to take evening classes?

Why didn't you continue your education?

What things that you learned in school can be used on this job?

When did you decide on your major?

Why did you drop out of college?

What did you like most about college?

What did you like least about college?

How were your college expenses financed?

Have you ever been put on the spot by a professor when you felt unsure of yourself?

How did you respond?

Have you ever received a grade lower than expected?

What did you do about it?

For job advancement, would you consider a higher degree?

Why did you major in business administration?

Did you change your major in college?

What trade journals do you read?

Do you agree that grade point average is an indication of how successful you would be in this company?

What would you do differently if you were to start college over again?

What do you least like about writing a term paper?

What are your plans for furthering your education?

Why were you in school for so long?

Don't you think you're overqualified for this position?



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